How NZ Customs is treating friends of Kim Dotcom


Tweet from 2 hours ago…

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 6.38.07 pm


Welcome to the new Police State under John Key and his National Party Goons.

Remember, New Zealanders voted for this.


  1. Absolutely appalling. We’re fast moving towards a dictatorial state, and the Sheeple of NZ are being conned into thinking it’s OK< as it's only a fat crock German.
    They miss the point that he's a resident, allowed in by the Nats and HASN'T been found guilty of anything….and is highly unlikely to be found guilty in a fair court any where in the world, except possibly NZ and the USA.
    Some people in Natz Germany did the same to Gypsies, gays and Jews.Didn't help out when the state turned against them, no matter what the laws of the country said.
    History will repeat itself UNLESS we are ever vigilant.
    RIP NZ democracy
    Heil to Jonkey

  2. A context to the tweet and a bit of essential surrounding detail would have been helpful. Without these this posting is worrying, but otherwise essentially useless. As it stands, its something more akin to rumour-mongering than anything else, I think.

  3. I read this today and my first reaction was WTF!!!!

    It’s unbelievable that NZ Customs questions friends and visitors of a NZ resident Kim Dotcom, for giving his address as their place of residence!

    Since when did Dotcom become an enemy of the state, to the extent anyone with association to him, is treated so badly and suspiciously on entering the country?

    Is that what John Key is doing now, deciding who and who not should visit a particular NZ resident he disapproves of? How far is this going to be allowed to go? Will this be the case with anyone who *rocks the boat?*

    Is it possible now, John Key is directing NZ Customs to dance to his tune, just as he is doing with the NZ Police and the NZ spy agencies?

    Key must really live in fear of what Kim Dotcom has on him! Hence the reason he intends to make Dotcom’s life as hard as possible, to the point of having state agencies hassle his visitors!

    Like him or not, Dotcom was granted NZ residency by THIS government, so his visitors providing they aren’t criminals, should expect the utmost courtesy from NZ border officials when entering this country!

    The way this country is heading, next we will be having rigged elections to ensure the status quo continues to prevail …. oh hang on a minute ….. !

    Obviously with this turn of events involving NZ Customs, the manipulated 2014 election has given Key more power and directive than we dared believe or realize! More than enough reason for the people to organize and take to the streets – I know, I’ve said this before. But what else are we to do if we want to return to a more honest, egalitarian economic and social structure? To do that we have to remove the filthy, corrupt piece of scum disguised as a PM and his rotten to the core government!

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