Did this photo make anyone else sick as well?


I don’t know about you, but this image kinda made me retch a wee bit.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 6.00.01 pm

It’s not Shane Jones in shorts, it’s that magnificent 305kg blue marlin.

Let me get all my hypocrisy cards out on the table up front. I eat meat, I try and make it organic and cruelty free. I also fish. Off a wharf or a boat, nothing flash, just a cheap fishing rod and a packed lunch type of fishing.

So I’m a hypocrite of the first degree for trying to make my consumption of other sentient life somehow less awful than what Shane here has done.

But somehow I kinda think it is.

I try and only eat ethical no cruelty meat, this incredible animal  however was effectively tortured for an hour getting dragged around the back of a vehicle until it died from exhaustion.

When you think about it, could there be any more cancer inducing flesh? An animal that has spent the last hour of its life thrashing around tearing every muscle in a toxic explosion of frantic energy.

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That just sounds like a tumour magnet doesn’t it?

We would be appalled if Shane had hooked a cow off the back of a truck and dragged it around for an hour, they’d be no round of applause or the what-a-big-bloke style commentary. There would be a hushed horrific silence as Shane stands there on his tippie toes like a proud wee boy whose just horrifically tortured a large land mammal for an hour.

The argument to all of this is that fish can’t feel pain. A 2012 study found that fish didn’t have the right nociceptors for pain that mammals have, which they argue suggests that fish are unlikely to feel pain or feel a lesser amount and type of pain.

So let’s hope for the Marlin’s sake that it was all shits and giggles right up until it died. That all makes it fine and dandy I spose.

The fact that we have so few of these giants left in our waters just adds misery to ugliness.


  1. So it’s official now? shane can finally come out from under his disguise as a caring egalitarian, and shine as the acquisition of the moneyed elite? My word, that must be a huge relief for him… And all it took to buy him off was an endless holiday in the south pacific…

    I should point out that I have been calling him a tory in disguise for years now, and getting cold reactions from those in the labour party(thankfully now relatively powerless) that still clung to jolly rogers flag….

    Rotate on that guys’n’gals….. shoulda’ llistened aye? Maybe we’d have had a real government by now if you had….

  2. “they argue suggests that fish are unlikely to feel pain or feel a lesser amount and type of pain.”

    At the risk of being modded to extinction:

    I agree with you, Martyn. Further – the same sort of justification that you’ve cited has been applied to lab animals, egg and pork factories, and slave labour.

    Sport???!!! Pah!

    Let’s see Da Man Shane standing there with the big tusker he took on with a knife. At least the pig would have had a ‘sporting’ chance.

  3. Hi Martyn,

    Is he Rawshark the third or really a turncoat?

    I hope Shane Jones comes to his senses as the economy goes to the shitter and everything unravels with his association with the NatZ.

  4. There’s quite a bit of research that has found fish do experience pain – crayfish for example. Also I understand fish suffer pain when they are dragged up from the deep due to changes in pressure (says this occassional fish eater).

    I’m really sick of seeing photos of people with great big smiles holding a fish they have just caught. It’s all part of this neo-con thing of people trying to recapture the “good old kiwi days” by going out fishing. Then again it’s also a peverse “getting back in contact with nature” by killing some animals in the wild movement.

    The idea in this particular case was to show Shane Jones that there is more money in encouraging sports fishing than commercially fishing species to extinction which is a comparatively positive aspiration. Things are looking very dire for a lot of these species.

  5. I would ask you Martyn, if it had been anyone other than Shane Jones would you have published this? I personally agree that big game fishing is nasty and that people who get glory out of killing such magnificent beasts are not really nice people, but Shane Jones is only one of hundreds that indulge in such self-gratifying behaviour. (I killed something, I am so……….coolllllllllllll)

  6. What makes me sick is our nation and its people are is in grave danger and pollies living it up on the public purse

    That makes me sick goddammit!!!


  7. Larger, top end species tend to be in lower numbers than prey animals, think herd of zebra (and other prey that live alongside them) and pride of lions in terms of numbers, so their numbers are far more vulnerable to hunting by us. This is my particular argument against whaling, especially, but it applies equally to big game fishing, which I find to be abhorrent as well.
    Fish for food, absolutely, take only what you need, it will have zero effect on the populations but the way the human race in general does fishing is disgusting to say the least, from wasteful methods, to shark finning to supermarkets throwing out fish that is off because they thawed too much out and anything else you can think of that is counter to wise use of the seas resources.

  8. Shame on Jones. Nothing smart or clever here.

    It’s not a sight I like to see either, regardless who the catcher is! Hope the struggle was over and done with quickly for the poor marlin.

    Like the political party he works for, Jones is a greedy, gutless fraud!

  9. Aaah . That uncomfortably poignant moment between ignorance and enlightenment . I know it well . It’s like being haunted by a black ghost .

    I was an animal farmer . One of the tools in the farmer tool box is fear . We learn how to instil fear in animals in order to get them to do things and/or behave in such as way as to make exploiting them easier . And we do all that for money . “And a decent feed mate . ”

    Uncomfortably for the thinking farmer, there comes a time when you realise that no matter how polite you might think you’re being to the animals under your control , the animals ARE under your control and they’re terrified 90% of the time .

    The crime shane jones might commit is that if he reads your Post and goes and does it again .
    Apart from what ever the fuck it is that he’s wearing , Jones is oblivious to the trauma he’s caused that animal because he’s not connected to its suffering . In exactly the same way politicians aren’t connected to the suffering of their fellow humans who live in poverty and distress .

    Eating flesh is a grisly business by itself and I’m increasingly uncomfortable with that . Hunting down and torturing an animal for fun then killing it and eating it when that is unnecessary is something else entirely . I know . I’ve done that too .

    I remember there was a ‘ reality tv ‘ show on once quite a long time ago that placed old people in flatting situations with young people .
    The older man scoffed at his younger-man flatmate when they were planning the shopping list . The young guy went on to explain why he had become a vegetarian . ” I took Acid and went and stood amongst some cows for awhile once . That was it . I’ll never eat anything with a face again . ” He said to a by now highly focused old coot with widening eyes .

    If anyone’s reading this who might be near shansie jonsies unguarded drink … ? You see where I’m going with this .

    As for wee beasties feeling pain ? Of course they do . Only an idiot would assume otherwise . Wee beasties experience many other ‘ feelings ‘ too I believe .

    There is however only one wee beastie that pays good money to have other wee beasties inflict pain , suffering and humiliation on them . And those wee beasties have that done to them because they need to feel . Anything .

    That beastie is the powerful, human-beastie . For example , and by no means exclusively, Cop and Judge Beasties . Politician beasties .

    I wonder if those perverse predilections are an off-shoot of good christian piousness . Presbyterianism causing mental dis-ease ?

    Ugh …

  10. Thank you Martyn, I have even emailed Choice T.v to stop putting ads on all the time with these arse holes doing this horrendously revolting animal cruelty, I actually can’t even look at this photo or the ads on T.v i have to cover my eyes. I saw a great photo on Saatchiart.com of a young man being pulled out of the sea by a big hook in his mouth dead, an art photo staged not real but effective. What’s the difference between this and catching a dolphin? It’s just as revolting if it was, it’s not a sport it’s just disgusting.

  11. Yes it did make me feel sick!! I can’t believe that this sort of abomination still gets press when so many species are seriously threatened.
    The message of “this mans a hero” (cause he killed this magnificent creature just for the sake of it) – disgusting.

  12. Yeah, I love trout fishing, being out on the river, but these days I´m just not that keen on whacking the fish on the head and putting it in the pan. I am just as happy to leave it in the river.

    However, Shane looks a bit nonplussed in that photo. I´m hoping he has mixed feelings (if not actual regrets) about the marlin.

  13. Hi Martyn, I’m really glad you are drawing attention to this issue: the Kiwi brag photo with the magnificent dead fish is a regular occurrence and an embarrassment.

    I hope you can take the next step and recognise that no other animal is killed for your plate in a cruelty-free way either. Organic, free-range, almost anything you buy is slaughtered in the same facility of mass processing, fear, and blood. Perhaps you could investigate that for your next project, and then decide which path you might choose.

  14. Looks as though the marlin has a big bullet hole on the left side as you look at the photo.
    Perhaps the fight was too much for the lad and they opted to cut matters short.

  15. The very fact this poor creature put up a fight for an hour clearly demonstates he or she was in pain. As a living creature we need pain, unfortunately, to register in our brain that something is wrong and protect ourselves. Physical and emotional. I dare say this poor creature suffered both.

  16. This article and the subsequent comments confirm my belief that the Left are deluded idiots. Martyn, how is your organic meat ‘cruelty free’? Surely being slaughtered is cruelty itself?

    • And the RIGHT stuff three birds inside each others arses on Master Chief and the fat piggy judges taste a tiny piece from each contestant, god knows how many birds died for such a wasteful disrespectful food culture of troughers. If my eyes unfortunately clap onto that stupid show i see almost every time food wasted on an epic scale. Why aren’t these people making art instead of sweating over one dish of food which mostly all ends up in a bin. How can people let this gross wasteful programme continue.
      I just watched Noah the movie thinking it would be stupid the other day but it was profound, the humans have no place left on this planet we don’t deserve to be here, and we are taking out all of the animals on this planet on an epic scale. There will be no inheritance of wonder. When an entire generation of young people understand the enormity of this betrayal, what was stolen from them then they will only look at their parents and see them as the enemies of life itself.
      What a awesome dude Russell Crow is for doing such a hard hitting movie about the truth.

    • To ANDY from a “deluded idiot”,
      Although it’s impossible for us to enter the mind of an animal about to be slaughtered, I strongly suspect a panicked fish fighting against the relentless pull of a fishing line is a very different set of emotions to those of a “home kill” cow led to quiet corner on a field before a unexpected bullet is placed between its eyes.

  17. Ironically the game fishing industry are the biggest promoters of conservation and attacking the commercial fishery. Without them monitoring the purse seiners and the money they receive from tourists bolstering the economy, there is little to hold back commercial interests from fishing unchecked.

    The majority of game fishing boats also promote tagging of fish and infact only a tiny proportion of fish caught are now killed. It has been estimated that the commercial industry in New Zealand kill more game fish in a day than the entire recreational and charter fleet do in an entire year.

    You can condemn it on ethical or moral grounds, but not on conservation grounds.

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