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It has recently come to my attention that Judith Collins is a self-purported honourary member of the Long-Range Desert Recon Group.

I genuinely have no idea how or why such an illustrious unit would induct somebody of the perfidious character of Collins; perhaps they found some vague common ground over Collins’ admiration for legendary Afrika Korps commander Erwin Rommel?

In any case, while it’s well within the rights of war-heroes to take selfies with whom they please; I must confess that I find it exceptionally distasteful that an MP so reviled – so dishonest – and so flatly self-serving … is able to turn an exceptionally post-facto connection with the venerable living and the honoured dead of one of our most famous wartime units into an attempted political marketing exercise.

From where I’m sitting, about the only thing she’s got in common with the men of the Long-Range Desert Recon Group at the moment is the fact that she’s ranging far and wide over a (political) wilderness.

Take a look at the pix and see what you think for yourself.


  1. Venal , self serving tart . She’d have her photo taken with victims of cyber-bullying if she thought it would further her career .

  2. No…in the public’s eye they seem to equate being ‘right wing ‘ with endorsing the ‘establishment’….so we have neo liberals slavering up for photo shoots in all the mainstream pics.. ie:John XkeySCORE with the All Blacks…the clown wouldn’t have passed a rugby ball in all his life..

    The only thing HE ever passed was the buck.

    And as for the right dishonourable Collins, the only bullets she ever came face to face with was the bullets flying in her direction because of the thuggish hypocrisy and lies she created of her own making.

    These people are despicable.

  3. Meh. Given all the mugging with pensioners for selfies, she prolly just swiped the whole ribbon bar from one of them.

  4. Greetings, Curwen.

    I remember when you ‘burst on to the scene and quickly made yourself a legend’ here at TDB, working behind enemy lines in Epsom and devoted to destroying ACT. It seemed quite likely you would succeed, long erudite posts bristling with hyperlinks (not only the usual but often the reworded kind), and back then (seems like last year already) Martyn was also pretty optimistic about a leftwing coalition coming in. And KDC was so going to take down FJK…

    How disappointingly things turned out.

    So much so that in your disappointment you even stooped to aiming at the target the rest of the gang had already knocked out. (Oh, wait – your team was part of that gang…)

    I do sympathise, for how successfully has ACT in fact been knocked out? Well, bring in death reversal vehicle, full blood and brain transfusion, and in case it sounds a bit robotic give the Six Hundred Thousand Dollar Man a position from and about which he will never have to answer parliamentary questions.

    So it didn’t work first shot, but please don’t give up! The technology is already so improved that the corpse of the previous body is already being resuscitated and if you can’t find the silver bullet quickly we will have two of the Undead to cope with.

    Please get your teeth and expertise into something vital – how about the Rigging of the Election, widely alleged and clearly possible as attested in citations I feel sure you will have followed up. By no means easy, but definitely a worthy adversary 🙂

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