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Christmas is a time to spend with whanau and to rejoice at the bonds that matter.

If you have been blessed this year, take a moment at your tables of bounty to reflect on the 800 000 NZers in poverty who have little to celebrate this year.

A recent story of a 8 person family saddened that the Salvation Army wouldn’t be providing them with Christmas presents was met with a torrent of social media vitriol and a response from the Salvation Army that sounded more like National Party policy than the kindness of Christ.

30 years of neoliberalism has left us with cultural values that simplify the power networks in society down to a bigoted belief that the poor choose to be poor. It has robbed us of compassion.

Whatever the life choices that family of 8 has made, the idea so many NZers would viciously enjoy denigrating them (as Cameron Slater recently did with the poor lining up for the City Mission) is a sad indictment on our culture.

People in poverty who are overweight and own a cell phone are hardly the fruits of capitalism are they? A technology available in 3rd world countries and a life of obesity related health diseases are the evidence the Right hysterically provide as proof the poor aren’t really poor?

It’s as obscene as trying to claim John Key is the most transparent PM we’ve had.

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The lack of compassion towards those who suffer is the reason our inequality has exploded. In this season of peace on earth and good will to all, we should strive to be less judgemental of those less fortunate and far more giving.

The Daily Blog wishes a very merry Christmas to all our readers and bloggers.


  1. Every Christmas Day I make various donations to some of my favourite charities, to which the Daily Blog has this year been added to my ever expanding list. Perhaps you can image my dismay at having to pay $7.50 in 12.5% sales tax to a government I hoped to bring help down with my modest donation! I thought taxes on donations could be reimbursed, if this is true please advice as I shudder at the thought of assisting this present government in any shape or form.
    None of the overseas charities and blogs I donated to – DemocracyNow!, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Wikipedia, TruthOut, AlterNet, etc.- charged a tax. Safe NZ also had no tax added, but this may have been because the $50/year I donated entitled me to become a member of their organisation.

  2. Just tried to find the article on the net – only managed Whaleoil’s site. Ugh – seems somehow ironic – this Shelley Edward’s ‘scam’ is revolting but it’s fine and dandy to pimp for Mark Hotchins?
    However, christmas is a time for goodwill to all so I hope you’re christmas is blessed in whatever way it can be and send goodwill to ALL – no matter who you are.
    And especially all the Daily Bloggers, cheers!

  3. Fuck ! I wrote an excellent comment . It contained sex , death , violence , love , hate and aliens and I accidently lost it . After I accidently drank a small bottle of whiskey .

    The only thing left to say I suppose is this ;

    Merry Christmas , you wonderful TDB’ers . Merry Christmas . At this most Godless time of the year , when greed rules and the rich and fat get richer and fatter and blame the poorer for getting more poor and sicker which is really what poor though fat people are .

    If there is a God then may he/ she / it pass blessings on all of us . Except that cunt slater . May all our window envelopes contain mistakes in billing and may all phone calls be from those we love . Not debt collection agencies warning us that we are nought but victims to their parasitic ways .

    Love to you all . To all you who love being loved . Not those who love to be hated . But then at least your Christmas whishes are coming true . Merry Christmas xxx

  4. Yes, a merry Christmas to all TDB readers!

    I have had a lot of time for reflections the last few days. What struck me was how stressed out, unhappy and unfriendly so many people looked, when I went to do a bit of shopping at the local Mall and at a major supermarket in my area. People were pushing trolleys, gazing at products, checking with others via smart phones and the likes, all like “obsessed” trying to do what everybody else does.

    We have so often the phenomenon of herd behaviour, also of kinds of mob psychosis and the likes, it shows again, how easily people are manipulated, taken over by messages and pressures from outside, that seem to force them to comply, to go along with all they feel urged to, and to fall for this consumerist madness Christmas and other holidays have become. Few seem able to cut themselves loose, to stay out of this madness, and stay focused on what matters, and what the holidays should really be all about.

    Then yesterday a leading retail lobby group spokesperson tried to use the compliant MSM to already push it all further, and he argued we should allow shopping on 365 days 24/7, as there is now much online shopping. It is my view, that the retail business sector, with their incessant, aggressive advertising and other marketing measures, have CORRUPTED society as we used to know it. People are in their eyes only meant to work and spend, nothing else, yes sleep in between, to do more of it the next day. And now they want to push us to give up the last few days there are, without consumerist madness.

    I tell that man and his lobby group, take a f**king hike, I challenge unions and progressive parties, take action, demand back civil rights to public holidays, to family time, collective times of rest and social gatherings! We must restore also one day of the week to allow ALL a day off, I mean Sunday. The libertarians have already destroyed so much, it is time to restore a healthy society, where people do behave as human beings again, not as shopper-holics, workaholics, and as those many suffering other forms of addiction we have now. It was yesterday near impossible to talk to people, given the herd madness. Where will it end if we taken no action now?

    As for the Daily Blog, I have realised, how valuable this and a few other blogs are, where we have a range of great bloggers share their stories and posts. There has been an explosion of small blogs by individuals, and like much else on the social media scene, e.g. “Fakebook” and “Twitt-err”, it does not lead to much unity. A successful blog, that can also enlighten more of the population, must appeal to a wide audience and readership, and on the left of centre, the TDB is certainly doing this, given the great writers and commenters there are.

    Keep it up, as the TDB is immensely important, to inform, to sensitivise, to raise real issues, that the traitor MSM have forgotten to, or cannot be bothered with writing about anymore.

    Best wishes for a productive, successful new Year in 2015, the TDB and all the good blogs there are!


  5. Our household extends a happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year for everyone!

    And let’s hope that 2015 is a better year for all our fellow Kiwis. Let’s remember that no one gets out of here alive. It’s what we do to make our lives, and each other’s lives, worthwhile in the brief flickering moments we have during our existence…

    Best wishes to all!

  6. All trussed up in my uniform…staring at a large bank of cctv monitors ,…doin the night shift on Christmas night….:(

    As are doctors , nurses, fire staff, police , ambo people , fellow security workers , delivery people….many many people…in fact.

    Hats off to all TDB folk and hats off to all the people working over the holiday period. Its hard sometimes (at times like this) to remember we are in quite a battle for our country…but we all need to recharge a bit.

    Well….lets all keep safe during the break . I hope y’all do.
    Cheerio !!!

  7. Although it’s now 26 December, Boxing Day, I do hope all those fine people involved with producing TDB, as well as bloggers, regular readers and contributors had a great Christmas.

    The very best of everything to you all for 2015. Long may TDB continue to thrive as the great alternative news site it is.

    We might have lost the election. But we haven’t lost the battle!

    Take good care one and all 🙂

  8. I was reflecting on what it is like to be poor (on a benefit and struggling), and what it is to go out and work and the benefits that come with that. I have five children, and now that I am working pretty much full time, I miss out on so many things that my children are doing, I miss their prize giving, I miss their sport and I miss their school activities. On the one hand we are way better off financially, but on the other hand I am missing out on all the things I will never get back.

    My oldest son said to me yesterday, that we are now so different compared to what we used to be like, he was meaning in material assets and how much easier was Christmas was.

    I remember, budgeting and making everything by hand. In fact when we went away, I had to collect every receipt, in case I overspent and could not afford diesel home. But this also gave me a clear record of spending and tracked our journey to Papamoa and back.

    I was just thinking that if we hadn’t have been so hard up, I would not have kept receipts and I would not have been able to prove I was not served documents (when a liar, who has now gone to jail for that crime) said he did.

    At any given time, we must make the best of even bad situations. I wasn’t unhappy being poor, I just had to live differently and live within my means, as we all should. I do not believe there is any excuse for being poor in this country. Being POOR, is to have victim mentality. Even my teenage children have managed to get themselves jobs (in a tiny little country town), it takes courage and encouragement. These two go hand-in-hand. And we can all possess it, or GIVE it. It just takes courage.

    • Rochelle, I understand the situation you were in, and respect, how you coped with it. But I feel you have fallen into the ideological trap so many fall into, by assuming that poverty is the result of a kind of “victim mentality”.

      People who happen to be poor, to perhaps drop into poverty after having worked and paid their ways, do end up with being treated as marginalised, as somehow to “blame” for their lack of success.

      Actually much of society can be very cruel, as people always reflect from their own subjective views, based perhaps on different “personal” experiences, onto the situation others are in. So people tend to label and blame, to put people into drawers.

      There are reasons for poverty, and they are in large part systemic, where we have a society where those doing well get rewarded more than those struggling and trying to get somewhere, but not making it as well. Division is intended, as that is the easiest way for the ruling elite to keep control. Divide and rule has been the motto not only for Nat and Key governed NZ today, it has been the same for the empires of past, exploiting the weak and disadvantaged, it is the motto of the capitalists, and of those that want to keep the ordinary people at bay, away from any significant influence on decisions that the “privileged” and powerful make.

      So perhaps stop adopting the victimising approach that is part of this nasty agenda. It is not simply “attitude” and thinking that is behind much injustice and poverty. You may as well “victimise” the rich for being so “overloaded” with responsibility, just to make an absurd comparison.

      Break free from such ideologically dictated thinking, and reconsider what led you to even go there.

      Best wishes for 2015.

  9. This is the time of the year where you get the right arrogantly breezing on about how Christmas/New Year is all about families, being together, and Christmas spirit, not about how much money you have and/or spend. They do this while they are relaxing in their million dollar Orewa holiday homes while their workers toil in the heat of Auckland city at minimum wages.
    What the right forget to mention is that the family time of the year applies only to them. The rest of us have to keep working, often at minimum wage cleaning the bogs, making the heart attack fat burgers, cleaning up the vomit in rest homes, sheltering domestic abuse victims from the effects of the alcohol industry.
    Ho ho f……g ho!

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