You’re no man John



You’re no man John


  1. No point in apologising for something you’re not jonky .

    You should try apologising for being a sociopathic egotist / weak kneed coward instead . A traitor . A liar . A psychopath who enjoys the suffering he causes others . Particularly when he colludes with other psychopaths such as slater to do terrible harm to the innocent , who’s only fault is that they got in the way of their evil machinations .

    Lets make 2015 a very , very , very uncomfortable year for them ? Sharpen your pencils folks ! Let em have it ! Show no fear ! Hold nothing back ! It’s they who have everything to fear and everything to hide .

  2. Perhaps MAN isn’t referring to a male human but an acronym; just insert the appropriate words. Maniacal Amoral Narcissist is a somewhat polite description of the “man”.

    This “sorry” quote taken well out of context; I thought perhaps we were to hear the last of with that dull best quote story in the news recently, but it doesn’t appear so. One News even replayed this quote on Christmas Day, for what seems like the millionth time. All kind of played-out you’d think?

    Considering what seems the exponential decay of journalism in this country with every passing year, it wouldn’t surprise me if in 2015 we find the same quality of journalism like that highly doctored interview footage on the current affairs show Rock Bottom, on that episode of The Simpsons where Homer is mistakenly accused of sexual harassment.

    As if someone violating the country would care about funding for a rape crisis centre.

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