Malcolm Evans on Charlie Hebdo




TDB is proud to host NZs best political cartoonist – Malcolm Evans


  1. This cartoon leaves unanswered the question of why jihadists exist.
    It also leaves open whether Charlie Hebdo got what it deserved or not.
    Even if Charlie Hebdo helped to inflame Islamophobia and got a predictable blowback, we cannot justify murder.
    The media are just the media, the real perpetrators of the oppression of Muslims are the Western states that have invaded, occupied and continue to bomb them.
    The heads of state with bloody hands who marched for Charlie Hebdo in Paris while Palestinian protests were banned from the same streets are the hypocritical murderers who deserve punishment.
    But what punishment?
    They will get their day of judgement when the masses rise up and overthrow their bloody regimes and replace them with secular, democratic, socialist republics.

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