Why the Judith Collins report is a whitewash



“I am not a Monster”, hissed Judith Collins

The report into Collins is a whitewash. The difference between an independent inquiry like the IGIS report that connected the PMs Office with using edited Secret Intelligence Service information to smear a political opponent and this joke is screamingly apparent.

Not every witness was called, the most damning evidence was ignored, who Slater was working for to undermine the SFO boss was never answered and the Police investigation into the issue was mysteriously shelved.

The whole report is a whitewash farce with the credibility of the Ferguson Police Department.

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Collins gave Slater information, but because that information wasn’t privileged, that makes it ok?

It’s a joke, a sick joke that shows the true level of corruption at the heart of our Democracy. For those apologists on the Right trying to claim that NZers are bored with Dirty Politics and the Left need to move on, I say this – these allegations show an abuse of power at the very centre of our political system, there is no other issue as important as this, and the fact the NZ electorate hasn’t woken up to it doesn’t make the corruption exposed meaningless, it makes that apathy an indictment on our society.

Key dumped Collins when David Farrar’s polling told him the electorate would take her sacking as enough of a redemption, Odgers was coaxed into providing the email evidence to do this as Key couldn’t use any of the material in Dirty Politics as that would prove his claim that Hager was just a left wing communist conspiracy theorist was spin. Key crucified Collins to save his own skin.

If you voted National or didn’t vote in the last election, you should feel deeply ashamed of yourselves.



  1. Has this gorgon the ability to turn you into to stone if you look into her eyes? As a NZ’er I do not want to be represented by someone so devoid of honesty and truth, who doesn’t play fair in anything she puts her hand to. Do not look into her eyes to try and find truth all you will find is a reflect of yourself turned into stone. I have been let down, that’s where I’ll leave it.

  2. They said in how the report was conducted that Collins could not give them access to her facebook account as she had deleted it in 2013, she has been on facebook the whole time, I wrote on her timeline regarding the Nicky Hagar findings and it was deleted and i was stopped from making any more comment. If the people who did this enquiry couldnt figure that out that she had a facebook account when it is open to public forum we seriously need to do the investigation all over again, should be easy too thanks to the GCSB . : ) and facebook never deletes anything.

  3. It may well have been a different Facebook account. But the data should still be retrievable. If teenage script kids can retrieve data like that, how come an offical inquiry can’t?

  4. “Whenever a judicial inquiry is set up it has a particular purpose. That purpose is not to make a public crisis of confidence deeper. It is to shore up a government which might otherwise be under threat. One does not have to be a fiery radical, an anarchist or a subversive to arrive at this conclusion. Just such a view was stated boldly at the beginning of an article in last week’s Economist: ‘When prime ministers are in trouble they call for a judge to bail them out.’’

    Author Richard Webster, August 2003 [ http://www.richardwebster.net ]

  5. Hi,

    Just as an aside – is there not an internet back up thing called the way back machine? And Facebook itself quite possibly has its own back ups.

    Cheers, Greg.

  6. Lester Chisholm was hand picked for this role. He is known for not being the sharpest tool in the shed, and for deference to authority. He doesn’t like rocking the boat.

  7. Yes, and strangely is the character presiding over Mr Kim Dotcoms case…

    Coincidence?….seems to be just the man to box in a person whom the ‘prime minister’ has a grudge against.

  8. Realistically, did anyone outside the National Party ever believe for one moment that this enquiry would be done honestly? The “findings” for this whitewash job were obvious before the enquiry ever began. Could have saved a lot of money by shelving the pretence and just declaring Collins, Key et al to be beyond reproach. But hey! National’s image is everything, reality is nothing.

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