Comparing Police action – Hager raid vs Roast Buster case



This satire had the NZ Police contact TDB and threaten us with 6months in prison for using their logo.


The plight of Nicky Hager and the draconian Police actions against him has generated over  $53 000 in donations so far and a further $10 000 from International Journalists who fight this kind of Government action globally. It has also shown the ugly side of Dirty Politics seeping into the NZ Police force and the contempt with which the mainstream media views real journalism inside NZ.

John Roughan’s column where he effectively chastises Hager for telling the international media how corrupt the NZ media are, will go down in history as one of those examples studied in media studies classes for years to come. The mainstream media refuse to acknowledge their own role in Dirty Politics, how they enabled and empowered Slater and Roughan’s cheerleading for the draconian police action to gag whistleblowers should give every citizen who cares the reason they need to cancel their Herald subscription.

Are the Police now tainted  by Dirty Politics?  If you compare the manner in which the Police conducted their inquiry into how Matthew Blomfield had his emails stolen but never investigated and how IPCA are now reinvestigating how a junior cop gave Slater the answer he wanted, I would suggest yes, but here’s another example…

Roast Busters inquiry drags on
Police say they’re still “gathering information” on teen gang the Roast Busters but one young woman who gave statements about the group says she hasn’t heard from investigators in six months.

It’s been a year since the activities of the West Auckland teens came to light, with videos of them boasting of having sex with drunk, underage girls.

…fascinating isn’t it? Slater complains about his stolen emails at the same time as the Greens and Labour lodge complaints about the allegations inside Dirty Politics, yet within 36 days Slater has 5 cops raiding and harassing Nicky Harger’s home for a 10 hour search.

Compare the speed of action the Police can muster for stolen emails that deeply embarrass the Government with the total inaction over a group of teenagers – one of whom is the son of a cop – who boast on social media about sexually assaulting drunk girls. The Police then mislead the public about any of the victims coming forward and even after being caught out lying about that, still have sat on their hands.

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The message is clear, if you are the son of a cop or mates with the son of a cop who sexually assault drunk women and boast about it on social media – nothing will happen. If you are a far right hate speech merchant blogger with close connections to the Government of the day who has his emails taken, you will have Police raiding the investigative journalist who published them within about a month.

In a country that electorally rewards Dirty Politics and mass surveillance lies – this is the new normal.


  1. Absolutely Martyn, the Roast Busters caused national shame, and rightly so, the behaviour of those boys was feral, and the police turning a blind eye, was as good as saying “it’s fine with us”.
    As you rightly contrast, the swift and over the top response from police to an investigative journalist, acting legally begs so many questions.
    Media also collude with “new normal” when there is an outcry when Cunliffe goes on holiday with his boys for 3 days PRIOR to campaign, yet Roast Busters went on for how long before “action” was taken, and have we had it splashed all over the media what the result of investigation was? No.

  2. “But what I did do was write a formal statement about the case, twice, in three years. I wasn’t assured by the police anything was happening or going to happen.” from one of brave the young women who came forth.

    Did they say that to Whalebile when he went crying to the police?

    Just disgusting.

  3. John Roughan you are despicable, to pick on a man that has put your country first by exposing the truth as two journalists did when Richard Nixon did over Watergate exactly what your mate John Key has done trying to sweep the truth under the carpet before it gets out of hand.

    Why didn’t you follow the facts as the truth broke after the Hager book was released and go chase Jason Ede as he spent the weekend on the ninth floor at the bee hive getting rid of all the evidence?

    The lights were burning all weekend and Ede was reported to have gone into the Beehive Friday and not seen coming out till Monday?
    History will prove you were all not interested in seeking the truth or even interested in getting the police involved at that time so who are you protecting

  4. As @ Nitrium said and I quote

    ” A corrupt government requires a corrupt justice system/law enforcement to stay in power. None of this surprises me. ”

    The problem with Nicky Hager / Roast busters etc for the perpetrators of T.G.N.Z.L is that while they in themselves are relatively paltry in themselves ( No disrespect to the victims . ) , those incidents do draw attention to an institutionalised corruption that no one , no matter what , wants to have get out . In my opinion of course .

    You write here ;
    ” This satire had the NZ Police contact TDB and threaten us with 6months in prison for using their logo. ”

    Perfect ! Now , as they lunge at you , grab them by the shirt and throw the bastards across the room . Use that momentum . Beg them to take TDB to court .

    If the Police , in this instance , were smart they’d have sent TDB a nice cheeses selection , some roses and a box of chocolates . They should have also concurred re the Roast Busters fiasco thereby diffusing the situation and taking away the momentum of criticism that’s not going away . Again . In my opinion .

    For the cops to threaten TDB ? That’s panic . That’s not thinking . Very interesting . IMO .

  5. Totally agree! I actually commented on the Roughan propaganda piece early, but of course it didn’t get past ‘the moderator’. My comments were perfectly civil, however I did suggest that Hagar was actually a journalist, and that Roughan was in the business of Public Relations, not journalism. Must have hit a sore point with Mr Goebbels, the Herald moderator and probably, Editor.

    • I have given up commentating on the Herald they heavily censor the comments. Much prefer the vote system on daily blog too. Gives you an idea what other people are thinking. In fact I try not to read the herald at all these days.

      I donated to Nicky Hager and are very grateful to him and also Martyn for running the Daily Blog and all the journalists that are dedicating their lives to real ‘journalism’ of which is becoming unusual and even dangerous in the MSM world.

  6. Cops these days are not more than road side thieves, try travelling from Chch to Blenheim and see how many have their radar guns out.
    Not hard to see what keeps them busy.

  7. I don’t recognise my country anymore. We resoundly vote back into office a corrupt evil government and strongly support an authoritarian Police force. New Zealanders are very naïve sleep walking to a one party police state.

  8. ^ So no we see the end results of the neo liberal totalitarian dream……

    Today …. the country !!!!!

    Tomorrow ……THE WORLD !!!!



  9. What is wrong with people, that they don’t recognize the disconnect between the policies of the state and the real world? James Corbett argues that the Stockholm Syndrome describes dysfunctional attitudes of people towards the state, but it can also be argued that the refusal to acknowledge the dark state derives from a twisted belief about sovereign immunity, i.e. the fallacy that the state acts as the king who can do no wrong.

    This idea can also be expressed as a consequence of the theory that people have a hard-wired belief in a transcendent power (or deity), and sometimes this belief takes the form of belief in the supreme sovereign state as the highest form of human endeavour. The connection between the Church of England and head of the civil state of New Zealand tends to support this idea, as does the metaphorical blindness and deafness spoken of in various religious texts.

  10. This political retalatation against Nicky Hagar poses far more of a threat to everyones freedom in New Zealand than did the police inaction on the Roast Busters Case IMO.

  11. this is not new. How about the infamous “cup of tea” in Epsom with Shonkey & Banksie and how that guy with the tape got monstered!

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