Key raises terror threat level to justify war in Iraq and now the SIS need MORE spying powers???



Have we learned nothing from rushing into war?

It’s embarrassing Key has raised our terror threat from ‘very low’ to ‘low’ so he can justify military action in Iraq.

Watching him pimp for an American war is as sick as watching him pimp for Sky City Casino. All Key is saying, is give never ending war a chance.

But it gets better, now Key says the SIS need MORE spying powers to cope with this sudden threat. That’s right, after handing the GCSB and the Police vast surveillance powers which effectively amount to the largest erosion of civil liberties in NZs modern political history, the SIS now need MORE spying powers.

My guess will be these spying powers will mimic the anti-whitsleblower spy powers that Australia is trying to force through and this will all be done under the guise of protecting us from terrorism. The new SIS powers will of course have nothing to do with protecting us from terrorism and everything to do with shutting down whistle blowers and journalists like Nicky Hager who dare to challenge the Government with information the SIS and GCSB don’t want in the public domain. These new powers will be rammed through Parliament at Christmas when no one is paying attention.

It’s insulting that Key said previous to the election that we wouldn’t go to war, the second he wins, all of a sudden we need to go to war.

Key lied, bare faced and is now using fear to justify a war AND more SIS spying powers. The real horror is that NZers will love him for it.

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  1. Could this all be climate-change related? They’re pursuing it very aggressively, im guessing it is the mass surveillance apparatus pushing for these sweeping changes throughout the 5 eyes member states. They must know, as much as the rest of us do that islamic fundamentalism is not at all a threat to domestic NZ. Climate change certainly will be…but as soon as you alert people to that being the reason, they would likely revolt. The threat of climate change would suddenly be a lot graver and immediate in the minds of the naive masses than it has appeared to date, what with the media being almost completely silent on it.

  2. The combination of increased surveillance powers, changes to terrorism legislation and the rush to have it all passed under urgency certainly doesn’t give me any confidence in Mr Key or his government at all.

    This all seems very much like they want to broaden powers of interception and incarceration under the guise of security without proper scrutiny being given to what is actually being changed and whether it is necessary.

    The creeping totalitarian surveillance state is being constructed around us. Tell your friends before gathering in groups of three or more is legislated as a crime.

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