Only Judith Collins would suggest the solution to domestic violence is guns



No. Way. What. Planet.Is. She. Coming. From?

Police should carry guns
It’s Christmas, and we must give frontline officers better access to firearms to fight the inevitable surge in family violence.

…let’s just consider Judith’s argument for a second. She is suggesting that Police take guns into domestic violence situations. Now just consider what Polie taking guns into a situation as tense and stressful as a domestic violence incident?

It would be like throwing petrol on a bonfire. The fury Police presenting with guns would generate in people’s homes would see the civilian death rate from Police being forced to shoot aggro NZ men skyrocket.

Don’t get me wrong. Being a Police Officer at this time of year dealing with these incidents must be stressful and incredibly traumatising. A thankless difficult task that deserves our attention and respect during public holidays, as we should everyone who performs public services at this time of year. Anything that can make their job less traumatising we should embrace wholeheartedly, but sweet Zombie Jesus – arming cops for those incredibly fraught moments inside NZers homes is the worst fucking thing this situation requires.

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This is Judith baiting the waters with provocative headlines (the column itself is pretty limp) with that raw meat National Party electorate who think NZ Herald is left wing and John Key is too soft.

As Judith starts to squirm back into Cabinet, she will crank the tone on populist Whaleoil social issues for her inevitable tilt at leadership.

Collins’ people were angry with English and Joyce for the release of all those reports on the same day, as they believed English & Joyce did it on purpose to rob Collins of any oxygen when her whitewashed report ‘exonerating’ her came out.

Why the Sunday Star Times thinks a ‘balance’ to Collins is Phil Goff is a mystery. Collins is to the right of the National Party and Goff is to the Right of Labour. So the two factional leaders of the right wings of both main political parties get to argue over minor differences of policy each week from the right wing perspective.

And the Herald on Sunday matches that by having Rodney Hide who is to the Right of Caligula.

That’s so biased towards the right we are going clockwise in circles.


  1. The right wing are aligning us with the US love for bearing arms.

    This is probably a deliberate attempt by the loose goose Collins trying to prepare the ground for us being homogenised into US policy if they get away with TPPA.

    She is simply evil.

  2. The greatest “domestic violence” occurring in NZ is tat which the NZ public is suffering at the hands of Collins and her fellow travellers.
    If the suggestion was to arm the people and thereby rid ourselves of this violence to society then perhaps there might be a substantive argument.
    PS: I must admit to thoroughly detesting this person. I have no issue with strong women my partner has held a senior executive position with one of the largest IT companies in the “world”. However the nationals seem to attract a coterie of harridans, e.g. Bennett, Shipley, Boag and so on, that sacrifice compassion on an alter of tribalism.

    • Its the season of goodwill.
      As a 65 year old man I must remember my mission to continually purge my mind of the misogynistic statements implanted of my ignorant father.

      BUGGER I have had two beers and I cant stand this person, it typifies the smug vile types who have perverted our culture so I understand if you don’t publish this and if you do ladies please forgive me ;

      Misogynistic comments deleted. Try it again without the unnecessary sexist references. – ScarletMod

  3. The Christmas break is the time of the year when the most alcohol abuse takes place ………….. And because alcohol is a aggressnagenic drug increased levels of consumption ALWAYS leads to higher levels of violence and disorderly offenses.

    The Corrupt National government and in particular Judith Collins subverted our recent Alcohol law reforms protecting booze company profits and leaving our society to suffer high levels of violence and sexual assaults because of their inaction.

    Judith Collins calling for the police to be armed is typical dirty politics from the most corrupt police and justice minister this country has ever had.

    She had a chance to curb things like roastbusting and domestic violence but the alliance between the National party and the sellers of the drug Alcohol won out.

    Looks like drug corruption to me …………………

  4. The woman is positively nuts Bomber. Cops very rarely get shot at here in NZ, so cops with guns in NZ are the last friggin’ thing we need. Cops here are already armed with tasers, and that’s more than enough to handle violent offenders.

  5. This week, I met with our police at Papakura.

    They’re pleased at what they expect to be a good drop in overall crime and the crime rate for this year.

    What they’re not pleased about is that, as usual, most of their Christmas work will be around family violence.

    A drop in crime is a good thing, right? Progress you could say. Family violence during Christmas is obviously a reality, perhaps the solution can be found by first understanding WHY it is an issue.

    These days front-line police have access to tasers and better access to firearms. As we’ve seen lately, going into a hospital can lead to being shot at.

    So Tasers aren’t good enough? Police already have the contingency of using firearms should a situation warrant, what’s the problem?

    Yeah, sure, we’re all aware of running gun battles at hospitals.

    Even though police have access to firearms in their car lockboxes, I’m concerned that they too often feel that they can’t take them.

    They get concerned at how carrying firearms will be interpreted, whether they’ll be backed by the public, whether they’ll be criticised or disciplined.

    Nobody enjoys someone brandishing or pointing a gun at them and not all will cower in fear.

    A device that can potentially cause many deaths and much damage, should be conscientiously governed by a sense of concern by the operator. It’s a quality known as being sensible.

    Frontline cops tell me that the world has changed and they’re more inclined towards arming.

    Yeah, look at how well that is working out in the US. Has this loon been following the news lately?

    When it comes to the issue of recidivist family violence offenders, the police don’t have the best record, a number of prominent murders this year occurred due to police ineptitude regarding protection orders.

    In my opinion, I suspect a lot of these domestic violence cases occur this time of the year due to the issue of money.

    The Christmas holiday or holy day has become a nihilistic unholy day revolving around an orgy of consumerism. This festival is accompanied by what seems like some ingrained obligation to observe it by much of society.

    Kids brainwashed by advertising and trends, parents feeling obliged to pacify their kids materialistic desires, money getting tighter, debt getting higher, the legacy of an ancient sage replaced with trite corporate Hollywood hogwash of goodwill, the insincere company of “family” during a break in the perpetual rutting, the elusive attainment of happiness by going through the motions, the dutch courage emanating from festive booze to air grievances.

    If bullsh*t could be dedicated a day of reverence, Christmas nowadays would be it. Hardly surprising a day so devoid of meaning is accompanied by violence.

    The ultimate stink are asses like Collins, all gobble and plop.

  6. The place she comes from is Hades. she is as vicious as Whaleoil.
    Domestic violence more often than not occurs around children, with guns in police holsters what are children but collateral damage in her eyes.what on earth have we done to put people like her and Key in power,and the rest of the drones in National doing their best to emulate Key causing more misery.
    NZ is becoming a very uncomfortable place, it should be New Chicago ,probably will be after TTP and TERSA.

  7. This week, I met with our police at Papakura.

    They’re pleased at what they expect to be a good drop in overall crime and the crime rate for this year.

    What they’re not pleased about is that, as usual, most of their Christmas work will be around family violence.

    Yeah… Nah.

    I wouldn’t trust any such statement suggesting a “good drop in overall crime and the crime rate”.

    Not since this story broke a wee while ago;

    Statistics altered over three years to make 700 burglary offences appear as other crimes or not as crimes at all

    Emails show chiefs wrongly told national audit held after problems with burglary stats.

    Not only do we have a government that plays loose with the truth – but also government departments and other state agencies fiddle the stats to make their masters look good.

    Very little can be trusted now from the State and it’s agencies.

    • Also take into account, specifically, the DV stats. A few years ago, NZP stopped including DV reports in their annual stats because they were trialling a new model based on a Canadian system. The trial period for this new model is set to expire (if memory serves me correctly) in October 2015. From that point on, NZP will resume the inclusion of DV reports in their annual stats.

      So, let’s take a look at what that really means. For the last few years, Collins has been so happy to trumpet the “drop in crime under a National government.” Given that previous to the change in NZP’s reporting of the stats, DV reports accounted for a huge percentage of the total… Yes, of course she fucking would. Removing those reports for the trial period is very convenient for a minister who wants her “tough on crime” stance to appear to be working. The problem is, come October, when the DV reports make their way back into the annual NZP stats, the crime rate is going to soar. That is going to result in a couple of possible outcomes, as I see it.

      Firstly, Collins will happily attribute the spike to what she will claim as the new minister’s ineptitude. Then, sadly, she will use that spike, and spin, to rally the blue ribbon voters to reinstate a minister who will “get things done”, and if that means arming the police to combat the sudden (conveniently timed) rise in DV reports, well then, that’s just what she’ll do, because she CARES ABOUT NZ. Throw in a well timed smear job in cahoots with Slater to embarrass the now very obviously compromised Key, and that tilt at leadership is a Machiavellian wet dream.

      Collins has, every bit as much as Key, proven herself not to be trusted. However, middle NZ has proven themselves to be completely bloody myopic and gullible, so she has a very good chance of actually getting away with it.

      My prediction: National Party 2017 campaign slogan: “It’s no use crying over spilt milk.”

  8. About 3 or 4 years ago, I was stopped at a check point to get my breath tested. I was kinda pissed off about having to stop because I had had a long day, and I wanted to get home. Apparently, the cop thought I ‘showed a bit of attitude’ and demanded my licence and started yelling at me, threatening to give me a $300 fine for something or rather (I cannot recall what it was). Probably minor, but it shows that some cops are pretty high strung, and if they have a gun on their holster, a situation can escalate pretty quickly.

    Anyway, most of the situations where police have been killed (or assaulted) are where officers are on their own, and are in a vulnerable position, such as pulling someone over on a deserted stretch of highway.

  9. A big part of the solution to DV must be improving the incomes and reducing the stress of much of NZ.

    More jobs. Jobs that pay enough to live on and have a little left over to save or spend on little luxuries. Enough to afford things like Christmas presents and a Christmas Day feed.

    Police taking violence against women and children seriously would also be a good start. They’ve shown with Roastbusters and the Louise Nicholas cases that they can’t be trusted with sexual crimes against women, and we know they see DV as pretty much the same.

    Reduction in alcohol availability and promotion would also be a great place to start. Much violence in NZ is alcohol fuelled. But the alcohol lobby is rather powerful in our wee country so don’t expect National or Labour to make any changes there.

    But changing police attitudes and improving the economy, specifically employment, is too hard. Collins wouldn’t even know where to start.

    • “But changing police attitudes and improving the economy, specifically employment, is too hard. Collins wouldn’t even know where to start.”

      Sure she would – At the soapbox, as she always does. It’s just figuring out where to go from there that’s the problem.

  10. Maybe we should vote John ‘ Fraudulence ‘ xKeyscore out and let Crusher ‘Orivida and email girl ‘ Collins fight it out with Paula ‘ I’m not a neo liberal trougher ,really I’m not ‘ Benefit for the leadership.

    It would be fun to watch , and to make it interesting , we could make sure it was conducted in a mud wrestling ring.

    And though totally sick and disgusting to watch , – as both seemed to have done ‘ rather too well ‘ by being neo liberal troughers ,- I’m sure there will be ample dirt from all their political practices to fill the ring .

    We then just need to fill it with water.

    Or perhaps they could use some of their own ‘ trickle down ‘ policies. ( sounds disgusting I know , but …..) At least then the unemployed and working poor wouldn’t have to pay to maintain their ‘ largesse’….

    And as a trophy cup for the winner…we could perhaps use some of Gerry ‘out through the back door EQC ‘ Brownlee’s liquefaction mud and contract a potter to fire it . Once fired , it could be filled with copies of Nicky Hagers Dirty Politics books , with special editions dedicated to Jason ‘ I’ve got nothing to hide ‘ Ede .

    And perhaps copies of the ‘ Rise of Fascism in Europe ‘ could be offered to all MSM commentators and reporters simply for the act of covering the event as their fees .

  11. Here is an idea. Stimulate or subsidise small business or in fact anyone who employs people, or at least create policies that encourage employment. Providing reasonable work for all who want it would be the easiest way to reduce domestic violence.

    How do these imbeciles manage to get elected?

    • Small businesses love the casual contract rule ,they call staff usually
      when needed but no stability for staff, so no security for future,the low hourly rate is not a liveable wage, it just lets WINZ off the hook ,1 hour is stated as employed, farcical.People in these jobs have no hope no future, most businesses are adopting this rule.

  12. The march of the Very Hungry Caterpillar… Dear Judith, May 2015 bring about a vast improvement in your power dressing. We can but wish.

    On arming the public services: Are we also going to arm our firefighters? (Idiot kids trying to incinerate schools and heaving bottles at firefighters.)

    And ambulance drivers/paramedics who get the bash when they turn up to help paralytic ghastlies at parties (the ‘bubbly my baby’ barfing in gutters with their obnoxioux mates doing a raucous ring around the epic fail? ) and to deal with the remains at hideous crash scenes?

    Paint balls is my preferred ammo. Something that leaves a semi-permanent splat to let the world know – the bearer of this mark is the lowest form of life outside of a septic tank.

  13. Having Collins and Goff on SST is like having Tony Abbot and Tony Blair writing columns about invading Iraq – ummmm how about a different voice?. i.e. someone from the Greens? Or Nicky Hager. (Think how many newspapers sold when both left and right represented in opinions columns, the letters columns overfilling). Of course with Hager maybe an expose every week taking down all the corrupt officials might be unpopular with the political establishment.

    Personally I am against politicians getting any space in newspapers to further their agenda – umm what about neutral columnists – I guess you have to pay them so maybe it is just cost cutting and laziness. Got some space to fill – O we have loads of politicians keen – lets do it – theres space to fill in between the adds and not sure what to put there.

    Likewise Mr 1% Rodney, I mean he is Mr unpopular with views even more unpopular – Maybe he pays to be in the media by advertising bribes – who knows?

    Back to Collins – she is bonkers, too much lead makes you aggressive and stupid . She is Abbots counterpart and needs a toxicity test.

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