GUEST BLOG – Patrick O’Dea: no new coal mines


Fonterra Could Use Woodwaste

Green Party and Mana Party policy is “NO NEW COAL MINES!”

Auckland Coal Action is trying to put this policy into action on the ground.

ACA after a hard fought two year campaign waged alongside local residents and Iwi, in which we effectively engaged in challenging, and delaying and embarrassing Fonterra over their plans for the mine; Citing the price of coal as the reason, Stephanie Halliwell spokesperson for Fonterra is now saying Fonterra “may defer development of the mine”.

Auckland Coal Action are calling for one more big push to make Fonterra understand that we are serious in our demand that they halt their mine permanently.

And that a coal free Aotearoa and a coal free world starts with “no new coal mines”.

So forget whatever other plans you had for this long weekend Monday

Join us at the “MAKE THE DEFERMENT PERMANENT” rally this upcoming Labour weekend Monday at 2pm.

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If you are unable to join us, please spread this message as widely as possible, and please urge all your friends and contacts who may be able to make it, to join us at Mangatangi.

A free bus or ten seater van (depending on the demand) plus car pooling are leaving from from various Auckland locations to the protest rally, and back again. For details go to the website.

Here is the link.


Patrick O’Dea  is the Mana Movement spokesperson for climate change


  1. Zero increase is such a modest goal. Hopefully it will lead us to actually make some of the much needed decreases the science tells us is vital to prevent runaway climate change.

    Scientists say that global warming has been hugely underestimated

    It is imperative that we act now to drastically reduce our CO2 emissions and most definitely that we do not do anything to increase them.

    This is why if the Mana and Green Party policy of No New Coal Mines is unable to be enacted by the politicians in parliament, it must be enacted on the ground by the citizens on behalf of our grand children at places like Mangatangi and Denniston.

    Fonterra needs to learn that “No New Coal Mines” means exactly that.

    No “Ifs..” “Buts..” no “Maybes.” No new coal mines.

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