The Daily Blog Breakfast Club Ep 2.

TDB Breakfast Club Ep. 2 with Martyn Bradbury, Jessie Hume, and Keith Locke.

TDB Video: The Daily Blog Breakfast Club, Live from Verona Cafe on K-Rd, Auckland – a weekly current affairs show with TDB Editor Martyn Bradbury. This week Activist and blogger Jessie Hume and political commentator Keith Locke.

This Week:

  • Topic 1 – What to make of the Inspector General’s report into the leaking of SIS info to Cameron Slater
  • Topic 2 – What to make of the report into Judith Collins
  • Topic 3 – What has NZ learned post Roastbusters?


    • Jessie’s hot, Keith is very intelligent and intuitive, and Martyn has a good handle on parading the issues.

      I think we should have a “free radio broadcast” of this panel weekly at least or bi-weekly.

      This is required as Government worms it’s way around loopholes selling and dismantling our country, ready for a complete corporate takeover, as key is just their puppet.

      Could we get a TV slot too? Is free TV network got a spot or Sky TV 83?

      Keep it up Jessie, Keith & Martyn.

  1. Given that the post was from yesterday, and only two comments, am picking that lots of comments have got lost in moderation. Keith Locke is awesome but Jessie probably is too, but she doesn’t get much opportunity to put her case.

    Is such a great forum, but Martyn needs to let the commentators speak. His voice should be small. For the sake of the people we represent.

    Nope. As far as I’m aware, no comments for this blogpost have been rejected. – ScarletMod

  2. Great discussion. I agree totally with Keith Locke that the security services are in the control of Washington. I think they should be disbanded and a new service acting in NZ’s interest formed. NZ’s interest does not include being dragged into the aggressive position Washington takes towards anyone who wants to trade oil outside the petro-dollar system such as Iraq Iran Libya or Russia. Nor does it include america or anyone else projecting their military might around the world.

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