Train wreck of an interview


Watch at 6.57 how much a train wreck this interview becomes on what is the high alter of finance, CNBC. The host seems to have no idea whatsoever of basic Irish history and geography.

Hat Tip Gordon Campbell


  1. Hmm yes totally agree because if corp-friendly tax policy turns out good golfers, especially in Northern Ireland – the natural home of golf – then it should be the North using the Scottish pound, surely?

    I mean, aren’t they both, you know, like, in the same Island? I was just there, playing golf on Scotland Island. It’s a place, you know… not far from Planet Key, where money and golf collide to make the same country.

    All the macro-economic indicators… like golf… have returned favourable indications that you should totally use the British pound after 1986 because the USA have pretty much remained unchanged in Southern Ireland, but not the Euro. Why would you? Who wouldn’t? The Euro, I mean. I mean come on, I was just there and the golf was terrible under the Euro.

    …Jesus wept.

    The world is run by morons of money management. Or as Jarvis Cocker recently suggested…. *cough cough* Are Still Running The World.

  2. Oh goodness. Their anchor showed what a complete moron they were. Their fascination with golf in an finance piece was bizarre. Their lack of knowledge on even something which should have been their forte like which currency is used where, and their failings in both geography and history were absurd. All I can think of is they were being paid to distract from the message to invest in Ireland by people who didn’t want their viewers doing that.

    American media are a joke.

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