A brief word on Key’s claim that it will be raining carnage


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Isis will ‘rain carnage on the world’ – John Key
Left unchecked Isis would “rain carnage on the world”, Prime Minister John Key says, but he has yet to make a decision on whether New Zealand troops will join a coalition fight against the extremist group.

Cough. Oh it’s going to be raining carnage if we don’t reinvade Iraq is it? Seeing as our side has all the drones, won’t to be raining drone strikes?

I can’t take this pointless drumbeat for war seriously any longer…

Rhetoric rising – Post election polling getting low
According to the mainstream media, Iraq’s the place to go
Cause this year for the first time
just as we need a manufactured crisis
For the first time in history
It’s gonna start raining ISIS

It’s Raining ISIS ! Hallelujah! – It’s Raining ISIS! Amen!


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etc etc.


  1. So the fact that 2 men have been charged in Australia after their plot to capture a member of the public, behead him or her and then drape the body with the ISIS flag doesnt concern you?

  2. Yeah who cares about a bit of genocide of those stupid sunnies. And them kurds they gotta go. Then it’s the Jews and the Christians. Why don’t you send them a video Martyn and negotiate. Maybe you and your fellow believers could just pop over for a nice chat and get it all sorted.

  3. i have watched the news once since the election. it was the night the Queen sent her 1st tweet. that pretty much sums up the important stuff in Aotearoa at the moment.

  4. “It’s Raining ISIS ! Hallelujah! – It’s Raining ISIS! Amen!”

    In Egyptian religion, Horus was the reincarnation of Osiris through Isis, with Amun/Amen being the father of life.

    Also the English name for Mossad is ISIS: Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

  5. Brecher has the solution for wannabe Jihadis _ upgrade them to business class:

    So what was the downside of letting them go? The most likely outcome was that both would have been cannon fodder, dead in their first month. The Middle East, the non-tourist version, is a big shock to most Westerners, and amateur soldiers who don’t speak Arabic and are used to flush toilets will spend their first months just dealing with the gastro-intestinal adjustments. During that time, these pampered amateurs make big fat targets. And that’s all Martin and Michael wanted, “Istishad,” martyrdom. Though I doubt they knew the proper term; like many new jihadis, they were much more excited about the killing and dying than actually learning the religion. They would have found their deaths fast, vaporized in an air strike or hit by shrapnel. The death rates for foreign jihadis in Syria are horrific, and only the practically unlimited pool of replacements keeps foreign-dominated militias in operation…..
    ….And even if they survive, they’re marked for life; the second they try to return to their home countries, they can be pulled out of the line at the airport and detained for as long as necessary, on any charge you care to name. It’s not like charges are hard to find, since Islamic State actually brags, in its house magazine, that it sold hundreds of Yazidi women and girls into slavery.


    • Everyone should read the war nerd. While ISIS are a blood thirsty lot they’re actually comically underpowered. Why are they on the edge of Bahgdad? Because if they went any closer they’d get massacred by the local population.

      They can only take over areas where there is a power vacuum but the idea that they will rain carnage on the world is absurd and John Key should be a laughing stock for making such a claim. Whether he believes what he’s saying or not is beside the point, he knows this is what he needs to do to get the new laws through

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