So Snowden and Greenwald were right – again – NZ Embassies spying for America



Well, well, well. What do we have here…

NZ embassies involved in covert intelligence work for US – reports
New Zealand’s embassies have been involved in covert intelligence gathering work on behalf of the United States, a fresh batch of classified documents released by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden appear to show.

The 2003 list of “Exceptionally Controlled Information” which is itself classified top secret gives a brief rundown of various NSA intelligence gathering operations and their security codes and status.

Under the heading “Stateroom” the document describes the security classification that “restricts access to information about personnel involved in covert collection, processing and report of SIGINT [signals intelligence] from diplomatic missions abroad”.

“This activity is conducted by USA, AUS, CAN, GBR and NZL”, the document states.

Suspicions around New Zealand’s involvement in signals intelligence gathering on behalf of the US National Security Agency were reinforced late last year when documents released by Mr Snowden revealed the existence of the Stateroom programme.

The documents showed the programme operated from sites at US embassies and consulates and from the diplomatic missions of intelligence partners in the so-called Five Eyes intelligence gathering and sharing network, including Australia, Britain and Canada.

…Snowden and Greenwald were right again, NZ Embassies are involved in spying for the US.

Key has sold our independent foreign policy out for a round of Golf with Obama, his spineless acquiescence to America should shame NZ, but it won’t.

NZ just electorally rewarded Key for mass surveillance lies and Dirty Politics. They chose to believe in the mainstream media demonisation of Kim Dotcom rather than question Key. Remember the Herald quoted an academic claiming drunk students chanting was akin to Nazi rallies? When that kind of one sided view is the one dominating debate, it is no wonder Nicky Hager declared that Dirty Politics had won Key the election.

NZers refused to accept that Kim has been wronged by the Government and that he should fight back, they decided instead that he was big money attempting to influence the election when it’s really National who is the big money influencing the election.

So news that Snowden and Greenwald were right won’t even register with the sleepy hobbits. So many NZers have personally invested their own ego into the empty aspiration of brand #TeamKey that they point blank refuse to criticise him, no matter what he does.

We are a Cargo Cult minus the cargo.

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Why on earth would any country vote for NZ to be on the UN Security Council when we are America’s 53rd State after Israel and Australia?

Wait until someone starts taking photos of NZ Embassies with strange looking antenna on their roofs and wait for those trading partners to become outraged at NZ and react with trade sanctions. Even at that point the sleepy hobbits won’t blame Key, they’ll attack those speaking the truth.

Welcome to the new Nu Zilind, we have 3 more years of this book burning.


  1. I wonder how long it will be be before FJK decides we should conduct naval manoeuvres with U.S. nuclear vessels.

  2. I hope they put up trade sanctions. I think it would wake some more people up to what is actually happening, and we just plain deserve it.

  3. Your disgust at the average New Zealander is becoming palpable Martyn. Before the election you had faith that enough New Zealanders understood the difference between right and wrong to vote Key out. Now you live in a limbo land where you know that no matter what facts are presented a VERY large number of New Zealanders are so lost that hope itself is hopeless. Now you can but point out the obvious knowing this doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world – as we all unwillingly accompany this caravan of the deluded as it follows the pied piper ever further into this endless wasteland.

    Well, that’s how I feel anyway (ha ha)

    • I don’t share that disgust, after this site has analysed how bad a job the media are doing – or should I say; how good a job they are doing at miseading the public. We know millions of dollars are spent on PR and the way people vote just proves that it’s effective.

      If we turn those voters into ‘the enemy’ then we’ll never get anywhere. We’ll also reinforce the cliche view people have of those on the ‘far left’ while we’re at it.

    • yeah damned if you do and damned if you dont..whats the solution?why are kiwi’s so blind or if they can see whats going on,why so casual with it?? are we as a nation just plain delusional…meh

    • It is the current legislation changes that Key has rammed through that enables much of this spying to be elevated to the big brother status.

      That said, Labour also have questions to answer.

  4. It seems that lots and lots of money was spent to dazzle voters.. don`t worry though, it didn`t work on everybody. JK might have got the votes but alot of people don`t respect or trust him. There is alot of negativity towards National and you never know people might stand up and say “enough is enough” without waiting for Politians to do it for them. That`s what I think.

  5. These additional Snowden/Greenwald disclosures are further evidence that the NZ National-led government is in bed with the US. This is in direct contradiction to the espoused ‘independent foreign policy’ that Mr Key continually babbles about. I think the benefits that he sees from this arrangement are purely financial, his career focus prior to politics on being a money trader speaks volumes about this priorities.

    Essentially I think Mr Key believes that by buddying up with the US in this disgusting state surveillance agreement, and then further with their ‘war on terror’, NZ will be rewarded by TPPA agreements which favour NZ’s exporters. What he doesn’t seem to realise is that the TPPA is an agreement akin to gambling at Sky City, the house always wins because the odds are stacked in their favour.

    It’s important in trying to address this issue that we don’t go alienating our audience. People who voted for Key and/or National did so for any number of reasons, some of them might have been genuinely fooled by their lies. The approach I take is to outline the verifiable facts and let those speak for themselves. If someone talks of the economic recovery, I tell them of the staggering overseas debt and the families living in poverty. If somebody says they have nothing to hide, I ask them why are they being watched? It’s a simple technique that starts people thinking for themselves rather than making them defensive.

    This is not to say some of them don’t make me angry sometimes with their mindlessness. It’s all about keeping the long-term goal in mind.

  6. Scapegoating Key won’t solve anything. NZ’s security relationship with GBR goes back to colonization. The problem is institutional, not political.

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