US air strike war Key wants us in has killed a civilian a day so far


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The US air strike war that John Key wants us to join has killed a civilian a day so far. From the Washington Post...

The United States launched its first airstrikes on militants in Syria on Sept. 23, and has continued the onslaught since.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Thursdaythat 533 people have been killed in airstrikes since they began. That group counted 32 civilian deaths, including six children and five women. The Observatory has been tracking conflict in Syria for years, and has a large network of activists on the ground.

…our SAS will likely be involved in targeting militants for the US, meaning while NZ won’t be pulling the trigger, we will be pointing the gun.

There is yet to be an explanation as to why Key went from saying no to this war before the election to suddenly saying yes after the election and there is yet to be an explanation as to why we need to be in this war, what ‘winning’ looks like and what the exit strategy is.

A dead civilian per day demands an justification better than it will be ‘odd ‘if we don’t join in.



  1. Key clearly sees himself as an International Statesmen as much as Obama, Cameron, Harper and Abbott do but in fact they are nothing but war mongers with oversized egos and no empathy and compassion for humans.

  2. Wouldn’t it be great if we were “odd” enough put all that war energy into helping all those thousands of refugees created by IS and into helping those countries with an Ebola crisis.

  3. The western allies and the Soviet Union killed an unknown but enormous number of civilians (ie into 7 figures) while destroying the Nazis. Can’t be arsed what that works out to as a per-day figure, but let’s call it “lots.” Is it a useful measure of whether fighting the Nazis was the right thing to do or not?

    • That’s an interesting question but IS, revolting though it is, is not Nazi Germany and probably never likely to be. It can attack minorities within its territory but there is no way it can take over neighbouring countries ( not in crisis) such as Iran, Turkey, Jordan.

  4. C’mon Noo Zellanders, send troops to help stop the World threatening bogey man piddly arsed impotent enemy:

    Kobani Kurds repel Isis assault on strategically vital border post

    Iraqi and Kurdish forces have made significant gains against Islamic State militants over the weekend

    Where’s Israel? That’s one of the most interesting, and widely ignored, questions to come out of the US bombing campaign against Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq. Two days into the bombing, and there’s near-silence from Israel, a country not known for shyness about military operations on its borders.

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