This weeks Waatea news column – Muslims are the new Maori


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This weeks Waatea news column – Muslims are the new Maori


  1. “National are trying to use Muslims as an excuse for wide ranging powers that give the Secret Intelligence Service the power to break into our homes, plant spy cameras and film us without a warrant for 48 hours”

    At the same time tourism is wanting more Muslims to come to NZ and spend their dollars here

    New Zealand has the potential to tap into a rapidly growing Muslim tourism market, a tourism expert says.–expert-

    With an increase in numbers of visitors arriving from Malayasia and the Arab Emirates,Halal Tourism and practices is something that we need to consider if wanting to be able to provide the appropriate service and amenities to satisfy these customers expectations when visiting New Zealand.
    Why are National using Muslims to get more power in the secret squirrle service and at the same time tourism is saying we have to change Our ways if we want more Muslims to come and spend their dollars in nz.

    Come on john XKEYSCORE just resign and let a real honest down to earth man take over the job of PM

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