The Blomfield IPCA letter – Has Dirty Politics leaked into the NZ Police force?


It’s difficult to know what to make of the IPCA letter to Matthew Blomfield over Slater’s continued insistence that the hard drive taken from Matthew wasn’t stolen.  Slater has selectively cherry picked the Police referring back to his claim that Blomfeild perjured himself because it was a different person who had reported the theft.

It’s infantile at best for Slater to claim the Police quoting back to him his perjury accusation is proof Blomfield’s hard drive wasn’t stolen.

Here is IPCA’s letter to Blomfield…


Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 9.44.57 am

…what is most fascinating is the mention in there that the Police had initially made the conclusion that the hard drive wasn’t stolen but now were reviewing that investigation. Which begs the question, did a friendly cop who likes Slater decide the hard drive wasn’t stolen or was there a mistake?

Based on the sudden rush of corruption cases against cops, is this an example of Dirty Politics seeping into the Police force?

While we are on that, could we ask again why Cameron Slater had his complaint against Hager actioned within 36 days when Don Brash couldn’t get his actioned after a year?

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    • This blog is written by someone who’s logic circuits aren’t working. Cause and effect are distorted particularly with those in positions of power.

      His ramblings on Phil Kitchen were particularly disturbing.

  1. A corrupt government requires a corrupt justice system/law enforcement to stay in power. None of this surprises me.

    • With the way ngati poaka have carried on ever since I first came in contact with them over 40 years ago, I’d say a corrupt system of law enforcement needs a corrupt and compliant government to maintain its power.

    • At the risk of being censored for offensive and other anti – diddums comments .
      I wrap my total agreement with you @ Nitrium in fluffy kittens , with pretty doilies just to be sure .

      As [ this ] process progresses … oh boy . We aint seen nothin’ yet .

      As The Great New Zealand Institutionalised Lie is laid bare , they will be realising they never figured on the internet . It’s like someone has put a flood light in the cellar . The rats have nowhere to hide .

  2. This comment from “Northland” over at the Standard provides so good background on the issue;

    If I may be allowed to provide some pertinent background. This whole perjury thing got started in 2010 when an office Matt shared with a then Director of Hell Pizza was the subject of an alleged burglary. His office mate made a complaint to the Police. When the hard drive was later found to be missing, Matt deduced it had gone in the burglary.

    In May 2012 when Matt initially complained to the Police about Slater having his hard drive, he opined it had gone in the burglary and stated that the said office mate had reported it to the Police at the time. In an affidavit to the [District] Court, he said “and it was reported to the Police at the time”.

    In the meantime, Slater knew this was not true because he (as he has subsequently disclosed) had received the hard drive from the very same office mate, via an intermediary.

    Exactly as you have suggested, Slater used his devious inside knowledge to manufacture, not just a slur, but a further allegation of serious criminal offending, suggesting that Matt had lied on oath about what was reported missing and who reported it.

    When the IPCA, in a letter dated 13 June 2014, whilst repeating the gravamen of Slater’s complaint, carelessly said “This is an act of perjury.” without attributing that statement back to him within the same sentence, Slater thought he had hit pay dirt.

    Slater tried unsuccessfully to produce the letter to the High Court, with the assertion that, shorn of any context, those words meant the IPCA believed Matt had committed perjury. Matt wrote immediately to the IPCA and obtained a letter of clarification dated 26 June 2014 stating that they meant nothing of the sort. Slater received a copy.

    Rather disingenuously, Slater following last weeks extremely enlightening NZ Herald article, and much to the delight of his online army of trolls, published the original letter, ignoring the clarification.

    Sir David Carruthers has now weighed in, apologised to Matt (not that he would have needed to but for Slater’s deceit), and put this matter to bed once and for all. In doing so he has confirmed that the Police are re-investigating the untutored opinion of the junior Constable who initially investigated and who was able to conclude that, as what was taken was a copy, nothing was stolen. That daft notion did rather ignore the hard drive, the filing cabinet, the paper, staples, paper clips and the fact that copied data is indistinguishable from the original and is certainly capable of being stolen.

    Check with Matt if you like and he will confirm the truth of this. I only wrote this because he is sick of talking about it and wants to move on. When he gets this guy to Court, I think the judgment will be very damning indeed. Really this little shenanigans does represent Slater’s last stand.

  3. Has Dirty Politics leaked into the NZ Police force?

    Yes. The NZ police are corrupt, and is now only there to serve the will of John key and his National government.

  4. Slater is a corporation lacky,no compassion does his word lines care for,only those he chooses to riddicule at his freinds behest,and they filled with capitalism usury and its vile abuse.

    Slater,is im! here, look at me,i came from mental illness,this blog aided my return to normal.Slater,anit nothing human care in your writing about humanity and its care.

  5. NZ Police are like Seargent Shulz…..”I know nuthzink !!”….

    And fawn over the establishment like Colonel Klink.

    Until they morph into the Gestapo General when it suits.

  6. I read it slightly differently and am heartened that the police wrote the clarification letter in the first place. Saying that all police are corrupt is not true in my opinion. Like in any organization and in particular an organization with a lot of power the police must constantly monitor itself to avoid corruption, dishonesty and incompetence and inexperience. At the end of the day the government seem to be putting pressure on them to do dirty tricks and politically appointed investigations (DotCom and Nicky Hager etc) then the police need to look at ways they can remain independant and publicize what has happened. Remember we are living in a country that is beginning to become corrupt. By stamping down through the courts corruption in a public and transparent way, the victims with hopefully the police’s help can try to redress the injustices that are occurring. Again this type of thing should be looked at in relation to Judith Collins – the minister of Justice who herself is under investigation. The link between Collins and Slater is clear and to keep the police’s good name they need to find ways to ensure they are independent and transparent even from their own ex minister and her cronies who should not be immune from the law. By calling all the police corrupt people are putting out a discourse which serves no purpose and actually disempowers the honest police workers ability to fight within their own organization if they feel something is wrong.

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