GUEST BLOG: Patrick O’Dea – “Liar”




‘Privatised social housing to benefit tenants’ English

“Housing Corp was a poor performer and about a third of its housing stock was the wrong size, in poor condition and in the wrong place. That stock was worth about $5 billion and it was $5 b being wasted.”

‘Govt. caught out.’ Twyford
Housing NZ’s annual report out today directly contradicts the Government’s claim that one-third of its houses are in the WRONG place and are the wrong size.

“The annual report states 96 per cent of STATE houses are in the right places to meet demand, and 89 per cent have the right number of bedrooms.

“Bill English and Paula Bennett have been going around saying one-third of state houses are in the wrong place or are the wrong size. But Housing NZ’s own figures show this to be a nonsense. They’ve been making up the numbers to justify their plan to sell off thousands of state houses.”


So why did Bill English feel the need to lie in the first place?
This is my take on the matter;
National’s planned $7billion privatisation of State Houses is because of the criminal greed of the rentier class who National are the political representatives of.
Which gives the explanation of why they need to lie to the majority of us who don’t belong to that select group of parasites, landlords, speculators, and property developers who all seek to gain, and who donate to the National Party.


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Patrick O’Dea  is the Mana Movement spokesperson for climate change.


  1. What would be real newsworthy from the low scum of pond life called our ministers would be when their lips move to spout a truth. Oh well we live in hope even if we die in despair.
    Thank goodness for Karma???

  2. ” National’s planned $7billion privatisation of State Houses is because of the criminal greed of the rentier class who National are the political representatives of. ”

    If you asked Key or English what the common good is they wouldn’t have a clue. That common good is a barrier to their commercial profit by any means ideology.Therefore remove it.

    1000% right

  3. Yep Bill English may have lied. But steady on calling all Landlords and property developers parasites donating to the National Party. You do actually need these people to house people and create new properties for a growing population and they don’t all vote National. I’m for state housing and not selling it off and for developing more – but you do need honest private landlords and developers too. The problem is the mix is currently wrong with not enough state houses for the poor. Rents are high for a number of reasons – one is the cost of building materials and connection to services. To give an example Vector in a rural area charges a fee for a transformer which costs $7 – $16k straight to Vector and you are forced to pay it for the lines etc. It is not unusual in a rural property you are looking at $20k for connection to electricity by the time you pay for the lines and meters etc. A water meter a few years ago used to cost $500 now it is $12,000 to connect to metrowater. There are many reasons why houses costs an exorbitant amount and it is not an issue as clear cut as people might realize. It easy to feel it is just a greedy landlord or developer but the costs are exorbitant all the way through. Their are many monopolies in that sector. This applies to any person trying to build their own home which is not easy.

    Just to get ideas out there of how to solve affordable housing. What they do in the UK is to make developers do mixed housing i.e. a certain percentage of any development is sold at a low price level. This not only means some of the developer profit is spent on affordable housing but also that there is integration between rich and poor which makes for a better society anyway.

    I don’t know if this has been suggested by any party but the integration is a really important element of it and you have affordable houses being built in desirable areas as a condition of consent.

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