2014 – Year of the angry white knuckle


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I knew Internet/MANA would have to fight National, ACT, Conservative Party, United Future, Maori Party and the mainstream media.

I didn’t think they would also have to fight Labour, the Greens and NZ First as well.

Apparently feeding hungry kids in the poorest schools, 30 000 State Houses, anti-TPPA, free tertiary education and free public transport was too left wing.

Apparently Kim Dotcom used money to try and buy an election, which ignores the money National have poured into their own war chests.

In the end, Nicky Hager was right. You couldn’t overturn 6 years of dirty politics media in 6 weeks.

Twitter became twatter and Facebook became the sound of one hand clapping.

I honestly thought that NZers would recoil in disgust when they saw the real John Key. We crucified Helen Clark for  signing a painting she didn’t sign, here the PM’s Office used falsified SIS info to smear the Leader of the Opposition months before an election. It doesn’t really get much worse than that. The Intelligence Apparatus falsifying information to smear Phil Goff  should draw ones breath in sharply.

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It didn’t. NZers rallied to Key and awarded him full spectrum political dominance. Watch the ease with which Key rams through warrantless searches for the very agency that helped him beat Phil Goff.

Wouldn’t the fact that the SIS have been caught abusing their power to influence an election kinda mean that they are the last agency that should be allowed to have warrantless searches?

But none of that matters. The reason this was the year of the angry white knuckle was because that’s what won this election. Angry white privilege. The rump of the National Party vote  don’t mind that Key talks with Whaleoil, in fact they love it. The anti-intellectual negative egalitarianism that feeds the wind burnt NZ soul despises intelligence and respects only confidence.  They loath Maori rights. They loath Women’s rights. They loath Gay rights. They loath Union rights. They loath beneficiary rights. They loath the poor.

We have a Government with no economic plan beyond cheap immigration and rebuilding from an earthquake. They have put all our cows in one paddock and would now like to stack those cows on top of each other. Borrowing billions in tax cuts for the most wealthy NZers while creating new reasons to disqualify people from benefits makes a mockery of our once prized egalitarianism.

We have mistaken a small country for an equal country, there yawns a divide between a property investment class and a barren wasteland of indebted poverty.  Two NZs as distant as Middle Earth influenced by a media working with the National Party black ops brigade.

Michael Savage would weep.

Watching Snowden, Assange and Greenwald expose the mass surveillance state was over-shaded by Kim Dotcom, who like an imploding black hole was portrayed as a racist Bond villain intent on vengeance. That his experience of 80 paramilitary police with guns kicking down his front door to frighten his family and beat him while taking all his wealth at the behest of Corporate Hollywood radicalised him was lost on most. In the end terrible political advice generated a campaign that was too clownish to be taken seriously. Hone’s loss is a deep anguish and wound.

The political left were killed off by Labour and National in 2014.

The losers this year are the 250 000 children in poverty. Their childhoods are damaged for another 3 years. The losers are Gen X and Y locked out of property ownership forever. The losers are the workers, Maori, the poor, public broadcasting, women, economic sovereignty and freedom from an all seeing surveillance state.

I spy with 5 little eyes, something beginning with 1984.

The mainstream media were shameful. Nicky Hager did more journalism in one book than they have managed in 6 years.

The winners are dirty politics. Cameron Slater is more powerful than ever before. His hate speech has become the norm, his hateful readers the power of the angry white knuckle. With him now holding information over the Prime Minister and with his new weaponised news site about to launch, his venom has become even more toxic.

Farrar is more important to Key than ever before. His qualitative polling gave Key the insight as to know when to dump Collins, Farrar saved Key and his influence has only grown.

It was an election result that made us a lesser Nation.

The wealthy won 2014, the poor were hammered.  One glimmer of hope was the rise of Andrew Little, but his capitulation on warrantless spying dims that hope somewhat.

It was the year of bitter beige privilege, it was a year the Empire Struck back.

It was the Year of the angry white knuckle.




  1. Yeah, that’s about right. So what’s the plan, Sam?
    I wouldn’t be so slick in rejecting Little over the SIS thing. Vigilance will be needed by those suspicious of the Right-Security nexus until a better review takes place, but as yet no major damage will have occurred, while traction will be obtained if they behave as nefariously as many fear. Meanwhile, in the wider field, there are some glimmers of opportunity: the OECD report on inequality that has just come out is a start; cracks are starting to appear in John Key’s seeming impregnability and a few National succession reference might start that ball rolling; the decision to send troops to Iraq will be hotly contested; the milk powder fiasco will start to impact the lives of ordinary Kiwis; the rebuild will pass its peak. And on the Left of politics, despite your misgivings, Andrew Little is having a dream introduction from a press who may be regretting their pack mentality over David Cunliffe.

    Now is not quite the time, in my view, for throwing the toys overboard. Let’s see how far we can get with the current climate first.

    • And on the Left of politics, despite your misgivings, Andrew Little is having a dream introduction from a press who may be regretting their pack mentality over David Cunliffe.

      I wonder…

      • So do we all wonder, but can you think of a deep dark conspiracy to explain the behaviour of the press? I am not really suggesting that they have had an epiphany, but a credible political reality show does need a valid contest, so they need to give the Left more oxygen, even for their own ratings-driven limited objectives.

        Personally, I find it far easier to believe the bulk of the press corp are incompetent rather than National Party poodles.

        • I would go with the poodle theory. There is too much evidence such as soft bribery by the American Embassy, Mike Hosking chosen to lead the election debate, the banning of Martyn from National Radio and the lack of enquiry into global events such as Ukraine, ISIS, the TPP and so on.

    • We can also go back in time to remember John A lee and the leaflet he put out about mickey Savage. That brought Labour Party
      hate down on his head regardless of any truth of the situation he may have raised.
      Ah well at least Andrew Little is talking about work, wages and conditions.

  2. Agree Bomber, I don’t recognise my country anymore. We have turned into a nation of passionless heartless people easily manipulated by the Right. The values of those New Zealanders who vote National (and Act) are values I cannot subscribe too as it’s all about being greedy and selfish without any compassion and empathy for others.
    30 years of the folly of Neo-Liberalism has changed this country drastically and for the majority who have been left behind by the opulent wealthy hell bent on screwing every dollar out of the poor and working class. The naïve complacent middle class fail to grasp that they’ll will be next and life will get tough as they find that they too will find wage rises difficult to achieve and cost spiral while the rich screw them over yet they’ll continue to believe Key’s rhetoric that we are on the cusp of something great.
    As our Education gets well and truly screwed over by Parata, Grosser sells of NZ when he signs the TPPA, Bridges sells of more exploration rights to Polluters, more kids live in poverty, naïve middle New Zealand will obediently keep voting for the nasty Nats.
    Key walks on water in the minds of middle New Zealand as they have invested so much emotional faith in him they just refuse to see the Real John Key. (They truly believe that Hagar’s Dirty Politics is fiction the nice Mr Key could never resort to such dastardly tactics)
    National have totally ruined this country and those New Zealanders born after 1985 most will find it impossible to purchase their own house, earn a good income and get their children a decent education.
    Only the children born to the wealthy will enjoy a comfortable life in New Zealand in the 21st century.

        • Solutions? My issue is that they HAVE no solutions – they’re just moaning. Name ONE solution Mooloo offers?
          Me – I agree with Nick:- ” Now is not quite the time, in my view, for throwing the toys overboard. Let’s see how far we can get with the current climate first.” Because I think things are looking promising and merit our support.

          • wow you must live in Mission Bay or some other well off place. Your so out of touch with so many nzers in a lot of pain and stress.

          • I don’t know where on the continuum you consider yourself to be, but I do know that if you were truly positioned in the progressive left then you’d be more aligned to the values of empowerment than denigration.

            Clearly, solutions to effectively combating neoliberalism or, better, vanquishing it entirely, aren’t being air-dropped by benevolent deities into the policy battlefields of NZ any more than they have been in Australia, the UK, the US, or elsewhere.

            I’m not for a moment suggesting that being stuck in a place of mourning, with its attendant feelings of anger and sorrow, is useful but it is certainly understandable, particularly when you consider that there’s absolutely no indication yet that a possible victory for Labour in 2017 would advance efforts to dismantle the cult of competitive individualism that it itself has subscribed to for the past 30 years or more. So, I think things aren’t yet looking promising and definitely don’t merit our unquestioning support.

      • Try a flagon full of Social Democratic Keynesian economics , bud ,….and get rid of that shitty watered down nip glass of cheap neo liberalism your drinking from.

        That might be a good start.

        • Nice! A glass full of isms! Come down to earth, Spiderman, and have a look around at what real people have to deal with down here.Try basing your beliefs on reality, Spidey, instead of theory. Might make a nice change. Or are you too caught up in what you OUGHT to believe?

          • Keynesism has been tried before in NZ and worked rather well. Similar versions of socialism are currently working rather well in northern European countries.

            That’s the reality.

            • Lara, you’ve had Keynesian economics under Key. Unlike say the UK where they went for austerity after 2008, this country has thrown wood on the economic fire to keep things moving. So despite the chch earthquake and South Canterbury Finance unemployment has remained relatively low.

              • No. All this corrupt and lying govt has done is borrow over 250 million dollars every week and to enble tax cuts to the top rich listers – then trashed the working poor and unemployed ever more punitively.

                We wont start with the lies and deceit,…that would take another thread entirely.

                But Keynesian? I enjoy the neo liberal sense of humour in you.

                We all need some light comic relief from time to time from the seriousness of this undemocratic pseudo totalitarian puppet govt of the USA.

          • Are you a joke or a pantomime?

            Matters not.

            You’re still ridiculous. But seeing as how you furiously decided to check back on peoples answer to your post, I shall relish a reply.

            Do you enjoy deceit?

            Do you enjoy poverty and human misery?

            Do you like seeing workers ripped off with no recourse to equitably?

            Do you enjoy cracking jokes about people sleeping rough on the streets?

            Do you enjoy govt using the SIS for its own benefit to destroy democracy?

            Do you get your jollies reading about police busts and others being surveilled for no reason?….especially when the SIS is told to shut up about an individual by the Immigration heads.

            Do you enjoy economic coercion and foreign takeovers by stealth ?

            Do you enjoy a govt that lies about committing troops in a foreign nation?

            Unfortunately , idiot,…this is no make – believe drama episode of Coronation Street to follow along with. This is REALITY .This is New Zealand TODAY.

            And as you demonstrate absolutely NO comprehension of the difference between basic neo liberal economic theory and Keynesian, – and have swept mindlessly over the top of any historical examples by which to compare the two ,- and also by which this country has operated under BOTH, I can only conclude with your simplistic answer you are , in fact, an idiot.

            You seem to be either too young to know the difference, too uneducated , OR , perhaps have feathered your nest at the expense of others, OR perhaps a Labour party supporter that follows blind ideology – not reality. Caucus is filled with those types in Labour.

            As for Little, I tend to be hopeful …however in this latest case of enabling a neo liberal govt ..its cutting close to the bone. A little too close.

            • Pointing out that Goff was, in fact, a liar is hardly

              “…using the SIS for its own benefit to destroy democracy?”

              I suggest you calm down and get a grip.

              • Would you care to explain precisely how Goff was a “liar”, when the information from the SIS was incorrect? Simply parroting the right wing official line does not make it so. It just makes you good at repetition.

    • Now this comment i totally agree with.

      Everything that applied prior to 1984 namely totally free health care, totally free education . Reasonable wages and workers rights and a country built on social equality has gone out the door. I am very glad to read today on face book that the oced has come out and said thatcher reagan econic trickledown theory is a load of bullshit . Yes we need a revolution and it has to come from the bottom up because it sure is going to come from the top.

    • I so agree with you. Many people did nothing as the Jews were slaughtered for the same reason, the disbelief, the same reason families often side with a sexual predator thats wearing a suit, and smilies and is helpful, and nice, rather than the victim, they just see what the “manipulative” person is selling, only thinking if “i am trustworthy then so much every one else be”. So wrong. Evil and greed exist. and it takes GREAT courage, and the willingness to listen and observe to be taken seriously . I believe this global culture is subtle genocide, and its not just here but in the USA, in Australia, In England, Scotland. Because we can now identify gas chambers from history so easily, that is not being used, its too obvious, Key would not get away with that, instead hes following a long, a rich white man, taking away our rights and having no empathy (some say hes the smiling assassain OR SOCIOPATH) and I have to say Id have to agree, this is now a slow and subtle way to get people to kill them selves. With NZ being right up there in the stats for suicide, this will support that culture and those stats. Along with forcing people to live in pain and suffering from 2008 onwards.

  3. “Good evening, New Zealand.

    Allow me first to apologize for this interruption. I do, like many of you, appreciate the comforts of every day routine- the security of the familiar, the tranquility of repetition. I enjoy them as much as any bloke. But in the spirit of commemoration, thereby those important events of the past usually associated with someone’s death or the end of some awful bloody struggle, a celebration of a nice holiday, I thought we could mark this November the 5th, a day that is sadly no longer remembered, by taking some time out of our daily lives to sit down and have a little chat.

    There are of course those who do not want us to speak. I suspect even now, orders are being shouted into telephones, and men with guns will soon be on their way. Why? Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn’t there? Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression. And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission. How did this happen? Who’s to blame?

    Well certainly there are those more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable, but again truth be told, if you’re looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror. I know why you did it. I know you were afraid. Who wouldn’t be? War, terror, disease. There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense. Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now Prime Minister, John Key. He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.

    Last night I sought to end that silence. Last night I destroyed the Sky Tower, to remind this country of what it has forgotten. More than four hundred years ago a great citizen wished to embed the fifth of November forever in our memory. His hope was to remind the world that fairness, justice, and freedom are more than words, they are perspectives.

    So if you’ve seen nothing, if the crimes of this government remain unknown to you then I would suggest you allow the fifth of November to pass unmarked. But if you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek, then I ask you to stand beside me one year from tonight, outside the Beehive, and together we shall give them a fifth of November that shall never, ever be forgot.”

      • It’s a paraphrasing of “V’s speech to England” from Alan Moore’s “V for Vendetta.” It’s a great book, well worth the read, as are most of Moore’s works.

  4. Nationals rise to power was a long time in the making, go back to the early 90’s when the kind of policy they are now implementing was all the fantasy talk of ZB hosts. Just think cheap immigrant labour to prevent higher wage demands and better conditions for starters.

    They are no different to any other government, they have plenty of problems of their own making but they hide it and cling to power by almost total suppression information that would discredit their government and that New Zealanders are entitled to know. And they are using up goodwill from voters instilled by years of better more honest governments and Kiwi’s mistaken belief that the NZ government has structures to prevent the kind of abuse we are now witnessing. Pity the next lot.

    But National should worry because they will get kicked out and what has really been going on under their tenure will be revealed by the new incumbent, a bona fide Pandora’s box. That or they do a Nazi Party trick and try to destroy everything!

  5. Probably your most despondent blog yet. But fear not we will not be entering a 1000 year Reich no matter how much the Right may dream of it. Regarding Andrew Little, give him some credit. He does not have the luxury, or inclination, to be an ideologue. He is a union man and his strongest suit is negotiation. He did not capitulate on a Bill that was going to be passed anyway but achieved some limitations, restrictions and increased accountability in the interests of the new Zealand public.

    • He did not capitulate on a Bill that was going to be passed anyway…

      More like gave it a seal of legitimacy, SH. Had Labour stood fast; drawn a line in the sand; at least the public would perceive a clear difference between the Nats and Labour.

      Now, all Labour can say is, “at least we’re not as bad as That Lot”.

      What’s next, supporting more anti-worker legislation; watering it down a wee bit to make it more palatable; on the excuse that the Nats have the numbers to pass it anyway?

      I was kinda hoping for something better.

      • Frank says “What’s next, supporting more anti-worker legislation; watering it down a wee bit to make it more palatable; on the excuse that the Nats have the numbers to pass it anyway?”

        If by agreeing to vote for a bill (that’s going to pass anyway) if important concessions are made to the benefit of workers – then why the hell not? How the hell is this not a win-win? Would you really prefer that doubly toxic anti-worker bills became law just so Labour can stand on some sort of utterly pointless principle? Time to stop sulking and cut the crap, chaps!

        • Were Kate Sheppard’s principles pointless when she fought for women’s right to vote? Were NZ’s principles pointless when the government refused to allow nuclear ships into NZ waters? Were Rosa Parks’ principles pointless when she sat down on the front seat and demanded equality? No, no, and no. So should Little and the rest of Labour’s principles have guided them into opposing the legislation. Saying “We think it’s terrible, but decided to go for a slightly lighter shade of terrible” is not pragmatic, it’s defeatist. It’s like agreeing to be hung by the neck with a soft rope instead of a coarse one, so at least your skin won’t get chafed while you asphyxiate. It was a weak move, which would have been countered by standing their ground.

          • My bad, I didn’t mean that principles are pointless – just that there are times to stand on principle, and times when it is pointless and achieves nothing. In my view, in this case the compromise was worth it as it achieved a better result.

            • ‘ My bad . ‘

              What the fuck are you saying ?
              Your american vernacular is offensive to me .

              Try ‘ Me dick . ‘ ?

              And avoid american tv . Particularly the idiocy that is their ‘comedy’ . You clearly have a dangerously susceptible mind to it being influenced by gibberish .
              You’ll be espousing the glories of American foreign policy next .

              Yay ! Water boarding ! We come in peace / shoot to kill .

        • Enenen – so you’re in favour of Labour capitulating to the Tories. Ok, we get that.

          So why don’t you just vote National and be done with it. Oh, you do already?

      • To the strident Left anything short of spitting in the face of the government and of the citizens of this country that disagree with their views is a sell out. An easy and lazy attitude to take when sitting at your computer. Its easy to say we don’t need any surveillance and lazy logic to suggest it will lead to 1984 and spy cameras in every house. It is equally lazy to suggest Little with his back ground would ever support any legislation that eroded the rights of workers and grossly unfair to suggest that he would. Little did what he could to limit the powers given to our spies and bring forward the date at which the legislation will be reviewed. What is the something better that he could have achieved by simple opposition.

        • I think your snide over reach does not detract from any of the criticism. Painting a concern for the mass surveillance state and the lack of safeguards doesn’t make us the problem sleepy hobbit. Your acquiescence does. Labour could have stood strong and voted against it. By signing on board they have lost their high ground.

          Pointing to the minor changes as a stand of strength is wishful thinking.

          • Well yes he could have stood on the high ground but the tide of surveillance would have been larger and stronger washing away even more of that small hill of personal freedom that we have left. Don’t get me wrong, I think that the whole increased threat of terrorism rationale is a crock of shit,( based not on any knowledge of fact but only on the track record of western spy agencies tendency to find the facts they need to suit their aims)
            The political problem the Left faces is how to regain the Treasury benches in order to help all those people you identified as having lost out as a result of this National government policies. It may be wishful thinking to rely on ideological purity. The unpalatable fact could be that to help the marginalised you have to persuade the sleepy muddle, that I belong to, to stumble a few paces to the left (which is the most we can manage) and a positive, flexible pragmatism is the way to do it.

  6. Do you mind if I throw a few disabled New Zealanders into the mix?

    Otherwise….right on the button.

    And, please God, make Labour into a viable opposition,

    Make them make nice with the Greens, and maybe NZ First.

    Give us politicians we can actually vote for… with a clear conscience.

    • Disabled are better off forgetting labour will do them any favours. Actually both the main parties are appalling. Labour are nothing more than a bunch of liberal corporate elects.

      New campaign ad for 2017 – “Labour, screwing over the left for the last 30 odd years, so you know middle NZ – you can vote for us with confidence!”

      • Absolutely right Rebecca

        I agree entirely we need to unite on the opposition to rid the KCC “Key Cancer Club.”

  7. Got your fire back, Martyn – about time. Let’s choreograph a new dance next year. We’ll call it The Knucklecracker Fantasy. Great blog!

  8. ”Well,…things are getting a Little hot around here,…Im going back to Hawaii”, ….said John xKEYscore.

    ” Yep ,….I’ll probably go back to the farm ,…its all paid off now through using all the ‘ sheep ‘ dipping , ”…..said the Double Dipper from Dipton.

    ” So does that mean I finally get to be the Prime Minister ? ”….asked Crusher ‘Miss Piggy ‘ Collins.

    ” Im sorry , Piggy , but I texted RancidOil an hour ago and agreed to hand over the Prime Ministers ‘office’ to him instead ” , said John xKEYscore.

    ” You did WHAT ?!!? ”….screeched Piggy Collins.

    ” You know that RancidOil has strong ties to Israels Likkud party !!! ” screamed Piggy Collins .

    ”I know , Piggy , – but look at it from our point of view ,…we now have total surveillance on RancidOil , – as well as everybody else, – the TTPA has been in effect for nearly 3 years now , and our new govt is actually just an extension of the USA’s”….we should all be happy”. said John xKEYscore.

    ”But ,…..but , but you promised !! ”, …..whimpered Piggy Collins.

    ”Oh stop blubbering !! ” snapped Gerry ‘ EQC mover and shaker ‘ Brownlee.

    ”Ever since I proved my worth with EQC, and was promoted to MOD , ….havent I kept a great secret about our real role in Iraq ? ”.

    ”I ….I guess so,…” sniffed Piggy Collins.

    ”And if thats the case and Uncle Sam is backing us up, – dont you think our tool RancidOil will now do as he’s told?….as well as the Likkud’s ? ” ….said Gerry EQC Brownlee.

    ”Gee you really think of everything, …how could I have been so silly ? ”, brightened Piggy Collins.

    It was then that both John xKEYscore and Double Dipper both piped up at about the same time.

    ” Well, Im off to do some more ‘sheep ‘ dipping , Toorah !! ”said Double Dipper.

    ”There , there , …consoled John xKEYscore to Piggy Collins , whilst cheerfully boarding his luxury Lear jet.

    ” Be seeing you at the end of the day , – at my ‘ office ‘ in Hawaii ” !!! , beamed John xKEYscore.

    ”Oh I do so hope our dear friend Jase is their too, !!! ” exclaimed both Gerry EQC Brownlee and Crusher Piggy Collins almost in unison.

    ”Oh he will be !! , I’ve invited him to the next party at Washington !!” replied John xKEYscore gleefully with a smile .

    ”Oh Bravo !!! , – have a good trip !! ” they all beckoned to John xKEYscore.

    ”I will ”. said John xKEYscore. And with that , he closed the door to the Lear jet and settled back in comfort to watch the latest body count in Iragi on a privatised news channel on TV.

    And as the plane lifted off , …. a small little dog called Timmy ….growled as the plane tilted skywards and left for Hawaii….

  9. The losers are Gen X and Y locked out of property ownership forever.

    I’m going to have to point out that property owning is the cause of the rest of the problems. It’s what allows a few to benefit from the hard work of others while taking no risk and doing no productive work.

    If there’s one thing that NZ and the world needs it’s to get away from the delusional BS of property ownership.

    • Can’t resist pointing out that this is bit of a generalization.

      There are plenty of us Gen Xer’s at Auckland uni around 1992 with Mr Bradbury that own mortgage free houses in central Auckland. This involved years of manual work in all our weekends while taking considerable financial risk. I remember being regularly told by our Gen X friends (who were enjoying their weekends) how we were going to go broke in some ‘correction’ and they would then be buying cheap while we were bankrupted.

      Could have gone either way – we could have wasted about 10 years of weekends. Those friends accept they had a better life, took fewer risks and that’s how it played out. We’ll probably die sooner from stress and exposure to toxic building debris – but too late now. Certainly no one expected that decades later we’d be blamed for all NZ’s problems, taking no risks and benefiting from the hard work of others.

  10. I would rather term it the year of the angry white knucklehead. That is because this country showed definitively that it takes a bunch of knuckleheads to vote back a bunch of knuckleheads that positively revel in their used car salesmanship ability – ie to make you believe you are getting something so much when you are actually getting so little and paying too much for it. However, the first prize for supreme knucklehead of the year award goes collectively to our Nationalphile MSM, without them none of this would have been possible.

  11. I agree with this, its now in the world a culture of genocide, for those that are not deemed “worthwhile’ the young and vulnerable, the elderly, disabled, woman (and belevie me this govt and this culture has taken woman back to having to give blow jobs and sex to get a room over their heads), ethnic minorities and Maori, in to many people a subtle way. To me not so. Im good, I am fortunate to have met a nice male partner now, but the past four years have been hell. Unable to get my own home to rent as to costly, moved back to NZ to study at the worst school ever, so left and been earning $400 a week, better now I have moved to Auckland (typical) I hate to think how low income families are getting by. I will fight and be on the left to get rid of this horrible horrible culture of John key but don’t forget, in the USA Democrats, Australia nob end Tony Abbott (really whose worse key or abbott). Its a global culture that has decided that those that benefited and destroyed the global market should not be responsible, and those who work hard for a living should suffer and pay for it all. YUCK!!!!

  12. Talking of knuckles, there’s a few in this government and their sycophants who deserve a sandwich of the knuckle variety.

  13. An excellent summation. However the facts probably support an even more condemnatory conclusion. Whilst Key and Bookkeeper English and their fellow travellers continually quote TINA (there is no alternative. In actuality many of their policies are indirect subsidies to the wealthy, including landlords. In addition to borrowing for the tax cuts, flogging off public assets they have subsidised excess returns by underwriting the losses of those who invested in Finance Companies. greed of their constituency by bailing out finance company investors. My experience within the Banking / Finance industry and an economics /accounting qualification unequivocally supports this view however given the supposed “superior economic knowledge” of Trader Key and Bookkeeper English they dismiss this and also the opinions of the OECD. The latest exercise and pillaging of the public purse is the assault on housing. Every action of this government in housing is an indirect subsidy to investors (including Trusts) and landlords. I have up till recently put down this governments abysmal economic performance down to incompetence and ignorance but my view has now shifted. In actuality what is happening is an exercise in legalised theft and corruption. One sincerely hopes that Labour abandons their wrong headed commitment to neoliberal (TINA) economics and with the Greens secures power and reverses / claws back the pillaged funds. If not perhaps more extreme measures may be required.

    • Please excuse error in flow etcetera in my most recent post. I accidently hit the post key while still composing.

  14. I see that Martyn has studied Russian history and recognises that the election result was due to all the “kulaks” (Russian for fist, and also for the better off peasant farmers) who voted National.

    Consequently the solution is the same – the left must unite together to smash them and eliminate them as a class. It worked in Russia, it can work here. Not.

    • I’m not into anyone smashing anyone else, but you must be hammered if you honestly can’t see that there is a class war and that it has been waged afresh in all Anglophone countries since the 1970s.

  15. Oh Martyn, 100%

    “In the end, Nicky Hager was right. You couldn’t overturn 6 years of dirty politics media in 6 weeks. Twitter became twatter and Facebook became the sound of one hand clapping”

    You are so right Martyn, as Nick also was with his comment that the MSM is incompetent or maybe just effectively gagged.

    I show this as follows;

    If you watched the Lima Peru World Climate change Summit coverage on Democracy now Saturday on Channel 83 with the legendary Amy Goodman you would believe your thoughts that our NZ MSM is incompetent.

    They failed to cover this event entirely!

    We are in Martyn’s well coined phase “sleepy hollow NZ” for certain here.

    Our MSM did no coverage of this important prelude to the final World Climate Change Conference before next year’s Global European held agreement conference on setting new targets on green house emissions before there is no turning back.

    At the conference they now state we are at the turning point of no reversal of impending global climactic changes and Global destruction on a widespread scale affecting everybody from 2015 if no reduction in Greenhouse emissions is agreed to by the global village and NZ Government politicians were there.

    No show NZ MSM again the media Muppets are definitely incompetent and failed us and all our futures.

    Worth watching Channel 83 for the next few days as channel 83 is screening the total coverage of this conference through Democracy Now TV network and Amy Goodman. Was Amy Adams there? We will never know even this show did not reveal whether she was or not, perhaps she (Adams) doesn’t care?

    This is our worst show MSM has ever made of a clear threat to us all that was failed to be covered by our incompetent MSM.

  16. If you think our society isn’t playing fair, withdraw civic co-operation and participation. They don’t have the resources to punish you except in the most extreme circumstances, and if you want to kill off our already dying media, stop consuming it or treating it as in any way relevant (which it isn’t, so that’s not difficult).

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