Hosking or Henry – Which right wing crypto fascist clown do you want to wake up to in the morning?



So Mediaworks are finally going to make some actual money from their eye watering contract with Paul Henry by launching a new multi-platform Breakfast show over TV, Radio and internet.

This is great news for Campbell Live who have dodged the bullet aimed at them that would have seen Henry replacing John at 7pm. The drum beat put out by the female Cameron Slater – Rachel Glucina – to bring in a co-host to dumb Campbell Live down and bait rumours that Henry would be a better match for 7pm will be put on hold as Henry’s aspirations get an airing in this new project.

It says something for the radio media landscape that the choices are between two right wing crypto fascist clowns like Henry and Hosking or the manicured lawn of Morning Report establishment – not exactly Good Morning Vietnam is it?

Predictable, boring and the same dross on content spin cycle repeat. No wonder NZers seem to have an enlightened view of society more akin to Ghengis Khan than Michael Joseph Savage.

The interest now comes from what TV3 will replace the Paul Henry show with. They could try something clever and look to their current stable of comedians to put together some type of interesting late night news show akin to the Daily Show. It’s time for media works to take some risks and allow a space where some experimental and interesting TV can be created.


  1. Hahahaha, that would involve innovative journalism done with integrity and an interest in bringing truth to the people. Those days are gone from the mainstream.

  2. The Dishonourable Judith has time on her hands. Maybe a late night slot using her could see some risks being taken.

    Although with her buddies Cameron and Rachel on, the late night slot will become the ‘Late Night Snot’.

  3. Henry or Hosking? That sounds like making me choose which way to destroy my brain with rabid right-wing compassionless nonsense.

    We do need a satirical take on current affairs on TV again though. The quality of comedic talent doing it would need to be high for them to succeed though, half-baked wouldn’t cut it.

  4. ” It’s time for media works to take some risks and allow a space where some experimental and interesting TV can be created.”

    Yeah , well who’s going to make them ? A toothless minority like us ?

    We’d never get a look in .

    This is where the New Media is . Here . Right under our noses .

    I’ve just watched on as Nicky Hager had , at the last count , $50 k donated to help with his legal costs .

    Could the same thing be done to cover the cost of advertising the presence of The Daily Blog on the three or four main TV stations and radio ? So long as TDB didn’t break any broadcasting standards how could they refuse ?

    You could simply state that it’s where Thinkers can go to do Thinky Things ?
    I mean lets face it . TV and Radio are dying . Lets help euthanise them as one would a sick cat .

    I talk to people who’ve never heard of The Daily Blog but are extremely keen to do so . I’ve written The Daily Blog’s tag on paper napkins , scraps of paper , walls , fridges , hands and a woman’s bum once when we were idling around of a Sunday morning between a wake up call to rally the troops and coffee .

    Seriously . You have got to get The Daily Blog out there . Advertise on the enemy . Know your enemy . Use your enemy . And just because your enemy is your enemy , that doesn’t make them stupid either . LEARN from your enemy .

    In Judo , you often use your opponents momentum . That’s it actually . Use your enemy’s momentum to propel yourselves into the hearts and minds of the 48 %’ers !

  5. A ‘ Kickstarter ‘ . It’s called a call for a ‘ kickstarter ‘ . I bet you’d do well . Seriously . Do it x

  6. Shows the need for Left wing integrity tv and radio in New Zealand…( where is Dotcom ?…i bet he could put together a bloody good show?)

    bbc and rtv and al jazeera …are tv to emulate …NZ tv with the exception of John Campbell lacks gravitas

  7. I won’t be listening to either clown.

    Thankfully I have Radio NZ to inform and challenge me.

    If that’s the best TV3 can come up with, I look forward to their next financial collapse.

  8. Not holding my breath, when it comes to NZ television anymore….
    It would be good to have some alternatives, so yes I would support a fund set up towards this cause, Daily Blog advertising or otherwise.

  9. Hosking and Henry are perfect excuses not to watch television any more. I actually wish they would bring back the old system of TV licences because then the left could organize a huge non-payment disobedience campaign. Would be a good feeling to explain to a judge why I refused to pay a TV licence.

  10. The best thing would be to have them on together. Pit two massive egos against each other and it would be pure entertainment to watch as they both tried to outsmart the other. I wish.

  11. God, it makes the reincarnation of Joseph Goebbels into a morning host seem more down the centre and objective.

    And as he once said: “It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise.”

    A foundation principal for the National Party and its media cronies if I ever heard!

  12. Mark – one more offensive comment like that and you can join our growing club of permanent bans. Tone it down. – Scarletmod

  13. Neither, thank you very much.

    I have far too much respect for my hearing faculties to listen to the narcissistic, unintelligible, crap dribbling out of their mouths!

    I will stick to morning report on RNZ for the time being. Much more intelligent and informative fare.

  14. Bring Back Citizen A with Martyn Bradbury! Oh wait….

    I don’t understand it myself. Why wouldn’t TVNZ or any other major media outlet not want to show a media events program like that in prime time? It’d re-invigorate “the news” like nothing else. It’d lift newspaper sales, it’d make pay per view viable… yeah, didn’t think of that did you, silly profiteers. The chattering classes would explode into an outraged war of opinion versus opinion, buying up every piece of authoritative counter-commentary they could find, they wouldn’t be able to contain their vitriol at having an alternative view “forced” on them every night. Can you imagine the surreal real-life TV created by having Bradbury and Slater sitting side by side, discussing detailed points, counter arguing, during something like the whole dirty politics saga? It’d blow people’s minds. Politics as contact sport!

    Really, the lack of imagination of the “manipulative” media to manipulate the media is unbelievable. They know boring doesn’t sell very well, but then throw up their hands when they have an opportunity to blow the cap off their expected profits. The media consumer has had it too easy, didn’t have to think, didn’t have to pay attention, didn’t have to do anything. Turn the lazy consumers on themselves! Fight! Fight!

    • L00L…..dunno about the argy bargy ,…but youre right about the explosion in profits – itd be the smash hit to get us all way from boring bleeding make over and cooking programs….not that I have a TV….but for those who do….

      And for the media themselves…profits galore….then….we could see some REAL investigative journalism …as they would in good old free market , neo liberal fashion be forced to compete against each other.

      Brook Sabin….I reckon you better upskill big time if this catches on….

  15. If Left Wing hosts rated in their slot, trust me they would beat a path to your door, Martyn. Or someone else of similar persuasion. Right Wing idiots rate. However they are forced to occasionally interview people of other orientations. I wonder what would happen if their cozy views were challenged by their guests more often.
    Our institutions of course can and should be criticized on occasions, but they should also be treated with a base level of respect. Otherwise those who need the help of Government most will risk even greater disenfranchisement in a cynical wasteland.
    Both hosts should be made to understand and acknowledge the irreparable harm they can do to our democracy if they never lose an opportunity to mock politicians.The damage is even greater when they mock only one side.

  16. I like that last part about something like the Daily show. I’ve always been keen to see something like Real Time with Bill Maher. But that would only work with the right comedian. They would really need to be an outspoken Liberal. Most comedians are Liberal(Cons just aren’t funny) but not many of ours in NZ are politically outspoken.

  17. I’ve just joined the Daily Blog. Good reading and great to read comments from thinking people who are not prepared to accept mediocrity.

  18. The weird thing is that apart from the elderly, I know nobody who watches morning tv. I’ve never seen the stats, but when do people exercise, commune with family, get lunches made, get ready for work? I only work part time now, but I still don’t have the time or inclination for am TV and my surly temperament demands an ad- free audio environment – so for me it’s National Radio.

    • Me too, I quite liked Lush’ unobtrusive way and definitely Hilary Barry’s sense of humour. Henry and Hosking bleeeeeeeeeeech who wants to listen to their narcissistic claptrap.
      Yep off to National me, pretty soon all Live will get from me is Karen and Andrew and Mitch Harris. At least they are still an alternative to the sheer unadulterated crap that is free to air TV

  19. Not having any choice in the matter, I’d go for Paul Henry. He seems to hate and despise the Auckland city council nearly as much as I do.

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