The Martyring of American Cops




Mutinous New York cops ignore petty crime

Is it really possible that no one among the roughly one million revellers who jammed Times Square on New Year’s Eve did anything naughty at all?

No double-parking, no sipping from a vodka flask, not one person relieving a stretched bladder in the open air?

According to the police crime statistics, yes.

A big fat zero is the answer if you ask how many tickets were issued on New Year’s night for petty crimes at the crossroads of the world.

Actually, it was still zero if you counted the week after Christmas.

My, how well behaved everyone was this year. Or is there, perchance, another explanation?

It now seems plain that the curious case of collapsing crime in Gotham City has very little to do with societal self-improvement and everything to do with the pique of the city’s police force with their leader, Mayor Bill de Blasio.

He incensed rank-and-file officers at the end of last year by seeming to side with those protesting at the deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of white officers.

Their union leaders have so far denied it is so, but there is no longer any doubt that the police in New York have joined together in a quiet act of mass insubordination by turning a blind eye to every kind of low-level infraction.

Authority requires absolute domination. Question the use of that power and you question the entire system. The struggle between a racist American Police force who shoot first and concoct evidence later and the murders of a couple of Police Officers seems akin to the disproportional use of force in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Palestinians fire a couple of homemade rockets that steer like a cow, Israel responds with laser guided missiles in densely populated areas. Likewise, the American Police force repeatedly shoot to death young black Americans yet it is the violent counter strike by an unstable black American that gets all the media attention and sympathy.

Making Police martyrs only works if the Police are saintly, they are not. The violence of America, fed by a neurotic gun owning culture and militarised Police force has been countered by social media activism that is generating resistance. From this friction the hope is that democratic decency and civilised process can deliver America from their own racist quasi police-state quagmire.

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The failure of Obama to make much progressive headway in office however doesn’t bode well. The total capture of the American political process for Corporate interests suggests the entire system is one giant corrupt cesspool more like a rigged Mafia casino than functioning democracy.

If God has indeed blessed America, then God is a shareholder in GoldmanSachs and owns 90% of the Military Industrial Complex.