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We have a new moderator who will focus on all moderation on comments from now on – ‘Scarletmod’ will do our moderation.

We will also crack down on personal abuse between commentators, as well as sexist, racist and homophobic language.

Crazy comments on the truth behind 9-11, Jews running the planet, climate change denial and chemtrails won’t make it past moderation.

Basic rule is we don’t feed trolls.

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Cheers and welcome aboard Scarletmod.


  1. I, for one, welcome our new overlord.

    Just recently I was thinking about how sexist, racist (especially racist) and occasionally homophobic, standard English and certainly English Idioms really are – even the stuff that passes for “tame everyday language”. Find the origin of many of our “harmless” expressions and phrasing and suddenly everyone is speaking an offensive language.

    • S’long as free speech is not stifled. Who was it who said?… “I may not agree with what youb say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it!”

      • S’long as free speech is not stifled.

        Certainly not my intention, Pat.

        99% of the time, folks won’t see/feel my presence. It’s the odd occurrence where someone feels that normal standards of civil discourse applies to everyone but not them.

        I’ve been quietly (and occassionally not so quietly) modding in the background since 20th Sept, and only the some behaviour has earned my attention.

        I’ll consider my role to be fully successful when I don’t have to do anything. 🙂

  2. Wasn’t scarletmod also on The Standard?

    Yes we hate right wing Trolls particularly and their cutting remarks as we cant carry on intelligent comments when they keep chipping in with sometimes upwards to ten or more replies during one subject.

    There should be a cap on each contributor replies due to this, especially those who just constantly only criticise which just cloud the issue under discussion, and make it hard to keep focused on the subject.

    We look forward to less multiple snide remarks from Slater like individuals that offer little if any contribution to the subject but interjection.

    Good luck scarletmod with this.

    • Wasn’t scarletmod also on The Standard?

      That was my Good Twin , Cleangreen…. 😉

      There should be a cap on each contributor replies due to this….

      That’s not as easy to determine as might sound, Cleangreen, and since left wing commentators on TDB outnumber right wing commentators, the latter minority may by necessity require to post more comments to reply to the former majority.

      However, repetition (especially of the C&P variety) will be ‘filed’ in the usual place and pixels recycled into Youtube vids of cute fluffy kittens.

      As always, it’s content that matters.

  3. You are aware that The Daily Blog has a reputation for North Korean style moderation policy amongst the wider blogosphere are you? This applies to people from both the left and right of the political spectrum. I trust you will look to remove this stain on the blog ‘ s name.

    North Korea does not moderate it’s blogosphere. It takes errant bloggers and commentators out the back of the woodshed and shoots them. I’m guessing you are still very much alive? – ScarletMod

    • Gosman, you (and I) are guests here.

      The Site Admin pay the bills – not you.

      The site administrators can publish whatever comments they deem fit.

      Like newspaper editors, who pick and choose what letters they publish in their pages.

      It may interest you to know that newspapers reject about 90% of letters I submit for publication. Are the editors of the DomPost, Herald, et al, also agents of the dreaded strawman North Korean regime?

      You really need to get over yourself and your inflated sense of entitlement.

      As you yourself are so fond of telling us (to set up out own newspapers when we critique media stories) – set up your own blog if you don’t like how TDB operates.

      In fact, setting up a blog is free. For us to set up a newspaper to compete with the MSM would cost us millions.

      So tell us please; what excuse do you have? Aside from sheer laziness, I mean.

      • Try and address the point I raised Frank. Do you deny that the Daily Blog has a reputation for not allowing dissenting opinions to be aired? Certainly even Lprent has made statements suggesting this. As for issues of space. Comparing a blog with a newspaper is incredibly foolish. Blogs aren’t limited by space the way newspapers are. You 2 old be better comparing it to comments on a news site like Stuff.

        • I note you fail to address the salient point I raised: that we are guests here with no intrinsic “right” to have anything published. “Space” is not the issue here (you raised that point). The sooner you get your head around that, Gosman, the better.

          Don’t like it? Set up your own blog. It’s still (mostly) a free country.

          So knock it off with the sense of entitlement. It sounds like pathetic whining.

  4. As someone who doesn’t agree with much of what is written here I look forward to (hopefully) having less comments deleted under the stewardship of Scarlet Mod.

    Hopefully we can have some debate without being labelled “trolls” for simply exercising a different line of thought.

    Well, Matthew, that’s up to you and other contributors. As for the use of the word “troll” – with over-use, it may eventually lose it’s currency. – ScarletMod

  5. Does cracking down on crazy comments behind 9/11 include the Official 9/11 Conspiracy Theory?
    This official theory involves a sickly man with a laptop computer, hooked up to a dialysis machine in a cave in Afghanistan, leading a band of suicidal “Muslims” who unerringly guided their hijacked planes directly into their targets, some of them despite being unable to successfully fly single-engine Cessnas. The multi-billion dollar defence US system was defeated; not even the Pentagon, the most heavily defended building in the world, escaped the miraculous piloting feats of the kamikaze “Muslims”. They were also able to contravene the basic laws of physics by demolishing three skyscrapers at near freefall speed on the same day with office fires, a feat never accomplished in previous history.

    Enough already. The Site Admin have expressed their policy on this issue and it will be observed. There are umpteen thousand websites focusing on the pros and cons of 9/11 conspiracies, so that topic is well and truly canvassed elsewhere. – ScarletMod

  6. Free speech is no more.
    Censorship reigns.

    TRUTH has no place on the DAILY BLOG.

    Welcome to GOODBYE.

    George Orwell

  7. “S’long as free speech is not stifled. Who was it who said?… “I may not agree with what youb say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it!” –

    No Pat – you don’t have a right to say it if it so clearly impinges on the rights of others and includes that exact language which is sexist racist and homophobic. Enjoy yourself – ScarletMod!

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