Tony Abbott on burqa



Tony Abbott on burqa


  1. I’ve seen ‘ budgie smugglers ‘ but have never seen ‘ sand fly smugglers ‘ . He looks like Magilla Gorilla .

    The one thing that does fuck me off about Muslims is how men followers of the gibberish religion treat their women like second class citizens . Yes , I know they have their little ceremonies and snuggle fests but it still fucks me off and it’s that , that I find offensive . I was in a Muslim country recently and watched on in one particular shop owned by Muslims where the women clustered together in a corner while the man flounced about like a male peacock after a line of coke . Of course , that could just be my ignorance of their silly ways . I dunno . I don’t like beardy men either . I always feel as though men with beards should be wearing underpants on their faces . I expect to see their testicles hanging off their chin . OMG ! Have you seen ” Movie 43 ” ? A classic film by anybody’s standard . The scene between Kate Winslet and Hugh Jackman is hilarious !

    Make sure you watch it with the most precious and religeous old spinster Aunt/Uncle you can find .

    • I’m bothered by the rise in the wearing of the hijab and burqa here. Neither was seen much at all before about 2001, despite there having been a reasonable Muslim population already here by that time.

      When I hear young women with strong New Zealand accents explaining why they now wear the hijab, for instance, I know that their reasons are likely to be political, rather than religious, despite their assertions to the contrary.

      Muslim women in many parts of the world wear neither garment; the Koran does not prescribe them, enjoining only both men and women to dress modestly. There’s no religious reason for women here in NZ to cover themselves up in such a fashion.

      My concerns centre around the risk that wearing these garments becomes normative, and not just for Muslim women. Don’t think that it can’t happen.

      On the other hand, I doubt that the wearing of budgie-smugglers will become de rigueur for men. I hope…..

  2. Surf lifesavers wear budgie smugglers, end of. If he was walking down the street in them, barf material, if he is genuinely into surf lifesaving, a bit different.
    Next time you find yourself in the water needing a bit of assistance, what’s the bet you don’t tell the budgie smuggling lifeguard to go back and put a burqa on before rescuing you

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