Taxpayer Union, the NZ Herald and Len Brown’s secret hidden love den



I love the way the NZ Herald introduced the discredited Taxpayer Union in their bullshit story about Len Brown’s secret hidden love den…

‘Secret room’ spending shows need for recall elections
A lobby group says revelations Auckland Council spent $30,000 on “secret rooms” for Len Brown show New Zealand needs recall elections to dismiss politicians before their terms expire.

…goodness, a ‘Lobby Group’ backing up the Hearld’s bullshit smear on Len Brown? That sounds neutral and of concern which lobby group would that be then? Let’s read the second paragraph shall we?

The Council spent the money building a private bathroom and dressing room hidden behind a bookcase in the Auckland mayor’s new office, the Herald on Sunday reported.

…Hmmm, still no mention of who this ‘Lobby Group’ is, just a restating of the bullshit claim that somehow Len has planned to build a secret love nest. So who are this neutral ‘lobby group’…

The Taxpayers’ Union today said the Government should give local communities the ability to petition for recall elections.

…LMFAO. It’s the bloody Taxpayer’s Union??? Post Dirty Politics and the revelation that the Taxpayer Union’s Jordan Williams was deeply involved in the smears and corrupt practices of the Right, Newspapers can’t use their name at the beginning of a story, because people who know better won’t ever bother reading anything that a Far Right Sockpuppet organisation has to say, the same way anyone with basic education doesn’t listen to anything that Family First have to say.

Here is another example of Dirty Politics and the mainstream media, look, I’m no Len Brown fan, I don’t believe he should run again, he’s a damaged political brand after the character assassination Slater and his meth charged ‘Journalist’ put him through,  but to try and spin an ensuite that Len had no input into as some sort of devious sex den for the Mayor to privately get his jollies off in is just vile and completely false. Let me spell it out – LEN HAD NO ROLE IN BUILDING IT!

Using the bloody Taxpayer’s Union of all ‘lobby groups’ to back up their false assertion is proof that the mainstream media have learnt nothing from Dirty Politics and are still pumping out dirt for the Right.


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  1. Len, next time you are in Wellington remember this government is out to get you and not in a good way. Because if he hadn’t noticed National have started a campaign to get rid of him.

    I may have missed something earlier but to me it started in the Herald on the 27th of November this year with a sensible, gentle article by Mike Hosking, musing as to why we need a new mayor. You see Mike doesn’t have an axe to grind and he’s definitely not partisan, oh no, he just thinks we need someone better running Auckland and to quote the Master of Ceremonies for National Party conferences “What Len needs is a competitor.” Let me guess Mike, a National Party stooge? We’ll just have to wait for the who!

    And yes The Tax Payer Union. Thanks to Nicky Hager we know that this lobby group is nothing more than a front for the National Party, a department that espouse what National want but disguised to seem like its a bunch of ordinary Kiwi’s battling out there for logic. They are truly pathetic creeps.

    Its the sane personality in Nationals schizophrenic dirt machine, the reasoned one who seems so ….well, sensible! But even then the “secret room” story is in the smear campaign territory so who knows whose running the filth machine at the moment.

    If the pattern follows its usual mosaic and I’m sure it will, Key will be pulling levers at arms length and any day some nasty ingenuine shit headline will surface, without substance, being published in that toilet paper quality paper known as “The Herald on Sunday” famous for the 100K bottle of wine smear.

    National can NOT let the smear machine go can it?

    • I don’t have too many views on Len one way or the other, but I’ve always thought he should have known years ago that as a obstacle in the way of National’s plans, with his focus on public transport etc, that Len should have had the nous to know he was surrounded by circling sharks. I remember listening to an Insight documentary on National Radio which followed one of his visits to the Beehive (pre scandal). He was remarkably trusting in believing the Government had everyone’s best interests at heart and they could all work together. It was this naivete that got him as far with his plans as he did. But it was the same naivete that meant that he got involved in a personal situation that he didn’t for a moment realise would be used to maximum effect to derail his mayoralty and plans for Auckland.

      • Yep, the Central Rail Link has been torpedoed this week by National so Len is on a hiding to nothing at the moment.

  2. Len brown is going to get the same smear tactics that David Cunliffe got, the agenda is get rid of Len so National can put a National puppet in the seat,someone like John Banks or American Palino ,then the National party can control Auckland.
    If a call can be made to say Brown needs to be removed early then so can John Key be removed early, he is far worse than Brown.

  3. And on the personality front we are now witnessing the transmogrification of Judith Collins. the new softer more gentile 2015 Judy was being run in The Sunday Star Times.

    It was fingers down the throat material.

    Ironically Joseph Stalin was nominated for a Noble Peace Prize, twice, so nothing much changes in the twisted world of politics.

    • Barack O’Bomber, Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin, Menachim Begin, Henry Kissinger, and Theodore Roosevelt were actually awarded the discredited prize. Dugashvili would have fitted right in.

  4. Over the weekend, noticed that smug creep from the “Taxpayers’ Union” receiving airtime on One News. It appears the media consider or promote this group as an authoritative entity.

  5. Yep complete set up. Love that John Banks has been resurrected with ‘new’ US people who have no recollection of that ‘donation’. Couldn’t find anyone in the country who were hard of hearing obviously. Not a peep out of MSM. BTY getting a retrial is not the same as innocent although by the time the new hand of the state gets there I’m sure Banksie will get a more than fair trial like our honorable ex justice minister. Just in time to get rid of Len and pop in their stooge and also he can advise on charter schools too. Oh yay love a happy story for the right – all tied up nicely to get more motorways going and less public transport for Auckland. Back to complaining about the $30k on the love nest but wouldn’t the Taxpayers Union like to know who is the vendor in charge of the missing $100+ million of IT money? Not really I guess, if the IT vendor is so well connected they get all the juicy IT contracts with no accountability. Try ringing the council and it takes twice as long as before amalgamation as they can’ t get the IT working so you ring one number and then are manually transferred to another council cos the records after all this time have still not been integrated properly. NOT news in the Herald though just like Ede missing in plain sight or the little irony of the Taxpayers union worried about $30k but not $100 mill of ratepayers money from IT.

  6. We constantly read on this blog that John Key is responsible for everything that happens in New Zealand because he is the man at the top.

    Yet we are to believe that Len is totally innocent in the building of secret rooms right under his nose?

    • Please read the article: it states in small print near the end that the Mayors Office had no input into the design, and there is no suggestion that this is untrue.. It makes the whole thing a dumb beat-up – an insult to the intelligence of the readers. But you seem to have missed that.

      • I don’t usually get into the bet-up right wingers but FOR F’s SAKE – READ THE BLOODY ARTICLE BEFORE YOU COMMENT!!!!!

        IT says ACK COUNCIL NOT the mayors office- ie LEN BROWN- is responsible for what facilities are included.

        Go to the bottom of the article and COUNT UP 3 PARAGRAPHS!!
        Good on you ‘In Vino’ – this is the stage where my daughter would say ” …and this is why we can’t have nice discussions”. Grr – really iritated.

    • “We constantly read on this blog that John Key is responsible for everything that happens in New Zealand because he is the man at the top.”

      What do you mean we, white man? I don’t remember constantly reading that at all.

  7. The right wing has learnt from the recent election that controlling the mainstream media is everything when it comes to public opinion. Take the recent downing of MH17 and the demonisation of Russia and Putin over Ukraine. Most NZ’ers and in fact westerners wrongly believe the propaganda we are subjected to, by this self-same media, yet any careful analysis shows that Ukraine was most probably responsible for MH17, The USA was responsible for the coup and subsequent unrest in Ukraine and the Crimeans voted fairly to join Russia.
    Similarly National Radio, TV1 and TV3 used every opportunity to sabotage opposition parties during the runup to the election and when the deceit of the national party was subsequently exposed they only managed a very weak-kneed response.
    Expect more of this personal denigration of left wing figures. We can only have fair elections when we have a fair media.

  8. Yes certainly Len Brown must go, but the media needs to sort out their shit and print fact instead of gossip, and the Taxpayers Union needs to stop being a Slater blog.

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