New flag for NZ once Key signs TPPA



New flag for NZ once Key signs TPPA


  1. The yanks run the two track method just like Nats. Golf buddy O’bomber actually represents US imperialism and there is a major tussle with BRICS generally (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) and China specifically in the Pacific region.

    TPPA will officially kiss what remains of NZ economic sovereignty goodbye.

  2. Key is only here to make us tenants in our own land.

    Once achieved he will flee to somewhere safe from NZ law (that’s if we have one after TPPA) once he’s done here.

    He is the kiss of death for this country make no mistake.

    • If he did do as you predict and leave the country after an election result that did not favour him, he would only be doing what Helen Clark is guilty of.

      • Not exactly. She left a country that was running reasonably well and had, by and large, it’s own government, sovereignty and laws. Key seems determined to change that, then run to make the maximum personal profit. As a former ML trader, stripping assets and destroying organizations is his track record – its just not something generally done to first world, Western nations.

  3. I see that over at NZ Herald Claire Trevett is covering this vital issue as one plank of Key’s legacy to New Zealand. (

    It’s obviously another case of classic misdirection, look over here at our left hand holding a flag while our right hand is busy selling off your country. Very sad indeed, first that the Right think this is OK, second that people calling themselves journalists can’t see this for the rubbish it is.

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