The problem with saliva testing drivers for cannabis



And it begins. The howl from the right for roadside saliva tests for cannabis is articulated in todays Press as a desperate means to counter the latest road toll explosion. It’s a howl that has been promoted by the Drug Foundation with their anti-drug driving campaigns, and the Drug Foundation are doing that so as to keep their funding from Government.

Currently Police have to asses on the roadside if you are under the impairment of drugs via a set of roadside tests. They require ‘good cause to suspect’ before they can demand a saliva or blood test.

These are very large roadside discretionary powers to hand over to a Police force who have increasingly suggested by their actions in recent years that they can’t be trusted with such subjective interpretations of law.

The problem with cannabis is that as the most used illegal drug in NZ, these roadside saliva tests won’t just catch drivers who are impaired by cannabis, they will catch anyone who might have smoked a joint in the last couple of weeks. Because cannabis is ridiculously illegal in NZ, there is no legal impairment threshold, that means the Police will be empowered to catch drivers who aren’t impaired, they simply may have had a joint in the weekend.

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I don’t drive, so I have no dog in this fight, but if the  sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind are stupid enough to re-elect a corrupt Government who use the state spies to smear Leaders of the Opposition months out from an election, then they’ll easily get conned into believing more powers for the Police to arrest cannabis smokers who aren’t impaired is a great idea.

This country is forever trading away our civil liberties for the pretence of safety.


  1. Has anyone thought Marx was wrong. That maybe communism was not inevitable – what came after capitalism, was a return to feudalism. With serfdom and the return of slavery.

  2. The media, in their jubilant perennial holiday road toll counts, love to quote speed as the cause but it’s never that simple. Car crashes, like any machine based incident are almost always the result of a lot of factors coming together at once, any one not being the cause but any one may be a contributor to how bad the outcome is. Whatever they are it seems to hit critical mass when a drivers concentration is lost at the wrong moment no matter how fleeting.

    On the subject of law and order does anyone know what has become of the complaint into the PM’s office hacking the Labour Party computer?

  3. The reason the road death toll in New Zealand is so high is because people are passive / aggressive , poorly educated drivers with appalling driving skills who are , by and large haters ” so fuck you mate ” .
    It’s my view New Zealand drivers should have to pass psychological tests then complete a series of time trials around race tracks to get to now their vehicles under varying driving conditions before the mad bastards are allowed to fucking pass me in the opposite direction with two meters to spare at 100 kph . I’m a driver . I do a lot of driving . I drive for my job on the open roads and in the cities and New Zealand drivers are awful , awful drivers and it’s only because of our low population that the road sides aren’t littered with dead people still clutching their steering wheels .

    Interestingly , it’s been shown in studies that stoned drivers are safer than straight ones . So cops should be parked up , sparked up and handing out cookies .

    I drove many K’s , on the right hand side of the road in Cambodia not long ago and once I came to understand the way things are done there I found driving to be a pleasure of sorts . People there actually watched out for EACH OTHER ! Not , as in New Zealand , we try to run people down , demand right-of-way and actually get into fist fights over some ego threatening slight or other .

    Once there , when I was coming out of a supermarket to my motorbike , a young guy came up to me and asked if I wanted to buy pot . I said ” Ooh no . Thank you , tempting but no . ” Polici , polici ” I said in mock terror . He howled with laughter and said ” No , no . It ok . I buy pot off Polici . ”

    Over here ? The Polici will fuck your life up .

    And then there’s the matter of auto-suicide of course .

    One of the most beautiful countries in the world is becoming a nightmare because we’re too gutless to stand up for ourselves .

  4. And then there’s the legal prescribed or over the counter stuff…

    And very long working hours…

    And brain-battering loud music…

    Plus all the losers trying to be ‘winners’ somewhere. Anywhere…

    You’ve got it, Countryboy. “New Zealand drivers are awful , awful drivers.”

  5. IMO the reason the situation is like this is because in general people don’t know about the duty of care when using a public road. The main reason that they don’t is because it is the correlative of the right of ordinary use of a public road, and the state doesn’t recognize that right, instead treating it as a privilege granted by licence.

    Ordinary use of a public road is arguably the most relevant aspect of the natural right of liberty. The state lies to the public about the source of natural rights, and in doing so the state practices atheism, even while it’s police, judges, and politicans act religiously by making an oath of allegiance to the “Defender of the Faith”.

    This hypocrisy has always been a part of her religion: the canonical texts of Christianity impeach the author of some of the books of the Bible as a liar and a hypocrite. Recognition of these lies means the end of the Christian religion and the end of the assumption of power by the Crown; it represents ground zero for the Westminster system.

  6. While people have been under the illusion that there is gradual and growing acceptance of marijuana use in New Zealand, in fact law makers are using the backdoor to make smoking marijuana more and more difficult, up till now most obviously through work place drug testing. The time is coming when marijuana users will have to fight upfront for the legalisation of Marijuana especially when they run the risk of losing not just their license but their career when they lose their job after a saliva test, not to mention not being able to enter many countries.

  7. No, you know what the problem with it is…

    Everyone smokes cannabis. Now, by that I obviously do NOT mean that every single person does. And that’s fine. Nobody thinks that everybody should be smoking marijuana. It isn’t for everybody. It’s only for those that are prepared to inform themselves about it and who, on the basis of the information and plus or minus their desire to do it, have chosen to use cannabis.

    What you find with all the opinions of folks against marijuana are rife with misinformation and misunderstanding. I know of a number of people against it who are genuinely quite misinformed and I think that’s a problem. Governments even need to start looking at more rationally.

    Because as I say – everyone smokes weed: doctors, police officers, lawyers, teachers – I know I’ve smoked with all of the above. Anyone else? I’ve smoked with young people and old. Kiwis, Maori, Polys, Asians from various countries like Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Americans, African Americans, Russians, Latinos, Indians, Brits, Irish, Scottish, even a few South Africans and South Americans even more countries. I LONG AND SEEK for a Jamaican. That would be awesome. But alas, my “Little Jacob” has never shown up. Yes, that’s right I dropped a Grand Theft Auto 4 reference in there because marijuana is depicted all over our popular culture. We all remember seeing Aladdin for the first time and marveling at how funny the genie was. That’s Robin Williams, and he smokes a lot of grass. Some of the people in our society will sit their kids down to Aladdin not realizing or considering that it is the high as a kite ramblings of a very funny man, yet they will still look down upon their children for smoking it.

    There was probably a time many will have sat down, as I did, to watch That 70’s Show – a terrific sitcom. There aren’t many sitcoms that I own on DVD. Seinfeld is one, of course. And That 70’s Show is another. Hilarious in its really harmless depiction of casual cannabis consumption. Because ultimately, the Foreman basement was never really subject to anything bad happening from smoking cannabis. And that’s the bottom line here.

    Genuine, thorough research has found that cannabis can be extremely beneficial. It’s all just about knowing how is best to use it. The are even very eash to achieve methods of consumption such as oil and food that can deliver genuine benefits to people. Some even argue that it cures cancer. I’m yet to sign off on that. I want to see it in better trials and just available as secondary option to current practices. Frankly, FUCK the pharmacuetical industrialist pigs who control this wonderful plant.

    It needs to be legalized AND decriminalized. The average person should be able to grow their own, as they would a herb like rosemary of sage, etc. But equally, we should be cultivating the plants. I will even offer myself to run the administrating branch of government to set the existing growers up with their own businesses and acknowledge them as cultivators but insist that, for the greater good, we split the money 50/50. They get half, but the other half is taxed. It goes into educating people about its use in schools (they can do other substances as well and travel around doing seminars each year).

    Anyway, I’ve digressed. The overarching point is that it is a substance we should be informed about and accept the truth about. It is not harmful, it is something we should really be using and investigating thoroughly for the public good. I think any informed, rational citizen who acquaints themselves with genuine, honest information about it who does not demand it be thoroughly utilized and investigated is the deadbeat, un-evolved loser in the equation – not the so called ‘pot head’.

    So once you face the truth, to continue wasting money chasing and punishing people for cannabis use is akin to the time of Matthew Hopkin’s the famous witch hunter, or the creepy stuff in the 1950’s where everyone was terrified of ‘commies’ coming and destroying democracy even though we don’t really live in a democracy. It’s more of an oligarchy. And the ones in charge and from a now dated, obsolete, un-evolved, pitiful mindset of increasingly selfish, narrowed mentality… they really shouldn’t be the ones in charge. But hi ho silver, there we go. The right amount of greed and lust for power seems to help certain lunatics like John Key, Paula Bennett, Judith Collins, Simon Bridges and co. who have all just about gotten away with murder collectively, yet the people like the Greens and Jacinda Ardern get fair picked on by our mainstream media. Those are people who should be running the country. But color me happy, there’s a sofa in here for me on Planet Key!

  8. The problem I have with it is fairness. Are we happy with the current drink drive limits? Because at the current legal level (still fineable) of 0.8 you are 13 times as likely to be involved in a motor vehicle accident. Studies have shown that the most munted you can get on cannabis makes you 3 times as likely. But added to that, these same studies have found in road tests, that stoned drivers, unlike drunk ones, are aware of the limitations and make allowances such as longer following distances, and waiting longer to check at intersections which makes them in many instances safer drivers than when they are sober. I am all for impairment testing, as regular cannabis users have been found to have no issue with driving a hour after partaking, whilst people that dont use regularly are much more affected. For a cart blanch limit to be imposed, it is only fair then that the legal limit for alcohol is dropped to 0.2 which will make them comparable safety issues

  9. ‘Let’s hunt down those irresponsible and addicted loser stoners!’

    This seems to be the mantra that idiots gather to. Honest and responsible drug policy is the only answer.
    Links to my Jpotgirls youtube channel where it could be argued that I promote (illegal?) cannabis use.

    Japan MSM still say cannabis is murder causing, so of course people can’t drive on it. Drivers won’t be tested, though about 10 years ago, bad cops started doing urine drug analysis outside clubs to target non-Japanese people.
    We had HIV tests for all foreigners going to Japanese doctors in the nineties.
    Japan is still a very safe place to do high quality medical/ spiritual and recreational drugs, carefully.

    -Baza (against the hunting and caging of cannabis users in Japan/NZ since 1990).

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