Public Fury Skyrockets Over Inadequate Response To Roast Busters



I think the government and watch keepers of the justice system have totally underestimated the level of public outrage and frustration over not only the Roast Busters issue but over the issue of a totally inadequate system that has completely failed to take rape seriously.

Today three women locked on outside Auckland Police Statement in a #silentvigil to draw attention to the abject failure of police to uphold justice for the young girls harmed by the Roast Busters. In this clip they talk about the fact that due process wasn’t followed. They’re asking for police accountability and questioning the rape culture buy-in of police which resulted in a vulnerable 13 year old girl being totally ignored.

Out of every 100 people raped in this country only one person sees any kind of justice and has their complaint result in a conviction; the rest are rendered silent. That means that while rape is illegal on-paper, it is arguably effectively legal by virtue of failure to uphold that law. This Roast Busters situation is nothing new and that’s why everyone is so angry about it.

Advocacy groups and activists have asked repeatedly for changes and have been largely ignored, and we are sick of being ignored. There are inroads that can be made in the justice system, there are changes that can be made to police processes to stop survivors from abandoning the process, we can have rape crisis prevention that covers all areas, we can have awareness campaigns at the national level – not just for young people but for everyone affected by sexual violence – and we can damn well stop rape.

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But the government simply refuses to do enough. When we ask for stuff they do the bare minimum in response to our requests and it’s not adequate.

The changes we asked for last year when over 115,000 people signed a petition and marched and protested on the issue of rape culture we not met:

– Sustainable funding for rape crisis centres (not just an emergency injection of funds)
– Better police support for survivors
– Immediate reinstatement of the Law Commission review of alternative trial processes
– Educational programmes for prevention and awareness
– Implementation of recommendations by TOAH-NNest and Wellington Rape Crisis

But what we really want is the government to properly listen, revolutionise the system and go above and beyond these requests and just FIX this messed up situation; a situation THEY HAVE THE POWER TO FIX.

You can do something about this:

We’re holding a public action outside Auckland High Court on Saturday the 22nd of November, at 1pm. Please come along and wear black. Here’s a link to the Facebook event:

There is also an event in Wellington:

Please spread the word.

Also, you can write to:

Prime Minister John Key at, the Minister of Social Development Anne Tolley at, and Justice and Courts Minister Amy Adams at and let them know how you feel about the fact that no one seems to care about rape in this country.

You can write in support of my open letter to Amy Adams or feel free to just wax lyrical about changes you would like to see.

We have a basic right to have the law adequately upheld.
We have a right to justice.
We have a right to be heard.

In solidarity with those girls harmed by the Roast Busters and in solidarity with all of those affected by sexual violence in this country, we won’t lie down and be silent any longer. The time for action is now.


  1. Jessie the behaviour of these animals was disgraceful, however claiming ‘public fury skyrockets’ on the basis of 3 women at a protest is discrediting any points you may wish to make.

    • That would be true, if these 3 women were the only people infuriated about it and showing it.

      I’ve seen a big amount of fury expressed online this week, particularly in social media.

      But yeah, I agree the article does have that unfortunate implication. Was it what Jessie intended though?

    • Pretty much. As soon as the “rape culture” meme hits, most of the public will turn off anyway.

      Real solutions are needed, not warmed over 1970s academic feminism.

      • The real solution is men (and women) standing up to other men and saying “Hey mate, leave that girl alone, it’s not cool -it’s wrong” and “No it wasn’t her fault – that guy shouldn’t have done it, period” and ” Yes he is a nice young man but he is also a rapist and needs to hold reponsibility for that”.
        The rape culture phrase could be more accurately replace by the phrase ‘a rape tolerance’ culture and is just another symtom of the glaring lack of collective responcibility. Once everyone stands up and stops it with word and deed it will stop.

        • I reject the ‘rape culture’ language utterly. It is an unnecessary sensationalisation of the language around a serious issue, and it simply turns people off. A bit like the exaggerated claims at the time of the Telethon on child welfare. Let’s get the facts of the incidence of rape out there and do some serious analysis as to how we can better treat the problem, and just as importantly, the poor women who suffer.

  2. Sadly.
    Or Tragically (better word)
    We are living in times of general depravity. Have you not noticed?

    wherein people are confused about right & wrong anyway.
    (Called moral “relativity”. Thanks to deliberate social engineering)

  3. ..I should add that- before the advent of TECHNOLOGY
    -Now USED TO transmit DEPRAVITY

    (… think about this in depth)

    HOW can people en masse not be psychologically affected by it?
    Depravity results from bounderies being continually pushed and dissolved.

    eg – Look at all the visual images of women everywhere, eg by music industry, advertising industry, movie industry, fashion industry even women’s Magazines ETC

    – portrayed as sex objects .
    Pornographic images that now KIDS haplessly exposed to via technology

    WHERE is ANY public objection??????
    WHERE is parental objection???
    WHERE is female objection??
    Why do those women willingly pose/play this roles? …$$$$?

    I’m afraid this is the times we live in . Psychological visual brainwashing en masse.
    Court Judges being caught watching pornography on the sly .

    The problem is WAY bigger than this Roast Busters case.
    It is only a SYMPTOM
    of what’s wrong in our sick society..

  4. I note that the police said they were alarmed that in the course of their investigation so many young people – boys and girls – had little idea about what constituted consent. The police may have initially failed to have recognised the explosive nature of the “Roastbuster” complaints but I am pretty sure they would have got the message from HQ to thoroughly investigate this affair. I suspect they were confronted with either criminalizing the entire sexual youth culture of Auckland or charging no one. As it is, the whole thing never generated a single charge, let alone a conviction and despite the hype from feminists who seem determined to generate outrage over a cause célèbre perhaps we ought to consider the possibility that nothing much actually happened that was considered by any of the participants of either sex as particularly out of the ordinary.

    Looking back at this, it seems you’ve got a bunch of boastful and rather foolish young men unwisely posting a farrago of fantasy bolstered by some half-truths and truths within a American-influenced youth culture of bombastic self-aggrandisment and appalling ignorance about safe sex, sexual health and what constitutes consent. Grown adults (not for the first time including an alliance of conservative Christians and radical feminists) with agendas then beat the moral hysteria drum for all it was worth.

    Maybe the real issue for feminists is one of proper sex education for our kids, and focusing on demanding that as a way of protecting our teens in the future rather a negative, vengeful crusade to punish someone – anyone – would be a more fruitful way forward?

  5. Why do you think this is only an issue for feminists?
    And why do you make the word “feminism” sound like a dirty word?

    Do us all a favour and tell your reflection in the mirror “no means no”.
    “Underage drinking is a criminal offence”. “Underage sex is statutory rape”.

    And then tell your sons.
    Because if you won’t and the police don’t … then the next step will be parents and families of these victims will start dishing out justice.

    Like the sound of that?

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