National take dump on environment by amputating RMA



Welcome to what full spectrum political dominance means. The unprecedented majority the NZ public handed John Key at the last election means that with their sock puppet in Epsom, Key can do what he likes when he likes, and so the RMA will have its environmental requirements amputated for National’s developer mates to sprawl Auckland till Hamilton becomes its southern most suburb.

When global warming is making its impact felt like never before, National are taking a dump on our fragile environmental protections.

Get used to this ideological arrogance for the next 3 years.



  1. This National Government culling of RMA statutes is clear criminal intent and should be reported to the global watchdogs of the Climate change policies as showing NZ Government are guilty as Environmental criminals, by culling the very RMA that their previous Government put together during their reign 20 yrs.’ ago in the 1990’s.

  2. Another notch to add to his list of criminal activities, adding another inch of hangmans noose tensioning around his neck.A slow death on the countries economy, will bring a slow death on our PM. Serves Key right.

  3. This Government doesn’t give a sh.t about affordable housing and does nothing more than pay lip service and throw token gestures towards the issue, using the subject as leverage to loosen laws, create development opportunities for their buddies, and to gain political points scoring.

    To give a classic example of how these lying fraudsters work, take the case of Smith/Brownlee and the government trumpeting plans for 275 ‘affordable’ $400-500k homes on a block of land previously owned by NZ Transport Agency in Christchurch. After it became an increasing concern with the housing shortage and unacceptable rising house prices and rents in the city 9 months out from the election, Smith and Co were flag waving this newly planned development to prove that they were genuinely concerned about the whole matter, and the government was on the case.

    Fast forward to one month after the election, suddenly it is then proposed that there will be only 50 affordable homes in the 275 home development, with the rest going on an over inflated market, this after they had awarded the whole development project to their usual bed fellows, none other than Fletcher Residential, a company that doesn’t even have a current presence in the region where home building is concerned.

    Meanwhile, the sheep continue to graze in the meadows.

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