The last 48 hours – Poverty denial, war denial and unapologetic abuse of power


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The bewildering speed of events that simply end in Key shrugging and proclaiming he doesn’t really give a shit is coming think and fast as the Government suddenly appreciate the full spectrum dominance they now enjoy.

Here is Radio NZ reporting that the Government were advised against helping fight poverty even though it would alleviate that poverty. The Government delayed the release of this information for 17 months and it required a complaint to the Ombudsman to gain it.

Govt advised against poverty spending
Officials are recommending the Government not spend any more money fighting poverty, despite believing that would alleviate the problem.

Here is John Key just shrugging off a top level military meeting which he claims is just a normal defence chat when it is in fact a specially convened meeting to discuss attacking ISIS. You can’t have crisis without isis.

Public misled on US talks: Goff
Prime Minister John Key appears to have been misinformed by the Defence Force about the nature of a Washington meeting of the United States-led coalition to defeat Islamic State.

However, Labour’s Phil Goff says Mr Key himself was misleading the public by insisting that New Zealand Chief of Defence Force Lieutenant General Tim Keating was attending a “regular” meeting of defence chiefs – where Islamic State was the only item on the agenda.

And here is Key just causally shrugging off dirty politic tactics to stop official information requests.

PM admits Govt uses delaying tactics
Prime Minister John Key has admitted the Government sometimes delays releasing official information right up to the deadline if it is in its best interest to do so.

Legally, it must respond to requests as soon as reasonably possible.

Mr Key’s admission comes just days after the release of official advice on child poverty which Radio New Zealand requested 17 months ago.

Mr Key has always maintained that when it comes to requests for official information, his ministers act within the law.

But he has now revealed a strategy which appears at odds with that.
“Sometimes we wait the 20 days because, in the end, Government might take the view that’s in our best interest to do that,” he said.

Legally, ministers and government departments must respond to a request as soon as reasonably possible and no later than 20 working days.

Chief Ombudsman Dame Beverley Wakem said they were not allowed to delay right up to that 20-day deadline for political purposes.

“It’s pretty clear. It couldn’t be much clearer than that… As soon as you have made a decision as to whether you’re going to respond to the request or how you’re going to respond to it, you ought to convey that.”

So within 48 hours, Key’s Government tried to hide that solving child poverty required actual money for 17 months, Key’s lying straight to the country about military planning for IS and just tells NZ that his Government actively abuses power by denying information for as long as he can, despite the law stipulating the Government has to release the information as soon as reasonably possible.

Key just doesn’t give a shit, NZers gave him a phenomenal political victory, and 100 000 people marching down Queen street wouldn’t change a thing . He’s not answerable to anyone for another 3 years. It’s going to be a very, very, very long 3 years.

This is the kind of deceitful, manipulative and obtuse leader NZers just flocked to re-elect with a larger majority.

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Dirty Politics didn’t just win, it now rules.



  1. This kind of abusive power they have been handed is bloody scary.

    What damage are these pr…..s going to do in the next 36 months and what other oia request are they not going to reply too.

    This is what the million plus people who sat on their asses have allowed to happen.

    This makes the comment slogan “if you dont vote you surrender to those who hold that abusive power” is so damn true.

  2. Yes….frustrating isn’t. Considering packing bags.
    Is there no one besides Nicky Hager, that can take this useless, so called political party down? Surely there must be years of dirt piled up by now…
    I will go and read up about what happened in Iceland’s political scene – it may give me some ideas.

    • It’s futile to swim against the tidal flow of history. Time to consider signing up for the soon to be confirmed NZ Battalion of the Coalition of the Willing against ISIL.

  3. Given Key admits to witholding OIA responses when it suits the government, it also follows that they’d expedite OIA responses when it suits the government.

    All of his statements to the contrary – about how they don’t give preferential treatment to their mates – now ring even hollower than before.

    Three more years of this. Pass the cyanide…

    • When the OIA comes there is so much blanked out. They only let us see the less offensive bits of advice. The power to blank things out is seemingly unquestioned. So much for open government

  4. “100 000 people marching down Queen street wouldn’t change a thing” – no point those opposing this government burning themselves out at this stage. Now is the time to rethatch your huts, till the fields, strenthen the defences of your village – and keep the instruments of war well maintained for later use

    • We need 1981 style rebellion on the streets.

      It was that style of rebellion that brought muldoon down.

      Trouble is that kind of spirt has been beaten out of New Zealanders.

      With the demise of the union power and the power of individual work contracts has gone and removed the collectivism that used to abide within New Zealanders.

      We are now a nation of individuals bowing down before The corporations and the 10% that hold all the power.

      When over a million individuals bow down and don’t vote this country has a major spirtual problem.

      We the other 90% are here to be walked all over and do as we are told.

      Time we got our collective 1981 – 84 protesting style back.

      It was that protest spirt that broke the back of aparthied, brought about the end of muldoons domination national party government and brought in MMP.

  5. Jesus ! This shit’s making me mad , sick and freaked out .
    Something needs to be done immediately but what ? I’ve tried to come up with ideas but really , I’m runing on empty tank if I have to be honest .
    Where the fuck are our best minds and bravest hearts ? How is this happening ?

    I think I know why . People just don’t actually know how serious this is becoming because jonky and his minions have total control of the media . That million non voters weren’t lazy . They just didn’t have anyone to vote for in their minds .
    When I looked at duncan garner briefly last night ? He’s not a journolists arsehole . He’s a scam in a suit . And the frilly , hair tosser beside him was just a pretty idiot appealing to the other Idiocrats out there . They don’t have one ounce of spirit between them . If they got drunk and said unkind things about Herr-Jonky- Stien I bet they’d gargle with amonia .

    Get the fucking Daily Blog out there Bomber . Seriously . I’m asking you a direct question here . Right here and now . Why do you not actively promote The Daily Blog to the million non voters and the poor other bastards out there being brainwashed by the Jonky owned media ? Is it cost ? Then have a church fate . Is it time ? We can all participate and share the load I’m sure . There must be something we can do for Gods sake . Do you know any musicians who can whip up a concert ? Do you have off-shore mates who can spread the Global Word ? If Assange , Snowden and Greenwald came here why not even bigger stars . Where’s Jesus fucking Christ when you need him aye ? Buddah ? Fucking around , sitting on his arse looking stoned . All those other useless fucking Gods ? Where are they when the shit starts hitting the fan ? Off pissed somewhere .

      • And the National government will continue to make it less so, by importing as many tory voters as they can, annually. Horrifying, as Nat supporters are actively promoting the takeover. Our own citizens on the outside of the money, will be pushed to extinction–and I do not use that word loosely.

  6. Its going to look even more depressing when parliament sits again. Peters with a big smile and his cohort of no names, the Greens looking buoyant and organised and a smug John Key with a revitalised cabinet and an endless stream of back benchers. Facing them a Labour caucus with its mind elsewhere, saddled by the burden of its own democratic process and an empty seat where a leader should be sitting.

  7. The community is going to have to pick up the Government slack. I’m thinking about going back to grassroots, if you want to get something done do it yourself.

    • This.
      I have been repeating this to friends ad nauseam. WE need to organize, WE need to look after our own.

      We need to organize childcare so that peeps can go to work for the few hours they find…without having to bleed money to get someone to look after the kids.
      We need to start community gardens and feed those among us that don’t make enough to eat once or twice a day.
      We need to run a car pool system, so that those without cars can still get to the cheapest supermarkets, get to the doctors etc etc.
      Because we know that the government is there to cut benefits, the government is there to cut education, cut health care, cut public transport etc.
      And WE need to start running for local government, our school boards, our church committee etc., only when we are represented can we drown out the constant hum of right wing hate against those they deem inferior, the poor, the sick, the single parents, the uneducated, the hungry the homeless.
      We need to put our own systems in place and start looking after our own.

      • We definitely need to think outside the box. Stop playing by the system, it´s not working for us. Money is the root of all evil because of the control it has by the people who possess most of it. You can trade your goods and you can trade your labour without money. Imagine if we stop using money yet had everything we need. The PTB would be totally screwed. It may come to that anyway. The PTB have their power, money and control by networking. We should be networking. Imagine if most people opted out of the use of money, it would cut their legs out from under them, their house of cards system would fall.

  8. I’ll take a punt that research/polling has shown National that John Key has been found wanting in the honesty department (I know, understatement of the century) and if I recall his popularity dropped during the election.

    So he’s abandoned responsibility for the GCSB and the SIS so he can’t be compromised anymore and apart from tourism Key is responsible for nothing, can defer answers to the relevant ministers or simply fudge the answer all together and doesn’t have to lie, well not so much anyway.

    And now emboldened by the idiots voting National back in with almost a majority the plan now is to be candid. John Key is straight up and by being so it will fix the only flaw he has. And they are doing this because the Dirty Politics did not harm them (yet) and they now walk on water. If he admits they couldn’t give a flying shit about poverty or stymie OIA requests, etc, etc ,what can go wrong? Arrogant certainly and stupid but nearly 50% NZ voted for this crap and we will all now get it in spades.

  9. Agree with Fambo, but a bit more proactive… Learn to hack, learn to organise, get involved in politics at grass roots to prepare for next time. Demand the truth and ask those awkward questions of parliment, corporates and your local MP, especially if you do not like their political bent.

  10. Well….failing the creation of a corruptions unit department similar to Australia developed …..the only option is one of mass education.

    Thusly , …your target is neo liberalism….the very thing that enabled immoral leaders like Key in the first place.

    And to give a viable alternative?…..a short , concise history and theory of Keynesian economics….something straightforward and for public consumption including both NZ’s and the western worlds economic model post world war two.

    With the objective?….to foster the notion of collectivisation.

    Why?….because neo liberalism seeks to break up and destroy societal collectives and pit individuals and groups against each other. Collectivism is anathema to it.

    And the end goal being?…..the overthrowing of fascist , globalist , anti soveriegn , borderless neo liberalism to be re-replaced with Social Democracy.

    Hence radio as a viable mode of transmitting ideas of the Left and social democracy…being portable , can be listened to on the way to work , at work , and can include economists, political scientists views, social commentaries , as well as rallying points for socialist events eg :protests etc…..sports ,weather ,music , and can be monitored to stop right wing media from interferring with their insidiuos bias….

    It is for no small reason radio has been favoured for many reasons amongst socialists of the past…we all too easily forget people have been there before….and they had to contend often with armed conflict in many countries overseas….we do not.

    Another positive is this : Labour , as we know…is now undergoing an intense internal battle. This is good. If it wasnt for this election crisis…the neo liberal career politicians would never have been exposed …exposed for being willing to loose an election in exchange for propping up their neo liberal agenda.

    These , as we all know…need to be dealt with. They are literally at war with their own countrymen and women. Bluntly…they are traitors…who know full well what the end product of their neo liberalism will do to this country.

    Have you forgotten David Lange?….it was he who said enough is enough with Roger Douglas’s ‘reforms’. He paid the price. And the neo liberals in Labour had a free riegn as at that time…..he realised finally just how immoral the neo liberal platform really was….but it was too late.

    Once these are neutralised , preferably expelled …..then there needs to be a cross party summit…in effect , strategic electoral planning , undergirded by a recognition of commonality of social democratic values. Policies to be discussed, …with good policies spread through out all ….thusly… in order to present a solid united Left…natural coalition partners , AND …a return to core social democratic values- which – caused Labour to reach 38% after David Cunliffes first speech.


    We should not be shrinking violets about social democracy. We should be BOLD. People ARE interested !!! It is time to put neo liberalism on the BACK FOOT ,…not social democracy !!! They have had their turn. We now see it for what it is : a lie.

    But the Left WAS divided. A house divided against itself WILL fall.

    These things may seem too simplistic. TOO simple some might say, ….but just remember …. people in other lands had it far more worse than we ever have….and still prevailed….by doing just these things.

    We would do well to remember that fact.

  11. I am old, do not keep good health, but if that guy gets in another three years in 2017, I will figure out a way to leave this country.

    • I’m old, too Delia, but the only country I could possibly live in (Australia) has the idiotic Abbott at the helm. The same guy who unleashed 800 cops on the Oz public two days before our election.
      I think I’ll buy a little dilapidated cottage in the back of beyond and hunker down there. Naaaaaaaaaaah, I want to stay around to give Key all the problems I can. We have to keep it up, Delia. Cheers.

  12. Wish all New Zealanders could read/ or hear ( in the case of radio) wild Katipo’s comment.
    I still believe the election was fixed. Just to ‘many big money things’ riding on National to win. How could they really let the people override this?
    It’s all part of the big plan, and unless something they weren’t counting on happens ( revolution, more large natural disasters, or great opposition comeback or the likes) we may, very sadly, be stuck with them.

  13. It’s not the voters who decide elections,

    It’s the people who count the votes that do. “Stalin”

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