NZ Pastor Prays For Homosexual Author To Kill Himself



By Jayden Jameson and Jessie Hume

If we ever needed a reminder that homophobia is alive and kicking in New Zealand we have Pastor Logan Robertson from the Westcity Baptist Church.

The Westcity Baptist ministry could apparently be described as New Zealand’s own version of Westboro Baptist Church, the Christian outreach made famous for picketing the funerals of deceased homosexuals and alerting everyone to God’s delight in their death under the guise of ‘compassion’. Pastor Robertson made headlines today when he told author Jim Majoram ( that he prayed he would kill himself and described him as a “filthy, child molesting fag”. The exchange occurred when Majoram was telling the pastor about his book, which deals with his experience of being a gay within the church.

It’s devastatingly sad that Logan is given a forum to speak, and that he has been elevated by the Christian community into a speaking role. The bible has lots of strange, irrational recommendations that are not followed by any modern day Christians, such as forbidding people from wearing clothing of two weaves, planting two seeds in one field (home gardeners be damned!), or instructions that we ought to stone women to death if they aren’t virgins when they marry, that slavery is fine, and that trading women like chattels and forcing them into marriages is also fine. There is a lot of heavy stuff in the bible that is contrary to modern day ethics for a reason – a society like that would be oppressive and violent and it’s one we don’t want. So there seems to be no ideological reason for that honed-in focus on homosexuality as being bad when the pastor undoubtedly avoids advocating so passionately for the stoning of non-virgins.

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The bible says that anyone who truly accepts God in to their lives and repents for their sins will be granted access to heaven, however according to Logan’s inconsistent email, there isn’t any circumstance in which homosexuals would be granted access, no matter how otherwise good they might be. We have to wonder if he’s the sort that takes pleasure in telling people they’ll burn eternally, which seems ultimately non-Christ like. It seems hard to believe that any God would be capable of showing such hatred and ignorance towards their own creations to the point where they would disown them for their sexual orientation or state that anyone who is interested in the same sex should be killed. And if God was like that, how could anyone worship them? How too can anyone worship a God that punishes infinitely for a finite ‘crime’? That is hardly a compassionate mindset.

This kind of hatred and bigotry is still in New Zealand and we need to be sure we respond and let them know that violent hate-speech will not be tolerated in our communities. We must fight for equality and for our society to be free from these pervasive attitudes, which if left unchecked have the ability to snowball into genuine physical harm as we have seen in the past. The queer community has high rate of suicide which is the direct result of this kind of bullying and social oppression. It’s true that comments like those made by Logan have the abilitly to cause actual deaths not only by whipping up violent prejudices that cause beatings and murder but also because they contribute to the load of emotional aggressions that would actually lead a person to kill themself.

You can let the church know what you think of their hate speech and of their pastor on their Facebook page or by sending an email to:

You can also follow the Protest The Westcity Baptist Church page on Facebook.


  1. A perfect recruit for IS. I fully expect he will be looking for another job by the end of the day and if he isn’t then the Baptist Church has a whole lot of ‘splainin’ to do.

    • Update, apparently this guy has set up his own church and perhaps has nothing to do with the Baptist church as such, more like doing his own thang like Brian Tamaki.
      I guess then that the demand should be that he has no tax free status as a church.

  2. Hi Jessie

    For the sake of completeness, the person making these anti-gay statements is an ‘outliner’ and not representative of Christians generally or the Baptist Church in particular.

    “The response went viral on social media and was this afternoon condemned by both the leader of the Baptist Union of New Zealand and the Human Rights Commission.

    Reverend Craig Vernall said it was “unfathomable to me that any Christian would pray for someone to commit suicide”.

    “We cannot and never would endorse his comments,” he said.

    Vernall leads the 245 churches of the Baptist Union of New Zealand.

    Westcity Bible Baptist Church is not one of them, instead it is an independent church founded by Robertson.”

    I suggest therefore that it is somewhat disingenuous to claim as you have that Mr Logan “has been elevated by the Christian community into a speaking role.” when it is clear that he is a ‘self appointed’ individual and has little or no support from the wider Christian community.

    Stereotyping is always problematic. It often contains an element of truth, otherwise it would not exist, but it is usually an oversimplification, and typically fails closer examination.

    You will find both the best and worst of people in the Christian Church, just as you will in the homosexual community. No one group has a monopoly on bigotry.

    • Absolutely, however it would be good if people like this were not elevated to the position and status of ‘pastor’. It’s deeply troubling when such a thing is permitted to occur anywhere. But thank you for your positive post!

      • Where do you get the idea anyone “elevated [him] to the position and status of ‘pastor’”?

        Looking at his minimal website he operates out of his house and probably has 0 members in his congregation outside his family. The words Baptist, Christian and pastor can be used by anyone. You can make yourself the pastor in charge of whatever Christian Baptist Church and say whatever crazy stuff you want – doesn’t mean your representing the views of anyone other than yourself. If it’s outrageous enough you’ll be in the media too.

        The Baptist Union of NZ on the other hand is set up under an Act of Parliament. BUNZ Baptist churches are one of the only denominations made up of independent congregations – the president of the BUNZ is not the ‘leader’ as misreported in the papers. Although most BUNZ Baptist churches can’t cope with LGBT issues there are some that can and have even performed same-sex marriages under the new legislation – bet that would excite Pastor Logan.

  3. ‘We believe anything and everything found in the King James Version of the bible.’
    – The ‘wannabe’ Pastor church doctrine statement.

    I hope any followers he has are met by protesters or educators of some kind at his bible study service tomorrow night.

    I also hope (a little)/ pray, that at least 1 of his 3 children, grows up to be a strong LGBT activist. Happy irony?

    It sounds like a good book.

    Some of the hate in NZ is still very frightening.

  4. It seems that the ones spreading hate in NZ are good ole “Christians” and not islamic militants. I wonder if the GCSB will be keeping a careful eye on “Pastor” Robertson?

  5. “instructions that we ought to stone women to death if they aren’t virgins when they marry”

    That misrepresents the sense of the verses, since and penalty is conditional on a man making a wife of a woman who was in the house of her father, and then speaking evil of her regarding her virginity.

    People generally have imperfect knowledge, and may be unable to interpret the language within it’s original context. Also, not knowing the reason for something doesn’t mean that that it doesn’t exist.

  6. One of the problems for churches is that the nutbars, being better drama, get more MSM airtime than sensible folk.

    The man is no credit to his religion, and a fool. If his views had not been reported NZ would not have been poorer for it.

  7. Hi,

    I loved this guy!!!

    I mean it wasn’t just the praying that homosexuals commit suicide that got me. Nor the complete inability to understand Christian ethos. Not even the lack of repentance. It was the follow up interview. That homosexuals should be killed – but since of course Christians can’t do it – the state should!!! As far as I can tell he wants to run state sanctioned death squads and maybe an inquisition as well!

    Where did they dig this twit up from?

    Sadly he is a kiwi, proof I suppose that even some of Godzone people have a few screws loose. And since he preaches from his home to I’m guessing a congregation of him and his mirror, the best thing we can do is ignore him. There are probably plenty of other actual dangerous nuts out there to worry about. He just seemed ultimately pathetic and embarrassing.

    Cheers, Greg.

  8. hey uglytruth

    how is your interpretation of that verse any less cruel to women than Jessies.

    Its still advocating the murder of women who don’t fit a certain criteria. Sounds like the “honour killing” that comes from the same region.

    • My interpretation has less scope that Jessie’s.
      It’s not murder when due process is applied. For example in Judaism the death penalty cannot be applied unless there are two or three witnesses to the crime.

      “Honour killing” is a misnomer: “…And live with them in kindness…”, Surah 4:19

        • Do you think that not being honest is a crime legitimately punishable by death under some circumstances?

          Context is everything. The context of the original question involved evil, which isn’t something that is well understand by the general population – they barely recognize that the NZ state is on an evil path in it’s military involvement in the middle east.

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