Spy boss suddenly steps down



GCSB Spy boss,  Ian Fletcher has suddenly quit the job just before the upcoming review of security agencies…

New Zealand spy chief Ian Fletcher quits
Ian Fletcher, the country’s top spymaster, has unexpectedly resigned.
Fletcher has been the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) director for three years.

…what is it about the intelligence review that has suddenly sparked Fletcher’s need to step down?

The manner in which Fletcher was employed to do the job in the first place is still another example of how corrupt the Key Government really are. Key initially withheld from the NZ public that Fletcher was a childhood friend and that he had personally contacted Fletcher for the job in an application process that was contrary to the normal standards for spy boss selection. Allowing a mate to become head of the GCSB after the SIS in 2011 helped falsify information to smear the Leader of the Opposition months before the election meant that Key had co-opted and influenced all the major intelligence apparatus so that this Government’s push for mass surveillance powers was as seamless as possible.

Seeing as NZers have re-elected Key with an even larger mandate suggests accountability for these abuses of power will never occur. For a nation that screamed ‘Nanny State’ over abusive parents losing the legal defence of ‘discipline’ to assault their children, watching the wilful ignorance of middle Nu Zilind over Key’s Big Brother state is sickening.

When the Left stop abusive parents from using legal loopholes to escape charges for assaulting their children, it’s the end of Western Civilisation and the implementation of ‘Nanny State’. When Key lies about the true nature of spying legislation, washes clean abuses of intelligence agencies, gets caught smearing the Leader of the Opposition with the State spy agency  and rams through mass erosions of civil liberties those very same who bleated ‘Nanny State’ at Helen Clark are suddenly all silent.

The double standards are shameful.

New Zealanders voting National re-elected a corrupt Government who abused power at the highest levels, no matter how many of them shrug and say ‘that stuff isn’t important’, it’s the responsibility of true citizens to argue that it is. The NZ Media failed their democratic responsibilities as the Fourth Estate to convince voters of how corrupt Key’s actions were, and seeing as many of those mainstream media outlets were actually complicit with Slater’s black ops media team, it’s up to the Fifth Estate to replace them.

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Let’s see what the intelligence review says.


  1. Everyone seems to accept that National won the election , I don’t I think it did, I believe the it was rigged with other parties being complicit. David Cunliffe caved in on everything ,apologising for things he had no need to , every time John Key criitised, Cunliffe cowered and backed off.
    I cant believe there are that many wealthy people in NZ
    looking after number one. maybe its time people insisted the Governer General did his job,or is he complicit in the behaviour of John Key as well.
    New Zealand is being badly served,is no one going to stand up to the arrogant crooks.The New Zealand of old is being dismantled brick by brick ,there will be nothing for the youth of tomorrow, the greedy controlling ba***rds will have grabbed everything.

    Even the well off have children and maybe one of them will be disabled or unemployed or unable to work, will their membership of National party give them special treatment.
    John Key is cancelling everything in law we have to survive,why cant we cancel his so called “mandate”

  2. Yes, Key knows he’s as corrupt as corruption can go. Again, I am saying he needs to be removed.Again, it appears nobody is doing anything to call for his removal, as the powers that be can do so but won’t. So let’s all just put our heads in the sand and use our backsides as bike stands.
    There’s still no explanation of Fletchers resignation. Another paid out hush up?

  3. After the manipulated election (result?), during Key’s cabinet reshuffle, I did wonder why he passed on the GCSB portfolio from his own responsibility to that of Chris Finlayson.

    Now with Ian Fletcher’s announcement he is resigning, maybe soon we are about to find out! That’s if the truth is allowed to be told! That could be another problem on its own! But this is only something else to raise suspicions about this corrupt government.

    It’s interesting how msm is sweetening Fletcher’s resignation, by reporting he is *standing down* or *stepping down* from the position as Director of GCSB!

    Another point, Fletcher’s contract has another two years to run. Family reasons? Fiddlesticks!

    More to come? Watch this space!

    The French have had their revolution, perhaps ours is coming soon!

  4. The resignation of Fletcher for “family reasons” is unusual to say the least. Potentially it’s for no other reason than the job wasn’t the cruisy number that his old school yard friend John Key told him it would be.

    The timing of the resignation prior to the review of intelligence services seems like another clearing of the decks to distance John Key from his past murky dealings with the SIS. With Fletcher resigning he won’t be able to be made to walk the plank (potentially something which The Powers That Be thought would be a good strategy based on the dirty laundry they know will come out). He may have resented the prospect of being the fall-guy and jumped before being pushed.

    With the resignation of both the Director of the GCSB and the changing of the Minister in Charge (John Key) at the time of the Dotcom raids and the other illegal surveillance that was undertaken, there is a definite distancing maneuver going on.

    Let’s hope that whatever the review reveals people aren’t satisfied that the people in charge are no longer in those positions. If there is the potential for criminal prosecution (or civil) I hope it is undertaken to rid this country of the corruption at it’s core and punish those responsible.

  5. I heard Nicky Hager on the National Radio just before xmas talking on nine to noon. He said some big stuff was coming out soon, this could be what is behind Ian leaving. This could be exciting.

  6. Does anybody else suppose that maybe Fletcher has gone because he knows of something that is about to be exposed? What might it be,this potential spanner in the works? rats, ships, ….

  7. I had the good fortune a while back, to be watching the John Campbell interview of Ian Fletcher with a couple of Psychologists and both agreed that Fletcher gave many signals that he was lying through his teeth.
    He also looked very uncomfortable when Campbell asked him if he would mind extending the length of the interview, afraid that the questions might get too pointed I suspect.
    When the various indicators are pointed out to you , they’re easy to see.
    Key has many very similar traits , so it is no wonder that they were mates from along way back……. like attracts like and all that.
    I smell a very big dead rat !!!

  8. Key corruption is the key here, Martyn

    Can you do the following,

    You can easily recite all the sideways shifting episodes of all controversial MPs and staff under FJK’s reign.

    Then paint a very vivid picture of how every time Key got close to the flame of controversy, someone else got squashed to keep him safe from the flame.

    This may make an excellent subject on it’s own with pictures of their faces and arrows showing a flowchart of “Key Corruption”.

  9. I didn’t think there was anyone or anything left to objectively review anything this govt does, and especially publicly criticise it.

    • @ ESOTERIC PINEAPPLES – yes it seems the government watchers, working objectively on behalf of the people, are getting a bit thin on the ground now! Another indication Key & Co are taking NZ down a very dark, sinister road!

  10. For goodness sake you guys – give it up … you all bleat on but will be the first to cry foul when things go against you and will bleat that the government should have done something. All the comments here are extreme generalisations to your own side of the argument based on emotion, and if you all voted to the so called “left” then you did lose the election. I suggest it’s because it is so easy to bleat on when you lose and blame this or that with no real clue really – it just suits your emotional bias … how about some real plausible, practical, believable solutions and then we might all look at your side of the fence with a much more appreciating eye rather than the disdain I feel for you all now.

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