Terrorising Australia’s Muslim population



We should be suspicious when 800 police conduct “terror” raids across Australia, but only one person is charged with a relevant terrorism offence (of which we know few details).

We should be suspicious of the lurid tales of terrorists planning to behead Australians in the street when previous scares have had little foundation. As Australia’s Green Left paper points out: “Nobody has ever been convicted of planning or conducting a specific terrorist act in Australia under the so-called anti-terror laws.”

We should be suspicious when the raids and the scare stories occur just before a Senate vote on draconian new anti-terror laws, which include limits to press freedom, further invasion of privacy and the granting of immunity to intelligence officers breaking the law. The laws subsequently passed.

We should also be suspicious when the Abbott government plays up ISIS terror threats just as it is seeking public support for dispatching military personnel to combat ISIS.

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We should be suspicious when the unpopular Abbott government gets a jump in the polls after whipping up suspicions that the Islamic community may be harbouring “terrorists”.

And we should be very worried when the consequence of this fear-mongering, rather than the identification on any actual terrorist plots, has been greater harassment of Australia’s Muslim community.

Across Australia Muslims are being abused, threatened and stopped at airports. One Brisbane mosque was spray-painted with “Get the f… out of our country”.

Incredibly, three men of “Middle Eastern appearance” were removed from the Roosters-Cowboys league game and interrogated by the Police “for using their mobile phones in a way that did not match what was happening on the field.”

Australia’s “war on terror” is more like a war on Australia’s Muslim community..

The “war on terror” feeds on the consequences of its own actions. The harassment of Muslims that goes hand in hand with anti-terror laws, plus the Western military interference in Islamic countries, does produce some extreme responses, as we saw in the recent stabbing of two Australian police officers by a Muslim youth.

The solution is not more wars, more laws and greater surveillance of the population, but a fairer and more tolerant society.

As for the extremist ISIS group, it wouldn’t exist but for the American-led invasion and occupation of Iraq, which enabled its initial recruitment of Sunni resistance fighters. The policies of ISIS are not popular among the people it rules and it relies on the hostility of Western powers to survive. The Israeli paper Haaretz headlined a recent article: “Islamic State recruitment is soaring in the wake of US bombing” and reported that 6000 new fighters joined ISIS “since the US began targeting the group with air strikes last month.”  Western military intervention has helped ISIS politically and is part of the problem, not the solution.


    • At least Iran hasn’t invaded any other countries in modern history and you do know they are Shia Muslims while ISIL is comprised of Sunni Muslims, yeah, right?

        • Raegun,
          I would remind you that women are treated badly in virtually all societies, not just Muslim ones. It seems unfair for you to single them out for condemnation when there’s so many other misogynistic examples to choose from:-
          Poor parents in Far East countries who sell their girl children into a life of prostitution.
          Eastern Europeans women who are duped into becoming sex slaves by being offered jobs in the West.
          Mail order brides from various countries.
          Domestic servitude or even slavery.
          Male violence against women everywhere.
          The glass ceiling for women.
          Male dominance based solely on physical strength.
          Less pay for the same work.
          …the list goes on.
          Like all religions,Islam is meant to be compassionate to all regardless of gender. I would agree the male role is far too dominant, although there have been some outstanding Muslim women who have risen to prominence. The contribution Islam has made to science and our understanding of the world is impossible to ignore.
          I agree with you that we would probably be better served by not having religious views effect our world outlook, especially when they are distorted to fit zealots’ preconceived ideas. Dunking- if she drowns she was innocent- and burning witches are a few examples of the many Christian abuses against women.
          I suspect we would have a much better world if it was run by women- Margaret Thatcher being an obvious exception to this rule! May be even better if all the women rulers were atheists.
          Men would do well to remember that they only exist because a dash of testosterone has been added to the standard female body form, hence male retention of nipples.

      • Can I assume a bunch of woman haters on this site with all those down thumbs. Sorry, but as far as I am concerned these societies have no place in the world. It’s not as if women get a say in how they are run, so not sure how you can have any bloody sympathy for them

        • Fai,
          I said “At least Iran hasn’t invaded any other countries in modern history”, if Iran invaded Iraq that’s news to me.

  1. Well said, sir! I think we should be more than suspicious of Abbott’s ulterior motives, the adjectives skeptical and cynical spring to mind.
    As Fisk points out in his latest Independant article, the whole war has been a farce from it’s inception…
    “And, as so often amid the excitement of yet another conflict escalation, the “experts” and decrepit ex-ambassadors on our screens need to leaf through a history book or two before explaining “our” actions. The “Islamic State” was created out of al-Qaeda in Iraq, which absorbed the anti-American resistance to American occupation, which in turn followed the illegal 2003 Anglo-American invasion of Iraq. If Messrs Bush and Blair had not embarked on their Iraqi adventure, does anyone think the US would be helping Assad to destroy his enemies today?
    “Irony” doesn’t measure up to the words of the Middle-East’s “peace envoy” who this week transformed himself into a war envoy by holding out the prospect of more Western troops in the Muslim world. Is the Syrian regime supposed to laugh or cry?”

  2. @ Raegun . Thank you . At last . A Thinker making a comment on the Daily Blog .

    sarcasm |ˈsɑːkaz(ə)m|
    noun [ mass noun ]
    the use of irony to mock or convey contempt: she didn’t like the note of sarcasm in his voice.
    ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: from French sarcasme, or via late Latin from late Greek sarkasmos, from Greek sarkazein ‘tear flesh’, in late Greek‘gnash the teeth, speak bitterly’ (from sarx, sark- ‘flesh’).

  3. I’m suspicious of the Australian terror arrests in the week before the New Zealand elections. Worked well for John Key when he was under pressure over mass internet surveillance. Did Abbot time this to help the National Party ?

    • @Brewer;

      Webster Tarpley is a better one.

      He is a top geo-political historian / economist [maybe the best] with an
      impressive C.V. He has slowley been removed from m.s.media since 9/11, presume because his narrative is to close to the bone.
      Has contacts inside “Deep State and CIA etc intel groups.
      Archival removal of interviews[Fox,CNN and recent RT etc.], but his own writtings,presentations and lectures are solid. TARPLEY.net

  4. “Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” -Benjamine Franklin

    Great Article. Did anyone else wonder why the ‘arrest’ was held with TV cameras live? Does it really make sense – armed forces worried about security and uncovering a terrorist plot call the TV camera’s in …… cos it is of national security and such a sensitive nature?

    Nothing like radicalizing muslims against non muslims to get the temperature heating up. If war and conflict isn’t happening nationally just start one….. and so good for defense contractors and getting unpopular anti human rights legislation through government.

    Be careful people it used to be ‘reds under the beds’ now there’s a new threat to our safety according to our trusted governments. We now should give up our ‘innocent until proven guilty’ justice system to just ‘trust us’ evidence behind closed doors.

  5. Pepe Escobar is another writer with his eye on the ball:

    “So this is not only about bombing The Caliph. It is a back-door preamble to bombing Bashar al-Assad and his forces. And also about bombing – with eight strikes west of Aleppo – a ghost; an al-Qaeda cell of the mysterious Khorasan group.

    No wonder global fans of the Marvel Comics school of geopolitics are puzzled. Two simultaneous villains? Yep. And the other bad guy is even more evil than The Caliph.”


  6. Save NZ, the police filmed it themselves. There was no media present. The police acted on information gained from intercepted phone conversations, they were very specific about what they intended to do. We have here in Perth very active jihadist recruitment Web sites. The man who was shot in Victoria was intent on killing. There is no mass sur valance in NZ. And to think that Abbot timed the raids is laughable. But you can always prove me wrong with solid evidence.

  7. It is good to see this ploy so clearly elucidated in a public forum. It’s not particularly subtle, and the motivations for it so obvious that it’s hard to see how those conducting it thought they would get a way with it. Naturally I’ve over-estimated the ability to think critically in the Australian and New Zealand population, and under-estimated their xenophobia.

    Although using false pretences to justify military action is reprehensible, I fear more the undermining of civil liberties which are simultaneously being stripped from the Australians.

    Be on watch for similar events here.

    • @Freemannz;

      Referred to as “False Flags”, designed to take us to war or to scare us
      [“Strategy of Tension”] into law changes that would otherwise not pass.

      As for critical thinking; until more people stop believing everything media tells us [18% trust USA] and do their own research, things won’t change.

      A Paradigm Shift is required; ie that a Global Elite control ALL our Gvts,both left&right! The Media are their foghorns. In fact,stop thinking in those terms. It undermines our ability to see The Big Picture.

      Amazed to see,in so few comments,how many have an idea of our
      True Reality. Keith and others, excellant links.

      Good news is that there IS a Global Awakening taking place!!
      Enabled thru the internet.
      Lets help to speed it up by sharing links and websites.

      A Tipping Point is required,which is why “they” want to control it.

      For a Deeper Understanding; The Daily Bell crystalised this by its coloured word definitions. Another site that’s been “lent on”.like Tarpley.net, to “adjust” its archive.

      http://www.thedailybell.com- “Directed History of a Phony War -Aug 22, ’14

      Search terms;internet reformation,UN,IMF,CIA,
      FBI,central banks,City of London,
      Dominate Social Themes,meme,
      mainstream media,power elite,and
      understand Hegelian Dialectic, Directed History.




  8. I’ve been out of NZ for some time now.
    I’ve been to areas in the Uk & Holland that are Muslim majority.
    There’s even areas in Australia like this now.
    Is this happening in NZ yet?

  9. Isn’t this situation in Australia very similar to the Tuhoe raids of 2007 and then the proposal of the Clark Government to rush through the Terrorism Suppression Amendment Bill soon after? Correct me if that wasn’t how things happened, but it does make a great excuse for changing the law.

    • They are also similar in that the people who plotted and planned to commit terrorism were absolute imbeciles with delusions of grandeur. They handed the authorities exactly what they needed on a silver platter, hard to blame them for reacting in both cases. (the manner of course is up for debate!)

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