A brief word on North Korea hacking Sony



Did it all just seem a tad too weird? A country that barely has any internet connection hacking Sony to embarrass and expose them? From the very beginning this smelled wrong didn’t it?

For a country that can’t seem to afford auto-cues for their news readers, managing to hack Sony seemed a bit like the American Rugby team thrashing the All Blacks by 200 points.

It now turns out that North Korea probably had nothing to do with the Sony hack and that it may have been a disgruntled former employee or hacking group who has framed North Korea.

An international incident has almost been allowed to erupt over a stoner film made by James Franko and Seth Rogan. One needs many a puff on the bong to comprehend the magnitude of that.

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On a far more insidious note, those within power looking for a new manufactured False Flag to launch their machinations from have just learned a new phrase – False Hack. Framing another country for a Cyber attack could become all the rage in 2015.

One thing the Sony hack gives us though is an insight into the manner in which top Hollywood executives talk to each other – it certainly makes Kim Dotcom’s email seem far more plausible.


  1. Many politicians can’t even use email (they print out their emails) – this is the state of the world. Politicians (and journalists) being stupid and so out of touch with the electronic world they think that everyone is a hacker. It’s not just the oldies for some reason some professions seem really IT illiterate in particular politicians. Too many aids to help them.

    Personally I feel any politician or official over 65 should be retired and if they can’t use email or even keep political data safe (Labour party hack, Slater the National party slime doctor) then god know why are they allowed to make mass electronic surveillance decisions. It is like giving bombs to preschoolers. Now not just individuals are being framed by ‘hacks’ but whole countries.

    I know, lets just hack Sony and pretend it’s North Korea. (International incident and Obama get’s involved)… ummm if the NSA can’t even work that one out then maybe they should not be torturing people and committing mass murder in far off countries on this INTEL they believe to be accurate. What a joke.

    Now we have Key and Abbot inciting terrorism in Australia, by pushing mentally ill people off the edge, who their parent countries wanted them deported years ago and are out on bail for crimes against women.

    Not only do officials and politicians not understand the modern world loads of them seem to have nothing to lose by unleashing some war and punishing some poor country or individual or their own people, most of whom have nothing to do with whatever grievance there was.

    I think the racism in the US should be their domestic talking point, not just the racist emails from Sony, but the killing of blacks from police and lack of action in disasters like Katrina. Leave the rest of the world alone and concentrate on domestic problems – their are plenty of them, in the US.

  2. Good spotting . No pun intended .

    The good ol logical fallacy .

    And try this one on for size .

    High Head Witchcrafterie .


    ” it certainly makes Kim Dotcom’s email seem far more plausible. ”

    Yes , it does .

    Our minds are not our own . They belong to the highest bidder .

    WW One ? WW Two ? The Korean War ? The Vietnamese War ? The slaughter of millions of innocent buddhists in Cambodia ? The sundry murderous rampages going on throughout the world as I write ?

    And of course , The War on Drugs ?


    I write about The Great New Zealand Institutionalised Lie . Of the deflection of inquiry using lies wrapped in truisms , by designing the same principles of psychology which render us incapable of lateral thought/inquiry . It’s business 101 at Harvard and remember ? War is good business .

    I wonder if Sony sub contracts to the U.S. military ?

    I know these guys do .

    Israeli arms dealers .


  3. OMG yes i thought i was watching a spoof news the other night. And for all the ridiculous outrage of the American news broadcasters no one has said how would the Americans react if the stupid spoof movie was made by North Korea about assassinating Obama? They wouldn’t find it funny at all and probably declare war, the hypocrisy of the Yanks is jaw dropping. Funny also that Kim.Com came to the rescue for all the gamers affected by the hack over xmas, so funny. The hacker on tv3 news last night saying people should spend time with their families over xmas rather than play games, then the news guy on tv3 saying it has been the worst xmas for gamers who couldn’t play and they will want to forget this xmas forever, how pathetic. Then the big news that selfie sticks are the biggest thing for xmas presents this year, say what!
    In the meantime the South Koreans are making great movies and probably freaking out Hollywood eg, Snow Piercer a must see, it was not given a fair run by the distributors holding it back. Another thing going under the radar is GMO grass coming soon, as mentioned in an ad on the tv3 news the other night perfectly timed to get no notice. Also no one putting two and two together about the cow deaths over GMO swedes cross pollinating in Southland? Has that cross pollination contaminated the swedes in the supermarket? Not a peep from the media. Only some bullshit about the warm winter, thats not good enough. We are dealing with Monsanto, the worst company in the world. Also where were the SPCA or MAFF on this topic as the vets in southland kept it quiet for a long enough time for many cows to get sick and die, farmers would have moved stock off the swedes if told sooner and saved them from suffering. Was the hold up because the vets where having a boom making money from the sick cows? Gross.

    2015 is going to have some really serious issues that need to see the light or we will be in a GMO hell hole before we see it coming. Sorry a bit depressing i know, we shouldn’t have to read between the lines while watching and reading the news and double speak.

  4. Very good work, Martyn!

    I heard reports before, where experts in the field expressed great skepticism towards the FBI spread allegations. But sadly the MSM in the US, and now “in loyal dumbing down faithful compliance” the international MSM have simply accepted that version of events, and have fed us this nonsensical drivel for days. Of course our “loyal dumbing down” NZ MSM is leading the way here, with the TV news parroting off the same the US media had reported, no questions asked.

    I looked at the Norse website before earlier today, before reading this, and it shows the actual sources and targets of hacking and similar cyber attacks that happen worldwide.

    North Korea is reported to have a total of about 400 internet connections, I heard recently, of which about half are linked to their government. All their traffic goes via Mainland China, so China would have detected anything right from the beginning, but they have remained silent, it seems, for their own good reasons (being actually one of the major sources of such activities, but also target).

    This is an excellent example that shows how little we can trust the MSM, and their shallow, UNRESEARCHED and largely unbased reporting. No wonder they also love trivia, as that is of low risk of raising serious questions about the “quality” of their reporting and sources.

    And all this applies also to the way we get inundated with the shock and horror stories about “islamists”, the “islamic extremists”, the “terrorists” there are.

    Re the crisis in the Middle East, like also Syria and Iraq, we only get propaganda news items, from all sides. All “news” must be taken and digested with great caution, I would advise.

    And we get NO news about the causes of what goes wrong in little Aotearoa, just blood and guts items, about the “baddies” doing “bad things”, as if they were all just “born bad”.

    Shame on the MSM misleading us daily, 24/7!

  5. The US establishment and Obama go on about “free speech” and “free artist expression” having been attacked by the cyber attack on Sony. Now with all respect, it may involve such “values” to be allowed to make daring films, but would the US condone a film made in another country, in which an assassination of Obama or any other US president as “head of state” would be made as a “comedy”?

    I suspect they would rather rush to the NSA and other agencies, to stop such a movie of “art” to be shown anywhere, as it would in their eyes be “terrorism”.

    While Kim Yong Il is a dictator, many other “heads of state” are constantly being dealt with and treated with “respect” by the US, where it is considered “useful” and in their interest.

    Double standards anyone?

  6. I also note there has been no mention of the hackers demands to Sony in the MSM. It is almost as if it has been suppressed.
    Bring on the leaks!

  7. Right from the start the whole thing smelt like a hype set up. From the critics reviews it sounds like the film isn’t particularly noteworthy and Sony wanted to boost its publicity and naturally the box office takings. What better way than to withdraw the film citing safety concerns and then to pretend to be acting tough by standing up to the North Koreans, with Obama dutifully playing his role of defender of free speech. Now of course everyone is falling over themselves to watch this film which they didn’t give a toss about before and Sony sniggers all the way to the bank secretly giving thanks to God for good old American gullibility. All a bit too predictable and convenient.

  8. Have you noticed the shutting down of the North Korean internet following the hacking story. Good old USA never waste an opportunity to test and refine its cyber-warfare capabilities I would guess. I also note Nth Korea has made peaceful overtures towards the South. Perhaps Kim Yong Il has finally realised there is another way to play the game.
    Obama is probably working on his letter of apology right now.

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