Roast Buster case – no charges. In the immortal words of NWA…



Roast Busters case: No prosecutions
Police are to make an announcement this afternoon on Operation Clover, the investigation into the “Roast Busters” allegations.

The Herald understands the victim has been told that the alleged offenders will not be prosecuted due to a lack of evidence.

Wow, being the son of a cop and mates with the son of a cop really pays off hu?

Journalist Nicky Hager raided 36 days after complaint by whaleoil

RoastBuster suspects get no charges after 3yrs?

Welcome to Nu Zilind.


  1. One rape complaint in my view is one rape complaint too many!

    The outcome of the Roast Buster investigation, with no prosecution, is an outrageous insult to all victims of sexual violation!

    The message conveyed here is ‘rape is OK’, when it damn well is not! Rape is not and never will be OK!

    With respect to many decent men out there, this blokey rape culture must be stopped and it can only be done through holding the police to account for their decision. This has to be the focus now.

  2. Too many prominent families with egg on their faces, not just a carton of eggs, a whole bloody poultry farm of eggs. What went on behind closed doors for this decision?

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