A brief word on describing the Government as ‘boring and bland’


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The narrative being sown is that this Government will be a boring and bland third term. Boring and bland.

Since the election, Key has announced he is privatising 30% of state houses without reinvesting any of that money back into housing society’s most vulnerable while shirking Government’s social obligations off to churches. Key has u-turned on going to war and it’s just been revealed that the government employs active tactics condoned by the PM to delay OIA requests.

But that’s bland. It’s bland to those NZers in the middle classes who aren’t hurting but to those on the bottom of the social heap, this government is a boot relentlessly stamping on the face of the poor.

The secret to a 4th term for National will be to keep having their hard right policy framed as bland and not controversial by the media.

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They are starting well.


  1. Then it will be up to us to keep on informing people what their modus operandi is , constantly and relentlessly calling them on it.
    Trouble is the tiny handful of people who have access to mainstream media, who are supposed to be speaking on behalf of ‘The Left’ are not doing their job.
    Three of the top of my head are:
    We have: Mike “and I agree with Mathew” , Williams .
    Chris “and I agree with Rodney ” Trotter.
    Josie “and I agree with Michele ” Pagani.
    These ‘commentators’ all speak with forked tongues and are clearly out there to say what Radio Live , or whoever it is, want them to say, just so they can keep clipping the ticket.
    Don’t want to offend anyone now do we? They might not ask you back?
    There is no fight , no passion , no guts. Just weak, pathetic wimpeyness .
    We really need to get ‘Citizen A’ back on TV and also on Radio, just to at least give us some glimmer of hope.
    This lack of alternative voice cannot go on!

    • So true Grant. There is nothing worse than people with power who are supposed to represent us, but then agree with some of the most vile right wingers around.
      I’d rather they didn’t engage with the MSM at all thanks. If they’re just going to sit there and commentate like a Tory, then they’re shifting the political centre to the right.

      • I totally agree.
        The only one out there showing real courage and a true sense of what is right and wrong , is Rod Oram.
        A rare breed, he has a strong moral compass combined with great clarity of thought and will not allow himself to be corrupted by any political bullshit.
        Being unafraid to stand tall and not bow to the MSM narrative , he makes the rest look like enthusiastic amateur “yes” men!

  2. This government won’t be “bland”, it will be most horrifying, what will happen to the poorer, the sick, disabled, sole parents and for workers also, facing more cuts, more sanctions, more punishment and a reduction in enforceable rights.

    Yes, of course, many of the “professionals” in the “middle class”, with secure employment, and with sound businesses, they will not worry, as they will probably in too high numbers support more cost cutting, state house sales, more “streamlining” of the public service and what else there may be, as they rather look forward to paying less taxes for services, and rather have the despised poor locked away into ghettoes, away from the leafy suburbs.

    But even then, did a survey not long ago, on Vote Compass or so, not say, that most do not even want or expect a tax cut?

    “Bland” is a term that some MSM journalists seem to have picked as a descriptor of affairs to be expected, it is an inappropriate term, and the Speech from the Throne already made me shiver, what will come and affect too many of us, not in a pleasant, positive way.

    Surely, it is not “bland”.

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