NZ WINS UN SPIN THE BOTTLE! Privately sucking up to America for a decade means we get to suck up to them for another 2 years in public!



Oh, we are loved!

Little old NZ, the 53rd state of America after Israel and Australia, gets to sit at the adults table for the special dinner party that is the UN Security Council.

How delightful, a decade of privately sucking up to America has paid off with us being allowed to suck up to them in public for 2 years.

If anything shows how rigged the UN game of musical chairs is, it’s our win. NZ isn’t an independent nation, we are a sock puppet for the yanks.  If the threshold for independence is us, as Key mass spies on NZers for the NSA and  signs us up to a war he promised we wouldn’t get involved in before the election, then Egypt, China, Syria and Russia are beacons of light for individual freedoms and personal liberty.

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We won’t dare use this position to speak out against the powerful, we will do exactly what the US tells us to do.

That terrible painful groaning and rumbling sound you hear is David Lange turning in his grave.


  1. It certainly doesn’t seem like any kind of victory to me. As you’ve pointed out Martyn the work we do there will be in line with the US and hardly independent. It seems likely that there has been a lot of horse-trading done by Trader John to acquire the seat. I wonder what rights or liberties he’s sold off this time?

    Meanwhile, where are the headlines about the PM admitting in public that his government acts illegally by waiting to release Official Information Act requests because it’s politically expedient to do so? ('s-admission-concerns-ombudsman)

    The NZ Herald is strangely quiet on the whole topic and I’ve not found any mention on either.

    Hopefully the Ombudsman will be able to apply the full force of the law in this instance.

  2. Sadly we do not have any Politicians of the calibre of David Lange or Norman Kirk any more, they were exceptional and made Kiwi’s feel very proud of our little nation.
    The current lot are an embarrassment and the Keystone cop the worst of all.
    I guess we will now cuddle up with the USA and Israel more so now.

  3. This is pretty disingenuous. The evidence provided doesn’t back up your argument at all. How do explain Venezuela also winning a seat?

    By the way New Zealand won the seat in a landslide with 145 votes in the first round against Spain (who got the second Western Group seat) and Turkey.

    The other winners were Malaysia and Angola who (along with Venezuela) won their seats uncontested.

  4. Now with NZ having a seat on the UN Security Council, am I right in thinking the US has bought itself a second voice to speak (agree) on its behalf?

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