When National claim new anti worker laws provide ‘flexibility’ they mean spine snapping



And so it comes to pass. The first law National ram through as part of their victory march are new anti worker laws they pretend will generate ‘flexibility’.

The new law denigrate the unions ability to protect workers and provide the ability to remove tea breaks for ‘flexibility’ purposes despite a recent report that shows NZ is one of the easiest places to do business.

All this law will do is weaken Unions which in turn will weaken worker rights which in turn will push wages down, not up.

The nation of the egalitarian dream has been mutilated by 30years of neoliberalism into an inequality nightmare. The sick joke of the 40 hour working week tastes even more bitter in the week we celebrated Labour Day.

This law is nothing more than triumphalism by National, it is needles ideological knife twisting and NZers voted for it.



  1. Yes indeed . Yes indeed . And they will continue to vote for this vampire because all the aspirants base their dwindling hopes on having a manipulated and servile working class.

    The working poor class.

    The unemployed.

    It is literally a walk back in time to 19th century England. As Chris Trotter pointed out…it was the public sector unions that didn’t want to support the private sector unions in a general strike against the Employment Contracts Act.

    We have virtually all the signs and symptoms of the social ills in the 19th century.

    Third world disease.

    Child poverty.

    Un – unionised and divided workforce.


    People living in slums- cars, sheds etc.

    Wages that employers know are not ‘livable’.

    A class of people who through extreme wealth and power run this country , – barons, lords…the privileged class.

    29 men dead in a coal mine because of lack of union safety inspectors……with profit over safety. And no prosecutions of the barons.

    Higher education virtually only affordable by the rich.

    Longer and more frequent prison terms for the poor, while the rich get off scot free.

    An encouragement of immigrants to provide cheap un unionised labour – with the carrot of citizenship dangled to keep them compliant – and further undermine collective bargaining.

    Yes, welcome to the 19th century .


    • @WILD KATIPO, Excellent analysis. Iam 66yrs old. My father,40yrs when I was born,fought for 40hr week[down from 48hr]before overtime rate applied. It was considered fair by employer and employee alike. 8hrs sleep,8hrs work,8hrs food,family&recreation.
      This standard came from America.[the irony] General Motors would subsidize the canteen[cost?]and provide a value soup,meal,desert knowing that healthy workers would maximize production efficiency and profit.Even
      provided on site doctor!
      Dad had the privilege to buy a new car every year when others needed Oversea Funds to qualify. Dealers would pay far more than initial cost for a well kept,run in,bugs out 1yr old car. A good perk
      for a working man.
      After 25yrs service, an engraved gold watch gifted to boot.

      To see it all go,and some, is so-ooooo depressing for people who know whats fair and reasonable.
      You are right! What you’re describing sounds like Feudalism.

      As for GOD SAVE THE QUEEN, Royalty and their associates are the same Robber Barons of
      Old! Proven criminals and eugenistists!! This is well documented,but
      kept hidden in most mainstream media.
      Just like the invention of the printing press before, the Internet has,
      only in last 15-20yrs, enabled the spread of previously hidden information [such as above] and explains the need to control/censor
      the Net,thru our Gvts,by the Global Elite/MoneyPower. [TPP]

      THINGS WILL NOT CHANGE unless WE,the PEOPLE,stop believeing everything
      our Gvts and MSMedia are telling us. Think,research and cut thru the spin,deception,theatre and hidden agendas.
      Put aside, for a short while if you must, alcohol,gambling,sport and cigarettes-known tools of distraction and suppression.

      In the USA polls show that only 18% trust the MSM,and now just 6% trust their Gvt!! Think about that for a moment. NZ?

      John Key is NOT a leader, he’s a puppet,with a well crafted script.We ALL can see he can not ad-lib when caught by surprise or cornered. A possum,caught in the headlights! See him scrape&bow
      on the world stage. Embarressing.
      Obama,Cameron,Harper,Abbot same.
      Following an Agenda from above and behind!

      Our Democracies are in such a state that its NOW we need to do our
      OWN research while we still can.The MSM have been discredited!
      WE need to get off our arse not just for us,but for our children and
      Don’t believe the lie/propaganda that the Net is ALL rubbish and myths. That’s what the MSM want you to believe.
      Sure,dys-information is there, some on purpose, just like the MSM.
      But real info is there,researched and documented,by trusted sites and individuals,if you know where to look.

      The World IS awakening. The MSM IS collapsing.
      A Tipping Point is required.
      WE still have the power in our hands to make REAL CHANGE happen.
      BUT WE need to be armed with REAL and TRUTHFUL INFORMATION!

      Spent 3-4yrs sifting the wheat from the chaff. After a while a paradigm shift occurs from childhood[and adult] indoctrination/propaganda. It may not be pleasant, and some will be shocked with what they find, to the point of dis-belief,like I was.
      Some will get angry,others don’t want to know,but when the shift occurs,any-one with half a brain can see the picture and act accordingly.
      Stats of any given population 3yrs or more ago;
      20% already know the true reality. Of the remaining 80% only 20%,
      when presented with the new info will go and research for themselves.
      20%,no matter what documents are produced,will not believe.[blind faith]. The remainder[60% of 80%]48% approx; some know things are not
      quite right,some seriously,but because of job or pier pressure,don’t
      want to know out of fear of ridicule. Others are just plain too busy with job and family commitments.

      There is strength in numbers.

      Recommended and trusted sites:- Browse archives and share.

      http://www.globalresearch.ca – What MSM are not telling us. Consulted by
      academics and students alike.big data base
      http://www.thedailybell.com -Green word definitions-UN,IMF,City of London
      meme,Dominate Social Theme,Money Power.
      http://www.mercola.com – Top health site.Disease,food chain,vaccines.

      http://www.TARPLEY.net – Highly educated top geopolitical historian,
      Economist, False flag expert,intel sources.
      http://www.paulcraigroberts.org – Reagan admin.Help design Reaganomics
      [Related to Rogernomics] Economist.
      http://www.scoop.co.nz – Independent news clearing house. Local.

      http://www.rt.com /news – The other side of the story. Professional
      journalism,refreshing.World viewers more than
      BBC[caught fabricating news on numerous occ]
      http://www.thunderbolts.info – Boot on the throat of science for 100yrs.

      http://www.infowars.com – Go here last.Don’t get put off by a sometimes
      loud Texan persona. He knows his stuff.Family
      has intel connections.Knows the Global framework
      and Agenda. He is a constitutionalist. Viewed by
      the Military and Governments world-wide.

      Add Martyn Bradbury and Chris Trotter to the list and we are done!

      Finally; Understanding does not occur until each person is ready to
      openly receive and embrace the new information !!


      Noam Chomsky.

      PS: Zeitgeist-The Movie 2007 [only.The rest of the series hi-jacked]
      may provide as a useful backgrounder.

      • We don’t have a democracy.

        We have a ‘system’ that comes from the days when you had to qualify by age and wealth for the right to vote for people who had ‘bought the seat’. It hasn’t progressed much further. We still have electorates that are ‘safe’.

        No seat in Parliament should be ‘safe’. Ever. The old story about politicians being like nappies – in need of frequent changing – definitely has truth to it. The voters/supporters need to think deeper than ‘Pretty Blue!’ ‘Cheery Red’ – or some other silly label.

        And those who volunteer for this dubious ‘honour’? Most come from a thin band of the Righteous Good. Of any colour or creed. (Or is that ‘greed’?)

        We need to upgrade or totally rethink our systems of government. This one – sacred Westminster – has been known for centuries as one where favours can be bought and traded.

        Why be surprised when the rot continues?

        The only thing that astonishes me is why those BTL continue to strive for change without checking that the main vehicle is actually fit for purpose. (It’s not.)

      • Thank you for those inspiring words and sources of info. Will follow them up. You are right, NOW is the time to act and to be informed – to seek out our own sources of trustworthy information. If there was a time when we could rely on and trust what was presented to us by the media then it is clear that time is now well and truly over!

        • @ALEXA;
          ANDREA is right. Excellent insight.

          The ‘system’ is rigged and the vehicle is broken.
          The rot will continue.
          And mmmmmm,that small bunch of the Righteous Good.
          Their band plays the loudest too.
          BUT does being thin make them vulnerable?

          And that’s my point.

          Surely, change has to take place in the mind first.,to stop listening to the music. Ha.

          Global / National awakening must be one of their biggest
          Armed with truthful information,we would know what/if to
          fix or replace.
          Total replacement can be a bloody,painful and costly affair.
          The ‘system’ would fight to the bitter end,total collapse,
          in the hope to control any reformation.
          That’s THEIR MODEL!

          I think historically, MASS AWARENESS has been shown to
          result in acquiescence.[even if to regroup and try later].
          Thus the need for constant vigilance and transparency.
          Prosecution may be needed.
          Public wallet spent accordingly[or not]can be a powerful
          message. Simply withdrawn from the unacceptable.

          Your reply,[thank you] led me to revisit the ‘about’ sections on all the sites listed. I am glad I did.
          I urge you/others to do the same, as each site is visited.
          I was impressed reading the introductions again, that
          you/others can trust and be confident in the information
          This will speed up the process and shorten the journey.

          Warning about the Youtube platform.

          IT is best to try and keep to the site visited until the picture is clear.
          An item played on Youtube can present with multiple choices at the end.
          It’s here the dys-information and distractions can lie.
          I wasted many an hour,taken down mystical dark alleys
          and pseudo-science dead ends.
          After a while the chaff is easy to recognize.

          The DailyBell definition of Hegelian Dialectic was an important omission.
          The concept of moving societies from point A to point C.
          Or; Create the problem, Control the discussion/debate,
          Provide the Solution. Search term Hegel on site.
          Also search Mercantilism. The process of Power Elites
          achieving their goals via our Governments.
          Both easy to do when they own/control the Media.

          There is months of info here.
          Even if one just starts to visit now,on a weekly/monthly
          basis,the picture will soon fall into place.Even headlines.

          Good luck,and may the Abundance of Nature be with you


    • @wildkatipo…well said,further erosion of basic worker rights and a test bed for this National govt – they knew they had this in the bag – Somewhere in the backrooms of parliament there is a team of analysts poring over every fine detail of the law pertaining to our rights and freedoms once the vulnerability’s are identified then total exploitation will take place – maximum profit for the corporate cabal – its almost time…Riots of 1932

  2. This is indeed indicative of the arrogance of the National government. An arrogance John Key called for his party members to avoid upon election, at least publicly.

    No matter which way National may try to spin it, this legislation does nothing but undermine the hard-earned rights of workers. When they say it increases flexibility, what they mean is it increases profits for them and their cronies.

    There can be no claiming that the removal of the ‘tea-break’ provisions will be used for only those sole-charge positions where the provisions are ‘awkward’. The changes to the legislation don’t state as much, they remove that right from all workers. So expect to see more and more jobs offering 8 hours work with no breaks. Then maybe 10 hours work, with no breaks, then you may as well have 12 hour days with no breaks, in the factory, making running shoes for the rich.

    This is a sick law change designed to enforce stricter conditions on workers and is solely focussed on engorging the already full coffers of the countries richest business people.

  3. “When they say it increases flexibility, what they mean is it increases profits for them and their cronies.”

    Will it though? How much extra work does a person working at 100% do, once they are pushed to “work harder and longer”? As a once supervisor of general labourers, my observation is: NONE. In fact, productivity goes down, and the “workforce” tends to, at first, decrease, and then it gets really hard to find workers who want to work.

    However as a man with practical experience in working (as a labourer) and with people (as a supervisor), my observations are irrelevant and absurd when compared to the scientific and lofty economic reasoning of the ruling classes. I have clearly have it wrong. That woman did not suffer heatstroke/exhaustion at all, she was just plain lazy. What I saw did not happen. I wasn’t warned about failing to carry out instructions that I knew would eliminate the goals of the company by eliminating the workers that did the work. I wasn’t fired for arguing reason with an unreasonable boss. I was clearly mistaken. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Move along…. MOVE ALONG!

    • Lee, you’re right to a point. In the short-term all the things you mention would happen. However this isn’t about increasing productivity, it’s about reducing expenses. That’s how profits increase under this arrangement.

      Workers are made to go without their breaks, so instead of having to pay for an 8 hour day, businesses only have to pay for a 7 hour day. If workers get burnt out, they are easily replaceable in the supply-and-demand marketplace where employers hold all the cards.

      So while I agree that this legislation won’t necessarily increase business productivity, it will increase profit. It’s a shame that the rich don’t realise that you can’t eat 1’s and 0’s on an internet banking website. When the system collapses they will be marginally better off with better stocked pantries and cellars, but only those who have planned for self-sufficiency or community supported initiatives separate from the market will be in a position to not only survive, but thrive.

  4. You always get the government you deserve, but many don’t understand that when it comes to the ballot box. Unfortunately the rest of us have to put up with it as well. It will only change when those rich so and sos realise that workers don’t have enough money to buy their products.

    • I strongly support any initiative to reduce the purchase of pointless consumerist crap. Buy only what you need and can’t make or trade for. You say it will only change when workers don’t have the money to buy businesses products, I say we don’t have to wait until then.

      Just don’t buy it. Literally and figuratively.

      When we wean ourselves off the capitalist teat we will all be better for it.

    • I don’t’ mean to pick on you Dorothy but I can’t stand the phrase “you get the government you deserve”.

      First the implication that either we, or some of the people out there are stupid and deserve to be mistreated is the same way of thinking that had led to this type of legislation – which is just an exercise in bullying a segment of the population. The reality is that EVERYONE deserves to be treated well and EVERYONE deserves a government that will treat them well.

      Secondly, we actually get the best government that the advertising industry can convince us to vote for. It’s inaccurate to blame the voters for voting against their best interests when so much effort is put in by the PR industry (for which the MSM is a subset) to mislead them.

      Lashing out at the way other people vote, as Xray does below is a really good way of ensuring they never change the way they vote.

      Like they say, everyone on the left “should be the change we want to see in the world” and deal with our own counterproductive attitudes before we start pointing the finger elsewhere.

  5. This was kept well off the agenda during the election and now National are turning their focus to holidays. One thing National know how to do is to a build resentful low productive workforce.
    Yes wages will drop and yes conditions will worsen, except in the fucked up world of Mike Hosking.

    But 4 groups are to blame for this:

    1) The near 50% of voters who voted for National because smiling Johns Keys reassurances of the same old same old seemed safe.
    2) The million or so losers who couldn’t be arsed voting at all.
    3) The un-unified, tactically clueless left who bickered and fought with each other and who gave the impression they couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.
    4) A void of independent quality journalism.

    • “The un-unified, tactically clueless left who bickered and fought with each other and who gave the impression they couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery”. You are so correct.I said basically this on another post and got many negative ticks for some reason.And it still goes on with the wannabee Labour leaders slagging each other off. I think tactically clueless (in my view) also includes the reluctance of the left to distance itself from the wacky left and thus making the swing voter somewhat nervous.

    • A million didn’t vote? Really? And you talk like Key has a mandate? You call them losers xray. Fair enough, and there’s that saying that if you don’t vote you can’t complain. But not voting is the complaint. In a world where the very idea of democracy is a total sham voting is saying “yes” to the sham. Personally, I suspect it’s the voters who lose because they are deluded enough to think it matters.

      • Despite a nagging cynicism of our so called democracy I still think its worth voting. If some of those who didn’t vote bothered to get out and vote against this government, then National would be history and this post would never exist because this petty but harmful law change would never of happened!

        That is unless you think the election was rigged?

        • It’s the system that’s rigged. If everyone got out and voted you’d have another political party in power in the pay of the lobbyists. This petty but harmful law may not have happened but some petty, harmful law would.

  6. All good responses, and Key is being kept in cotton wool by the protective legions of MSM puppets as they are complicit by their lack of balanced reporting.

    Did we see them go onto the average big employed workplaces before the bill passed? If they did it wasn’t reported adequately but this is more of the media protection racketeering that MSM has given FJK since 2007, so until the opposition get their shit together and take over half the TVNZ/RNZ to provide a independent voice to work with we are just going down to have the country gutted by these carpet baggers as we descend to the giggler.

  7. The scum mouthing off on here would not know what work was. Most will be leeches with PSA connections, unionists, bludgers, and typical Labour/Green whingers. We don’t, and won’t, employ anyone who even slightly resembles any of the aforementioned, and if we do, they sure as hell don’t last. These types ruin profitable business, and would continue to do so if they ever got a hold. Just envious oxygen wasters . . . the lot!

    • IGM, you have failed to address the arguments against the position you obviously hold on this issue. Rather you have chosen an ad hominem attack on those who you disagree with.

      Get back to us when you are ready to actually have a rational debate, then we can discuss this further.

    • Hilarious. And yet you find yourself here IGM, reading the comments made by these “scum?” Interesting! In my experience people who have to publicly call others “scum” for daring to have an opinion they don’t agree with tend to have some pretty big personal issues. Oh dear. But then that probably applies to all internet trolls. Good luck finding decent people to work at that company of yours, it really does sound bloody awful!

  8. Hey John Key, or Donkey, I am so “flexible” you can “have me”, any way you like, does that “please” you, dear “master”?

  9. Shame on John Key and this rotten government, now next is the massive asset sale of Housing NZ homes, to developers and so, to reap huge “profits”, while the existing and future Housing NZ clients and tenants will have to face WINZ staff for getting “housed”.

    They will be put into three to four level blocks, where you will hear your neighbour sneeze, burp and fart through the walls, and floors and ceilings. I have seen some of these “structures”, and they will build these in the future ghettos for the poor, outside of the “leafy” suburbs, where such “tenants” are not wanted, also where real estate and section prices reap great profits, so the poor will be driven out, to live amongst themselves on the fringes of society.

    Paula Bennett is the highest paid mercenary in this country, her performance on The Nation and Q and A was disgusting, rude, arrogant and unacceptable, last not least hypocritical. Having that woman still employed as a minister shows the total contempt this country’s government has towards the poor, less well off and needy.

    Paula Bennett is a figure that would be well suited to play a role in a slavery promoting advert, nothing else.

  10. Martyn (& PEOPLE)- lift your game.

    QUIT focussing on the TINY picture.

    This is not just about NZ .

    Look at the BIG PICTURE and start joining the dots.

    It’s called “GLOBALISATION”

    What do you think “Globalisation” is really all about??

    HAVE you NOT noticed how life has gone VERY WRONG in NZ – over past decades?
    Maybe you are too young to be aware that in NZ in the 70’s,

    -ONE breadwinner per Family was enough.
    -Mothers could AFFORD to stay home and do THE most important job.
    -WeeKends were FREE TIME for all, and if you were needed to do extra hours, you got paid overtime =extra++$$$ -to make it worthwhile.

    COMPARE with Today.
    We are living in 21st Century, and despite all the super advanced technology, we are going BACKWARDS, in terms of HUMAN quality of LIFE.

    And now, latest, … Morning tea BREAK to be eliminated?????
    W T F ???


    History has never changed. Even NOW in 21st C.
    The POWERFUL still RULE
    ** ** **
    Essential reading for those still capable of independent critical thought.
    (Warning:not for dummies /the brainwashed/TV addicts/those sucked in by the use of labels, shallow thinkers etc)
    Big shock but your conscience will recognise the Truth, and ” penny will drop” re NZ

  11. Does anyone notice the biggest irony in all of this? It is that National is interfering in the workplace, despite publicly priding itself as the party which lets people make their own decisions. This legislation, apart from being an ill-disguised attack on workers’ conditions, is actually irrelevant and unnecessary. Employers and workers are nearly always able to come to amicable arrangements when working hours need to be altered to allow for busy times of the year or special conditions. This is basically just National Party s…t stirring. They are hoping to stir up trouble so it diverts MSM attention (not at all hard) away from National’s failures on child poverty and housing.

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