How was raiding Nicky Hager’s home for 10 hours so important?



“I believe the police actions are dangerous for journalism in New Zealand.” 
– Nicky Hager, 2014


You would think would you not that there were many crimes in NZ worthy of investigation far more important than raiding an investigative journalists home.

Not in the new Nu Zilind though, in the new Nu Zilind, investigative journalists who embarrass John Key are lying communist scum. We know this because NZers overwhelmingly rallied to John Key despite the sleaze and dirty politics revealed in Nicky Hager’s book.

In NZ, John Key can do whatever he likes and NZers love it. We are a cargo cult minus the cargo.

I can’t recall a 10 hour search of the Roast Buster boys (1 of whom was the son of a cop). How come none of those boys boasting about raping women had their homes and computers searched for 10 hours? Isn’t it eye watering what the NZ Police get to decide what is investigative worthy and what isn’t? Remember, originally they wouldn’t investigate Banks, but Hager? He’s lucky to have not been arrested for Treason.

Isn’t it hilarious that none of the allegations mentioned in the actual book are being investigated by the Police, but the journalist writing the book is now under investigation.

We should be eternally grateful for the truth Nicky revealed with Dirty Politics – that he’s had his house raided by cops should shame us all. Publishing stolen emails IS NOT ILLEGAL if the material meets a public interest threshold, the Courts when smacking down Slater’s attempt to gag the media clearly ruled the material Hager had been given WAS IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST so the cops raiding his house for 10 hours is a blatant attempt to intimidate.

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The pathetic attempt at a justification for these Police State actions by Slater are so intellectually shallow and beneath contempt they aren’t worth the waste of oxygen repeating.

Many NZers invested so much personal ego into the vacant aspiration of TeamKey they remain wilfully prejudiced against Hager no matter what. Post Key’s staggering political victory, this is the new Nu Zilind, and in the new Nu Zilind wilful prejudice rules. We love everything casual, especially our fascism.


    • No need to bring the NZSIS or GCSB in for that as was the case previously; because ever since the most recent enhancement of Police spying and interception legislation a few years ago, they can now legally plant combined or standalone Video/Audio Surveillance devices (camera bugs) in a suspects home themselves. I can’t recall if this requires a warrant, but do recall that aspect also being more sketchy now, with the various waivers in the legislation last time I looked. Maybe someone can correct me on this?

      More typically they would probably try first to bug any suitable smartphones in the possession of Mr Hager or Family members who left one at home on the occasion of the ‘raid’, by surreptitiously installing smartphone spying malware such as that made specifically for law enforcement by the software companies “Hacking Team” and “Palantir Technologies” among others.

      Another technique less known, apart from cooperation from the cellphone telco for legal intercept, is the implantation of malware at the level of the SIM Card, via “Broadcast Message” upload vulnerability in the baseband firmware of many older – ‘dumbphones’ still commonly in use today. Most SIM cards in use within GSM networks worldwide these days are typically akin to a standalone smart-card device in functionality, eg they have a tiny CPU of their own, tiny firmware blob, and minimal RAM. If you look at the applications sub-menu of a ‘dumb phone’ and then click on the one that is the name of your cellular communications provider you will see a few entries such as “Call Customer Care”,”Call Voicemail” ,”Get Settings”,”STK Version”,”Send a TXT”etc. These menu entries are all examples of software that runs on your SIM card, which the phone itself has little control over. This is where SIM card malware is placed, except you won’t see a menu entry obviously.

      As you can see there are a plethora of different hacking and surveillance techniques available to be used upon suspects (or in the case of criminal hackers – victims) devices these days. All the more reason why clued up very careful oversight by the Judicial System with proper legislation is sorely needed in this electronically invasive time we now live in…

    • @David Lawson – good point.

      And the PM’s hands will remain scrupulously clean should it be discovered Nicky Hager’s home has been bugged. It will be new GCSB/SIS minister Chris Finlayson who will take the flak from this!

    • This could turn out to be a bad piece of PR for John Key, Dirty Politics had disappeared from the headlines since the election and now we have a chance to get it back on the agenda.

      Add to that the possibility of legal action and there’s even more of a chance. There’s nothing like a piece a ham-fisted police over-reaction to get Nicky a bit of sympathy and underline the bullying nature of this government.

      I mean, 10 hours! What were they doing, redecorating?

      • Redecorating? Probably, yes. I expect that now no one will be able to pass wind in Hager’s house without John Key getting an e-mail notification.

  1. I do not recall any of the actions revealed in Hager’s book being illegal. Unethical maybe, but not illegal. On the other hand hacking other people’s computers, receiving stolen goods and obstructing the course of justice (actions to which Hager freely admits) are illegal.

    • What a load of shit David.
      1 – Blackmailing an MP into standing down. Blackmail is legal is it David?
      2 – Hacking into a political party computer and downloading the entire database. That’s legal now is it David?
      3 – Cyber bulling a public servant – ironically that’s illegal due to changes by Judith Collins.
      4 – There is an investigation into the illegal handing over of SIS info, but that isn’t being conducted by the Police.

      As for your claim that Nicky used stolen emails thus is liable, as you will know, from the posts written here on TDB, it is legal to use stolen emails if the public good is established, – that has been established, the Police now harassing Hager by searching his house for 10 hours will face ba legal challenge by Hager.

      You need far better skills at trolling.

        • The law allows for anyone to publish stolen material if the material meets the public interest threshold. We have blogged on the legality of this once right wing trolls tried to claim the issue was about the illegal hacking of emails.

          • You didn’t reply to my question. Was the hack legal?

            I take it you don’t think people’s privacy is important if there is a wider public interest.

            • It’s not that I don’t think privacy isn’t important if it is for the wider public interest, THE LAW says it is legal. How come for someone pushing the law as your entry point to this debate seems to have no idea whatsoever as to what the law actually says about publishing stolen emails?

              • I didn’t argue about the law relating to publishing, I was asking about the initial hack.

                Was hacking Whaleoil emails legal?

                • I’ve answered your question – the Journalist publishing the leaked emails is legally allowed to, breaking into Hager’s house and searching it for 10 hours is a gross exploitation of Police powers. I note that none of the Roastbusters who boasted about rapeing women (one of whom was the son of a cop) didn’t have their homes searched for 10 hours so your attempt to elevate the hacking of Slater’s email into a justification for what has happened to Hager is intellectually shallow and far more worthy of posting on Whaleoil

                  • The legality of hacking WhaleOil’s emails is irrelevant to Hager’s right to publish them, which is covered by the public interest defence.

                    Perhaps you need some time to get this through your thick, pig brain.

                  • As reported, the information was freely available through a Labour party public site. Someone in the National party was alerted to this and tried it. They then alerted the labour party who fixed the error. Not quite the same as hacking a private computer. The report might have been right wing spin, but whatever really happened, it was old news. Labour knew about it well before Hager’s ‘revelations’.

                    • That’s simply not true David and you speak like someone who actually hasn’t read the book. Have you read the Book ‘david’? You sound like someone speaking about a book they have not in fact read, because if you had in fact read the book you would know that Slater and his chums downloaded the entire data base with Ede working on it from inside parliament and bragging about a program that hides his IP address. You know they downloaded the entire data base right David?

                    • so if you saw a patient file on the street outside the hospital youd read and publish it? – or know full well that its meant to be private?

                      if “wah wah – he wrote a book with stolen emails” is all youve got then shut up – because youve already said it and its been found wanting

                • The difference is David, it is in the public´s interest to expose corruption. It is not in the public´s interest to randomly trawl through our e-mails under the guise of anti-terrorism, under secrecy, when anyone with less than half a brain knows a terrorist is probably not going to e-mail his mates. Therefore, it can be deduced, the use of this information is for something else, a sinister something else, hence all the secrecy.

                • Why can’t you understand the simple fact that it was “Rawshark” that hacked the emails, all Hager did was publish them legally.

                  • Following your logic we should never have hear about Watergate because “Deep Throat” revealations were illegally passed on to The Washington Post journalists.

            • Your question was irrelevant to the article. The article was not debating the legality of the emails that were given to Hager, it was debating the double standards of raiding him, whilst those pictured at the top, who all bragged about possessing and intending to disseminate and/or publish stolen emails and personal info, are not being raided or investigated.

              Stay on target.

        • Hager did not hack Whale oil´s e-mails. He merely passed on information that was given to him. In any event, he has a claim of right defence. He is one of the few in this country that has earned the right to call himself a journalist.

          • Nobody said he did.

            It will be interesting to see whether the courts agree that he is a journalist should he be challenged to reveal his sources. There are precedents that suggest that they might not.

            • You are of course referring to Slater’s slap down in Court where they said his ‘journalism’ didn’t give Slater the protections he was trying to exploit. Hilariously as a defender of Slater, you’ll note the irony that in that case Slater was the one who had been given a stolen computer which he then published the emails from.

              • I try to debate logically rather than take sides. The courts ruled that Slater was a journalist and could protect his sources in some circumstances but not in others – because it was in the public interest that they be revealed. No the irony was not lost on me. Hager may end up facing the same test.

                • No, the Court ruled that while Slater was a ‘journalist’ his journalism did not warrant the legal protections of sources. Are you seriously claiming the weird attacks Slater did to Blomfield using Blomfield’s stolen emails are on par with the gross abuses of power Hager exposed in Dirty Politics?

                • “I try to debate logically rather than take sides”

                  calling bullshit on that – youve got one angle you keep repeating even when its been rebutted for months now

        • Do you agree that Bhatnagar, Jason Ede and Cameron Slater hacking into Labour’s computers and stealing private information is illegal David? Why aren’t the police investigating that?

      • The computer was attached to the internet and included public web pages which the public are authorized to access. The Crimes Act states that it is NOT illegal to use an authorized access for a purpose other than the intended purpose. It would seem that this is legal.

        Where in the Crimes Act does it state that it is legal to use stolen emails if the public good is established?

        Where has the the public good been established by a neutral entity?

        • “Where has the the public good been established by a neutral entity?”

          Since when has the “public good” ever been required to be established by a “neutral entity”, kltpzyxm? ,If that were the case, no one has told the media or any of the investigative journalists in this country.

          You’re simply inventing a situation that does not exist and has never existed, to try to prove your point.

        • So you agree that Deep Throat shouldnt have passed on information to two reporters ….and by consequence that Nixon should never have been impeached , and that corruption in high places is ok ? , yes?…

          A court in this country ruled -yes RULED – that there was sufficient ‘PUBLIC INTEREST ‘ that the potential evidence albiet ‘leaked’ or otherwise obtained was deemed a lesser case than the potential gross corruption of the National govt .

          In which case it becomes admissable evidence. Its very basic. Police do it all the time with lowly crims. Not a hard concept to grasp ….and it appears more like you are trying to nitpick and grasp at straws.

          Please desist. It is irritating.

        • “Where in the Crimes Act does it state that it is legal to use stolen emails…”

          Wow. You’re really bad at this law thing, aren’t you? Why not ask where, in the Crimes Act, does it state that whistling while seated on the toilet is legal?

          If we have a state where the list of legal things has to be explicitly stated, we probably wouldn’t be having this debate. Because we would have “disappeared”.

    • Just shaddup with your legal/illegal crap will ya? This bunch of pirates have a list of unanswered crimes that make Dotcom look like Jesus Christ returned. They can only just keep changing the rules fast enough to keep the skin on their asses. But all liars and thieves have their day of reckoning … thought no liar … ever.

    • @ Liberty4NZ

      ” it is in the public´s interest to expose corruption. ”

      Indeed it is .

      The Daily Blog has become an institution for that already . The Daily Blog is somewhere that I certainly call home . In here , we are one .

      While I’m no marketing professional , I’d say that’s a Brand .

      The Daily Blog has become a recognisable Brand for those of us who give a fuck . A Big Flying Fuck .

      Lets get The Daily Blog out there then ?

      When I did my own polling of those I met leading up the the debacle that was our election , the one single unifying element in all my conversations had with many people from all backgrounds , fore grounds , professions , jobs , beliefs and earnings was this .
      They all really had no idea of who to vote for much less understood the various party policies . Consequentially , they did not give , even one small flying fuck . Not one fuck flew in those days leading up to the ‘ election ‘ .

      The reason is obvious . The regime ; the neoliberals ; the national-ACT-conservative-united future et al have had complete control over the Media , where most of the public still try to glean their information from .
      A very common theme is ” I don’t watch the News anymore . Can’t stand the bastards . ” That , my whanau is a market opening we bloggers and commentors can exploit . Lets give the public something that , in time , they yearn for , become addicted to , can indetify with , becomse a part of their lives . Not some dreadful thing people where people would rather chose ignorance than be subjected to the likes of paul henry or mike hoskings , a couple of creeps better than emetics . ( adjective (of a substance) causing vomiting. )
      Not one person I’ve talked to has even heard of The Daily Blog . Most people think that Blogging per se is a silly past time , a bit like porn or youtube channels showing kittens falling off chairs . ( Which I love incidently . )

      The Daily Blog , thus our voices ; Must . Be . Marketed .

      I’ve been reading ‘ David ‘ above . He said his piece . But because he’s here , the brave little lamb , he can get buried in logic , reason and common sense all driven by good intentions , and frankly better minds .

      If it were left to the overtly corrupt MSM , he’d look like a knight in polished stainless steel , the misguided kitchen appliance that he is , and we’d look like whiny , whinging bludgers only worthy of contempt and derision .

      Those days are gone for the Appliances .

      This is the dawn of Our Times . It’s our turn now . Hence , the gross over reaction of the cops re Nicky Hager . They’re running scared .

      Lets get The Daily Blog out there . I mean really out there .

      Cards , flyers , advertising , rallies , marches , T shirts , graffiti TDB’s web address .
      I do truly believe The Daily Blog needs a marketing wing to promote The only alternative to a corrupt , bias and frankly evil MSM hell bent on helping a regime destroy our country and it’s people . Us .

      By the end of this year , we should hear The Daily Blog on every ones lips .

      There’s much more to knowing the enemy than their weapons and troop numbers . Use what they use , then defeat them with it . They own the Media . So lets create a new media that we fucking own . And this is it ! Truely , this is it !

      Martyn ? Selwyn ? Print up a T shirt . Size XL . I’ll be the first to buy it . So long as it’s black .

      The Daily Bog . The Pirate Media ! Let them come to us , and we’ll cut their fucking heads off , one by one .

      You’re up David . Show us what you’ve got . Becuase so far , you’re just a bit of info-lite fluff and fluff sticks to black like shit to a blanket .

      • I wonder if Kim Dotcom has any $$$$$ left, and TDB would agree to let him help them get the word out as CLEAN GREEN suggests.
        Perhaps Hone will contribute to their posts now he has some time on his hands. Can’t wait to see the language he would use if his emails are anything to go by! You would have to step it up a couple of gears to compete, …TRY BOY.
        Diminutive DAVID met gargantuan Goliath on this page. One has to give him credit for continuing to sling his tiny pebbles at us but, unlike the Biblical story, I fear he has been buried under a mountain of rock. I do hope he crawls out from under and continues to throw stuff at us as our views need to be challenged if they are to have any value.

  2. Only the one reason I can think of. There’s evidence out there that points to even more damaging dirt, they need to destroy it and quickly!

    • I wonder how secure the sealed bags containing Nicky Hager’s property is?…maybe Hager had material on John Key’s financial dealings?..and remember the threats from Odgers?…Hager is a very brave man

  3. Outrageous behaviour and one that many of us Nu Zillanders do not want to be part of going by the many comments that are being made by others on social media…. I am surprised that more Mainstream journalists are not speaking up about this

    • Main stream media are all for it ,they protect John Key remember. They have no loyalty to other journalists, esspecially a real investigative journalist of Nicky Hagers calibre, they are just hacks in comparison, with appologies to the few decent journalists .

    • This is the other Grant by the way.
      Yes Karen.
      How often have we heard Gower say, ”you know I can’t reveal my sources”, when asked to prove some bit of fictitious garbage that he’s trotted out. If Nicky Hager has to reveal his sources so should Gower and the rest of them, everyday!
      I actually hate, (and that’s a big word ), what this country has become and for me that’s sad, as I used to love this country.
      And to top it off they’re now touting Paula Benefit as possibly being our next Prime Minister, for Gods Sake.
      Have you ever heard anything so damn ridiculous in all your life.
      I feel I won’t be living in N.Z for too many more years unless something dramatic happens. Who the hell wants to live under this bunch of wide -boys.
      Go ‘The Hager’!!!!!!!

  4. They took “a large collection of papers and electronic equipment belonging to my family, including computers, drives, phones, CDs, an iPod and a camera.”

    This of someone who, the police told him, “was not a suspect in their case, merely a witness”.

    It seems like a massive overreach of powers, and if they can do that to Nicky, what is to stop them doing that to others, to anyone they decide may be a potential ‘witness’ to whatever.

    • It will be to do with Hager´s legal advice I would imagine. Don´t blame him, he´s going to need it as the PTB will be looking to make an example of him. They want to show the rest of us that they will punish any public dissent.

  5. I went to a talk by Nicky Hager on Friday and I thought he seemed a bit “possum in the headlights” – now I know why. But he was devestatingly critical of John Key and he had an air of steely determination. I suspect this is very far from being over.

    • Key is the total arse wipe …. and the so-called Kiwis who voted for him are of the same gorgeous colour.
      Used to be proud of the fellow Kiwi individual, you know, the anti-racist, anti-nuclear protest Kiwi – people who spoke/acted out and set a world example … but a new, flabby, mentally weak version has slimed over the country. What’s a poor patriot to do?

  6. How is this NOT McCarthyism? Labour’s computer was illegally accessed, and details taken….response? we were begging for it.
    Hagar is given information, and 5 cops raid his home and personal possessions are confiscated, no one has been killed or even threatened, he has not committed any crime, but 5 cops for 10 hours??

  7. Another thing I don’t think I have seen mentioned in comments here if you will forgive my skim reading, is the sheer futility of the police raid if they were genuinely looking for evidence which would give away the identity of the Whaleoil Hacker.

    I read a Stuff article I think it was by a journalist who was supposedly in direct correspondence with “Rawshark”, and he explained how ‘paranoid’ the hacker was in terms of communication techniques. If i’m not mistaken from my memory recall of the details, PGP Email encryption was mentioned or alluded to. PGP is one of the few types of encrypted email communication which strips metadata (eg which ISP and what IP address, and the names of servers the email travelled over enroute to the recipient) from the Email Headers as they are known. The NZ police simply don’t have the resources to forensically decode a PGP email stream, especially one which was sent over TOR or another anonymising network as the stuff article also hinted at. The only people who do quite frankly – at a longshot even,are the DSD,CSIS,GCSB,GCHQ,and last but most likely the NSA with their amazing next generation technologies.

    Ironically the TOR network while according to Snowdens Revelations being the subject of NSA data capture for later analysis, is said to also be used by American Military Personel, 5 eyes HUMINT Personal serving in hostile countries,Reporters, and perhaps less ironically Drug Dealers and Terrorists. It’s not the only anonymising network of this type either…

  8. New Zealand has turned into a third world shithole, and I now have little desire to come back. Talking to a few Kiwis who visited home – after seeing the relations, they couldn’t wait to leave again……

  9. Another thing I don’t think I have seen mentioned in comments here if you will forgive my skim reading, is the sheer futility of the police raid if they were genuinely looking for evidence which would give away the identity of the Whaleoil Hacker.

    I read a Stuff article I think it was by a journalist who was supposedly in direct correspondence with “Rawshark”, and he explained how ‘paranoid’ the hacker was in terms of communication techniques. If i’m not mistaken from my memory recall of the details, PGP Email encryption was mentioned or alluded to. PGP is one of the few types of encrypted email communication which strips metadata (eg which ISP and what IP address, and the names of servers the email travelled over enroute to the recipient) from the Email Headers as they are known. The NZ police simply don’t have the resources to forensically decode a PGP email stream, especially one which was sent over TOR or another anonymising network as the stuff article also hinted at. The only people who do quite frankly – at a longshot even,are the DSD,CSIS,GCSB,GCHQ,and last but most likely the NSA with their amazing next generation technologies.

    Ironically the TOR network while according to Snowdens Revelations being the subject of NSA data capture for later analysis, is said to also be used by American Military Personel, 5 eyes HUMINT Personal serving in hostile countries,Reporters, and perhaps less ironically Drug Dealers and Terrorists. It’s not the only anonymising network of this type either…

    2:56am – This comment was aparently deleted from the blog comments, a couple of hours after I posted it, and the dailyblog was down for “server maintenance” around roughly 30 mins ago. So I will post it again, in case it’s dissapearance was not due to actions of TDB site admins. All of the information I post is compiled from readily available public domain information, and is purely my subjective opinion.

    ( ) – Comment link from my first attempt.

    • Hi BLEVINS – can’t open the link supplied in your previous post!

      Perhaps you are onto something there. Hmmmmm!!!

  10. The police and National Government should just keep this up – I suspect we will have a Dirty Politics 2 book out very soon with the current goings on and so we should.

    If it is good enough for Hager, it is good enough for Slater. Why aren’t the police raiding Slater’s home and taking his computer and records away for analysis? This is a very one-sided investigation clearly being fueled by the Nats who are extremely angry at the release of Nicky’s book and its contents. Key doesn’t like to be boxed into a corner – after all, he is the hatchet man and used to being the one dishing out punishment, not being on the receiving end of it.

    With a very small majority in Parliament, I think the National government should be treading very warily – if a major scandal were to be uncovered involving National Party personnel, it would be very interesting to see if they could continue to hold onto power.

  11. Where was the raid, when the NZ Greens complained to police about Jason Ede breaking into Labour’s computers?

    According to police, that complaint didn’t require investigation! WTF!!!

    Nicky Hager (through Rawshark) has done us all a huge favour in releasing information he came by, which was for the public good.

    However, this same information took aim at the government. Hence the reason now, Hager’s home has been invaded by police searching for details relating to the ID of Rawshark! No doubt this raid can be traced back to government level!

    This activity by police, is setting a dangerous precedent for journalists and their sources, possibly leading to a reluctance to come forward with information in future! Playing right into this government’s hands!

    Mr Hager has said he will not cooperate with police and is prepared to go to prison, much rather than reveal the ID of the source of Dirty Politics. This calls for Kiwis to support him, should he face prosecution!

    Now we wait for msm journalists to come out in support of one of their own, by demonstrating some solidarity with Nicky Hager! Won’t be holding my breath for that one to become a reality though!

    • HAHAAHA !!! John Armstrong showing anything but conformist cowardice HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

      Mebbe he should be investigated for all the defamatory FALSE CLAIMS he made about the Chinese bloke who likes giving away bogus fictional $100,000 bottles of wine .


  12. The raid on Nick Hagar’s home – the point about Roast Busters is well made.

    You have 29 miners die at Pike River and no one gets prosecuted and a deal is done with an insurance company.

    The application and the enforcement of law in NZ is variable.

    NZers did not overwhelmingly rally to John Key despite dirty politics. – the opposition parties did not pesent as credible, their policy platform, particularly that of Labour, was rejected.

    It wasn’t a victory won by John key it was a victory given to him by the opposition despite all that was in their favour.

  13. Highly organized groups led by a dynamic leader who exercises strong control.

    A cult is a structured group, most of whose members demonstrate unquestioned loyalty to a dynamic leader. The cult leader governs most, if not all, aspects of the lives of his or her followers, often insisting that they break all ties with the world outside of the cult.

    Read more: Cults – Psychology Encyclopedia, Charismatic, and People – JRank Articles

  14. Can anyone tell me just when the Labour Party database was hacked ? My credit card details would have been on there and over a period of about twelve months I was contacted twice by the issuer asking if i had made certain purchases – no – and then i discovered myself a fairly substantial unathorised amount of money debited to the card of over $1000 which I drew to the bank’s attention. After a lot of buck-pasing it was eventually tracked down to an online casino based in the USA and my money was refunded though no explanation was ever arrived at. All this resulted in my card being changed 3 times that year and I am beginning to suspect that this hacking may have been to blame.

    • Slater and his mates downloaded all the credit card details of the Labour Party database, so if you donated to Labour, Slater had the details.

    • Jan & Martyn,

      Can anyone who had their credit card details leaked as Jan has now lay a Police complaint each separately against the person who leaked the details?

        He planned to publish details on his blogsite but I’m pretty sure he never did. He was probably warned against doing so for the reasons you outlined. Of course, we will never know if he quietly passed on some of those details to other persons. Given his psychopathic tendencies, I would say its a strong possibility.

  15. Martyn, – It’s called a police state.

    Has anyone questioned why the police didn’t seal the 9th floor of the Bee Hive and do a similar 10hr investigation, when it was revelled on the Friday that the emailed leaks were coming from Jason Ede’s office near Key’s office and in collusion with Keys office?

    Martyn now can you do a timeline on the events as they unfolded and what the Police did and didn’t do especially when Labour and Green Party both laid complaints with the Police?

    Labour Laid the complaint with the Police on the following Monday I recall, and the Green Party also, and judging by the fact that Jason Ede was seen entering the Bee Hive on the Friday after the exposure of the leaks coming from the Bee Hive did the Police have any involvement there at any time? Has Ede destroyed the evidence for the PM and then been sacked?

    This is the mother of all cover-ups and an effort to stop the Key Government from being investigated by the Police for sure.

    • @ Cleangreen – call me a silly old cynic or whatever, but is it possible that FJK and his mob of Natsies also have the police in their pockets, as well as msm now?

      I’m beginning to think so, given the questionable 10 hour police raid on Nicky Hager’s home, going through and taking some of his possessions!

  16. I don’t think the keystone cops seriously think they’ll get any dirt on nicky – he’s way too smart. i think the real agenda is to 1. scare off any others who are considering trafficking in anti-national hacked material 2. placate trigger-happy whaleoil who no doubt has plenty of dirt on national 3. lay the groundwork for 5 eyes key who will soon ratchet up surveillance.

  17. Can’t wait for Hager to end up in the can. He will get the shit knocked out of him . . . he is, like all lefties, a wimp and a nark, and in this case there are many with vested interests in this ferret faced wimp.

    • Far right, cowardly, trolling, mouth muscle – sorry, couldn’t help myself, realize this is bad behaviour, feeding troll slime – but what the hell, feel better already.

    • The great thing about this site is the freedom to express an opinion, even if it’s offensive and ignorant like that of IGM above. On Whaleoil, anyone disagreeing with the prevailing narrative is immediately blocked (no matter how carefully considered their comments may be, they are “trolls” because it’s easier to write them off that way). This has led to a “sameness” which will ultimately destroy that site because oilers feed on enmity and antagonism. Many, many commenters are now blocked from WOBH.

    • @IGM – I find it quite sad that someone wishes such horrible and vicious harm towards a fellow being.

      Anyway by getting personal, you have nullified your argument!

      Long may the likes of Nicky Hager and Rawshark and other whistle blowers be allowed to reign free, to expose the truth!

    • IGM, that “wimp” Hager has the guts to stand up against brainless thugs like you and Whale.

      In light of your violent threats, maybe the cops should raid your house and seize your stuff too.

  18. anyone that will stand as an individual against injustice either from so called left or right is some type of hero, anyone that sees hagar as a wimp is some type of zombie cult follower

  19. Okay who do we complain to about this? Serious question. It’s time to start laying complaints en masse through official channels. Call me naive or old-fashioned but at some point public outrage has to be answered

    • Ever heard of Deep Throat , turkey?…I suppose you’d be the sort of pratt that would keep Nixon in power , wouldn’t you?…..

      Grow a fucking brain , mate…

      Its called being in the ‘ PUBLIC INTEREST’… our OWN courts….and thus is LEGAL !!!

      Dont you ever keep up with the news?

    • A telling comment by Juana – ratcheting up fear of the police for people who express an opinion. Exactly the sort of fear-mongering that the National Party is encouraging and which NZers find so abhorrent.

    • @ Juana

      Go clean up yours and hubby’s filthy backyard! It’s as rancid and foul as your threatening comments are!

  20. Blessings on you, Mr. Hager. As you shone the light for the people, it is now up to us to shine the light on this injustice. Perhaps New Zealanders will be more inclined to give support to one of their own as the surveillance state cracks down.

  21. Long live Rawshark

    Long may Rawshark be free to swim in the data stream of the world digital ocean completely undetectable to the corrupt agents of darkness and dirty politics.

    “Dirty Politics author Nicky Hager has had his home raided by police searching for the hacker Rawshark.

    In a 10-hour search of his house, Hager said computers and papers were seized in what appeared to be an attempt to discover the identity of the person who provided information used in the Dirty Politics book.”
    “Dirty Politics: Police raid Nicky Hager’s home”
    Senior Reporter David Fisher NZ Herald, October 7, 2014

    What is Senior NZ Herald reporter David Fisher telling us?

    What he is telling us is this:

    The GCSB and the NSA and all their highly charged turbo powered cyber war experts…..,

    Despite full spectrum dominance of the internet and phone systems….,

    Despite all their state of the art spyware….,

    Despite all the supercomputer number crunching code breaking that money can buy….,

    Despite being able to access the meta data of every single person in the country (and the world)….’

    Despite all this, these overpaid spooks have still not been able to supply the state with the identity and whereabouts of Rawshark.

    It seems that despite all their best efforts…..,

    All the king’s horses and all the king’s men have not been able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again

    So, time to send for Mr Plod to go into Nicky Hager’s house for a bit of old time “evidential search”, (heavy ham fisted fishing expedition), all in a desperate last bid attempt.
    Their hope being, that Mr Plod by rumbling though Nicky Hager’s sock drawer and looking behind the fridge and peering under the bed will lead them to uncover the identity of the dastardly Rawshark.

    Fat chance.

  22. The herald article gave us a crime watch number to ring if we had further info. Perhaps we should all ring it and say the info is all in the book and the criminal is John Key

  23. I note that this happened post election. It would never do to alert voters, prior to the election, to the fact that we are now living in a fascist police state.

    National obviously are desperate to know the identity of the hacker.

    • Exactly! Just like the turnaround about sending SAS Soldiers back to Iraq/Afghanistan. It shows how manipulative and cynically corrupt the supposedly ‘politically conservative’ National Government is now.

      I’m pretty fucking angry about the obviously huge amount of corruption which is now at play in the highest levels of our government and amongst our public servants, eg – the police minister. This descent into blatant one sided cronyism is abhorrent! Slater most certainly should be shut down or investigated by the NZSIS and the Police. A question that comes to mind among many others is – why was his trip to Israel paid for quietly by the Israeli Government? He admitted to this in one of his television interviews with Campbell Live and as I recall was said to have bragged on his blog that he should be paid for “services rendered”. Maybe that one slipped under the radar of our usually highly competent security services.

      So let’s see, take one corrupt Blogger flown out of the country by a Foreign Government for a holiday to cool things down at home, (and ostensibly garner sympathy for the ‘poor guy’) , add the current Government of our own Country propping him up by intimidating a legally innocent reporter who tried his best to alert the public about said – mass corruption at the highest levels in the beehive, and what do you get? A potential emerging threat to our “National Security” if ever there was one!

      There will be Police and Intelligence people logging comments to this blog no doubt… I really hope there is some attempt by them, to investigate Slaters links to John Key, and by extension seemingly to a Foreign Government, rather than simply charting metadata off an openly left-wing political blogs comments section. Are we commentators a threat? No we are as patriotic as anyone serving in our security services! “At the end of the day” we are playing for the same team – that of The New Zealand People, and the values we all cherish as a nation both here, and projected abroad.

  24. The Daily Blog is a good source of information/opinion that most of the voting public lack being totally uninformed – due to the lack of investigative old style journalism I suppose. And reading other responses is informative – unless it attacks the person instead of the message. Language also needs to be civil. When I see either of these in a response I immediately place less attention to their message, judging them to be ‘nutters’ and move on.
    Also the back and forth between Martyn and David – I can understand the need to rebut – but why don’t you both exchange phone contacts and meet face to face for a good old fashion cup of tea. On line debates have their limitations.

    • Thanks for that gentle reminder Ross. I think you make a good point about civil language and not using strawman arguements such as “shooting the messenger” or simply vilifying them.

      I rarely if ever swear online, as it’s not very mature for one, but on this occasion I felt justified in venting my anger and frustration. I also feel confident that the same wave of emotion is felt by hundreds of other people. Not that this makes it right per se’. Obviously we should all try our best to be civil as much as possible, not so much to lend a more sympathetic ear from the more sensitive amongst us but instead to show each other and our politcal opponents a modicum of day to day respect.

      However this is not a formal medium, and people do have a right “to vent” as it is known, bearing consciously in mind what a turnoff it can be to the receptiveness of others.

  25. Obviously I fully agree with your core argument, here, Bomber.

    But when you say: “NZers overwhelmingly rallied to John Key…”, I have to shout Whooooaaa there, Big Fella !!! National received the support of almost precisely one third of Eligible New Zealand Voters. The Right Bloc as a whole (even including the Cons and the Maori Party) took just 38% of the Eligible vote.

    So, yes, like you I also shake my head at the Election result (while quietly muttering Unbe-fucking-liveable !!! under my breath), but always gotta remember that this Government is supported by a distinct minority. Go outside into the city find 100 randomly-selected adult New Zealanders and only 33 of the buggers will have voted National, with another 4 or 5 voting for other Right parties.

  26. I recall hearing Nicky mention in a radio interview pre election that he got one fact wrong in the book – and that was the gender of someone – he had referred to someone as a female when it was actually a male. Then later, I caught the tail end of another interview with him where he was admitting to another error – but I didn’t really catch what is was.

    Is there a list of proven (or suspected) errors from his book?

    I can’t believe that these FACTS are out there in the world (as well as Snowden’s eye witness evidence) – and our drunk leader is able to carry on as if nothing has happened.

  27. Legal or illegal I think we do need to know the sorts of things that go on in the halls of power, and we have the right to demand that things change.

  28. This politeness thing, meaning we’re meant to suppress our reactions and anger because of communication etiquette; there are times when emotion and action is absolutely necessary; it contains power, and speaks exactly to the point, you know, like when the Waiheke trimaran rammed one of the ugly US submarine visitors to climb halfway up the side of the brute – that was real expression … and the US got the message and never visited in subs again. Also I’ve never seen such uncool reaction from military/naval people; the thing went into reverse, lifted its arse clear of the water, aerated a hectare and almost sucked a totally panic stricken police boat (with Chief of police aboard) into the giant propeller(s).
    Now a heavy reaction (even in the written word here) is required to counter this police state/cum Shonkey behaviour. That turkey should be hauled before a tribunal, along with the rest of his corrupt goons.

  29. Our previous generations fought and died on feign fields to save us from this totalitarianism now reconstructed in the name of security.

    Who’s security?

    The ruling junta or us?

    Shame on John Key and his criminal club, when I go to the next Dawn Parade I will hang my head in shame for what we have allowed to happen as our liberty Freedom and Democracy is taken away by force.

    I was in the NZ Army and feel disgraced now.

    “the price of Freedom & democracy is constant vigilance.”

    • Our previous generations fought and died on feign fields to save us from this totalitarianism

      Yes. Next year the big one for Gallipoli. My grandfather and his brother were there (both born here in CHCH). His bro never came home. I remember his pride, his love of this country. What would he think now?

  30. You guys are just fucking wankers. You can’t stand anyone who can think for themselves. No wonder the left is a headless chicken if you’r representative of the left brains trust.

    Man you need to man up and show some real class.

    Long live the right

    • cult followers some how imagine they are thinking for themselves? apparently repeating the ideals of their cult leader is interpreted as thinking for themselves. interesting

    • If some of us choose to masturbate from time to time, it does not follow by any logical process that it causes us to hate people with their own opinion as you seem to in regard to us. Afterall we are hardly the majority in the country are we? Otherwise the election might have been different.

      Showing some class would start with proper punctuation, I would imagine. Which is something you regularly fail to do, such as in your comment above.

      Also you could probably benefit from having a read about “logical fallacies” as they are known. It could help you offer more intelligent arguments in the future, and garner some respect from others here for at least actually trying instead of ranting. Gain peoples respect even a little, and they tend to be more likely to try and see your viewpoint.

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