The actual cost of buying a NZ election



One of the narratives of the Right and their Dirty Politics stained mainstream media pundits was that Kim Dotcom was trying to buy the NZ election for $3.5million. That was the amount Kim sank into the internet-MANA coalition.

This is of course a crude joke believed by the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind. Put aside the millions the National Party launder through their trusts, put aside the day before the election where National’s money was able to buy wall to wall advertising on every major online News  source, put aside the anger at the audacity of a small left wing party like MANA being able to for the first time in NZ political history be able to front foot it with the right in terms of resources – Put all that aside – the simple truth is that $3.5 million can’t buy a NZ election, because the cost is actually $7million.

How do we know that the cost to buy a NZ election is $7million? Because that was the amount Key handed over to the SIS alongside huge erosions of our civil liberties with mass surveillance warrantless spying.

The SIS were the very same department that worked with the PMs Office to falsify SIS information that smeared the Leader of the Opposition months out from the 2011 election. So the PMs Office works with the SIS to smear Phil Goff and rig the 2011 election and in return Key hands $7million over to the SIS alongside huge increases in their power.

So the cost to buy a NZ election is $7million, not $3.5million.

The enormity of what Key’s Office did in 2011 simply hasn’t sunk into the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind (although if it had been Labour caught red handed using state spies to smear National, all mainstream media outlets would be calling for open revolution), Key’s Government is the most corrupt in NZ history and the buying off of the Secret Intelligence Service to falsely smear the Leader of the Opposition generates an abuse of power so large its enormity can’t be comprehended, that’s why when pushed National voters shrug and weakly claim ‘that’s politics as usual’.

The next 3 years can not pass without  reminding National voters every day that their Government is corrupt and reminding the mainstream media of their complicity in getting that corrupt Government elected.

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    • “Corrupt and capable, or inept and naive….”

      It’s not just a choice between ACT and National, you know.

    • Do you mean inept in the way they ran 9 surpluses 9 years straight and had unemployment down to 3.5% , or , capable as in selling off high yielding generational blue chip assets at fire sale prices because they don’t have any other ideas other than ideologically rejigging the tax rates to create an irretrievable ‘tax take’ free fall.

      I’m confused ????

    • The old capable canard, absolute tosh.Borrow for prosperity. To give them their due, there is high capability for breathless doublespeak.

  1. The National Party spin that Kim Dotcom’s $3.5 million funding of Internet Mana was trying to buy the election was just that, spin. Of course they aren’t going to release details of how much they spent which in all likelihood is much, much more. This is just in standard, non-controversial electioneering costs. By that I mean, posters, billboards, flyers, staffing of election campaign headquarters, the full-spectrum advertising across all media (remember the row boat ad, that didn’t look cheap even when you don’t pay for the rights to the music).

    Now although a line might be drawn between the activities of the NZSIS in helping Ede/Slater and the National Party smear Phil Goff prior to the 2011 election, I don’t know that we have any evidence that their increase in funding is a direct result of that. Do I think it’s possible? Absolutely. Is there proof? Not that I’ve seen, yet.

  2. Good points Martyn.

    Re your final comment –

    **The next 3 years can not pass without reminding National voters every day that their Government is corrupt and reminding the mainstream media of their complicity in getting that corrupt Government elected.**

    National voters, along with the manipulating Natsy propaganda machine msm, can be reminded forever and a day that their beloved leader and government are rotten to the core. However, they are a huge part of the foul system keeping this dirty, corrupt bunch of mobsters in power, so nothing is likely to change in that respect, until they own up to some accountability.

    I’d also go so far as to say too, many Natsy voters and msm have been bought out, to keep the filthy game in play!

  3. Thirty years ago, if a journalist was politically compromised ie. obviously favouring one side over the other, he or she had little chance of a reputable career in this country. Now, UNLESS he or she is sympathetic to the political right, there is little chance of a successful career. This will continue until we get a revival of independent journalism schools, schools that are not run or financed by Fairfax, Fox and APN. Such schools included the old Wellington Polytechnic School of Journalism that has produced many outstanding journalists over the years.

    • Thirty years ago journalists could be left or right but the people who trained them made damn sure that they understood the concept of reporting. Nowadays we have journalists who do not report but personalise the news. I don’t want to know what someone thinks about a story, its my job to think, their job is to tell me what happened and they no longer can do that. All the journalists running the Fairfax and APN publications came out of the old journalism schools and realised to get on they needed to take sides so the old ways of teaching do not work without an independent press. There was an age of the press in the 60s, 70s and 80s where enough Government money meant that the fourth estate worked well before and after that it has been run by rich vested interest.

  4. Definitely the most corrupt government in over 100 years. John Key has made NZ a cog in the wheel of some murky global goings-on.

    • And yet the great self appointed watchdog of democracy – still thinks we are one of the least corrupt countries in the world. Either they haven’t investigated properly or they choose to ignore the results -either way they don’t know s….t!

  5. If only everyone in NZ read this article,but they don’t ,they continue to read The Herald, which will only hint at the truth.
    A man of about 85yrs told me he voted National all his life, I commented “but you vote for a corrupt government John Key is a liar ” his response “not really hes just very economical with the truth”
    I told him his comments highlighted the fact John Key is a liar.
    His response was ” im to old to change sides and I wont be around whenNZ is sold completely,the young will just have to cope as I did in the 2nd world war” .
    National voters in my opinion are very often selfish stubborn fools who just cant admit they could be wrong.
    The election was bought but not by DotCom, he has more integrity than John Key ,Dot Com would be an asset to NZ ,he has excellent contacts,as shown on the show , with Julian Assange ,Edward Snowden, etc, Dot Com was a threat to Key so he brought him down.
    Key is the one who should be facing criminal charges not Dot Com,
    NZ is held to ransom by the American film industry who dislike competition and who mean to grab all Dot Coms wealth with the complicity of John Key who dosnt care if wealth held in NZ is handed over to Hollywood,this wealth would have been of benefit to NZ.
    John Key is an American plant ,the American system of corruption used to win the election ,if people cant see that they need to get a head transplant.

    • @ ELLE – Excellent piece. Thank you.

      John Key is the biggest con job ever inflicted on NZ, destroying the very fabric of the NZ economic and social structures through betrayal, for his US masters, mainly those in the American entertainment industry. He will be handsomely rewarded for his deceitful sell out and lies!

      His virtual destruction of a strong, brilliant man Kim Dotcom, who might have been a great asset to this nation, if Key hadn’t decided he has to go, to save his own rotten, lying backside, is an indication of how vulnerable the rest of us are in his filthy hands!

  6. Yes Martyn well understood,

    I guess the falling apart now of the “Rock Star economy” will cost Key and his Joyce/English Propaganda machinery a lot of extra cash to spread around this corrupt media to hide these facts.

    Not only is the Government’s rock star economy screeching to a halt with Dairy prices crumbling, but with the price of other commodities dropping such as the price of petrol and diesel also falling almost 50% reducing dramatically the tax revenue Key is expecting to continue to make from high energy prices that were increasing fuel taxes for his Government.

    Now the fuel prices have dramatically slumped it now has hit Key and his spin doctors coffers which also has taken a big hit.

    Also his milking of the the fuel taxes for other pet pork barrel politics projects is now in jeopardy.
    Again as for the housing boom, this is an unbalanced housing boom with over 70% of the building consents and house price increases only occurring in Auckland and Christchurch and the rest of NZ is stagnating so where is this rock star economy now Mr Key?

    More smoke and mirrors are needed for your propaganda machinery again.

    • There never was a ‘rock star ‘ economy in the first place and never will be under National.
      How can we possibly be a ‘rock star’ with a deficit blown out to $80 billion , a ‘tax take’ in free fall and the real unemployment figure not budging.
      And this is with the financial and employment windfalls of the terrible Ch.Ch earthquakes combined with the treasonous selling off of our best assets.
      What would those financial dinosaurs Key, English and Joyce have done without those events?
      This country is an absolute f**king mess and a disgrace , and the younger generation , who haven’t got a snowballs chance in hell of ever buying their own home , will have every right to be really f**cked off with those who have allowed this to happen .
      There are many to blame !!

  7. To say that KDC didn’t try to buy the election just because he contributed Y amount and not X amount is ridiculous. The only reason Internet Mana didn’t get seats is because of smart strategizing by National and Labour that enabled Davis to beat Harawira.

  8. Well done JR Murphy,

    We should be re viewing how elections can easily be rigged as lots of US elections now have been in the last five years, perhaps we were election rigged by these US based Election rigging programmer’s similar falsification programs using a source code.?

    US elections, rigged and computer codes. ELECTION FRAUD!

    Video for US election fraud testimony► 11:59► 11:59

    Oct 4, 2011 – Uploaded by skb0rzn
    Computer Programmer Testimony He Was Requested to Write Code to Rig U.S. Elections “US elections …

    Rigged USA Elections Exposed – YouTube

    Video for US election fraud testimony► 11:59► 11:59

    Mar 2, 2006 – Uploaded by truthstream
    Computer Programmer testifies that Tom Feeney (Speaker of the House … to offset the massive programming fraud.

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