Final total of advance voting


And the final total for the advance voting was a staggering 717,579 advance votes against 334,558 in 2011





Tonight, I’ll be watching the TV3 election coverage because I could bare Paul Henry’s smugness one inch more than Mike Hosking’s if National win.

I will be at the Cloud tonight for the Internet MANA election HQ and will be live tweeting with details as they come to hand from 7pm.


  1. beating the get out and vote drum is working. Everyone is voting people who 6 weeks ago who couldnt be bothered are getting out there I know cause I harassed so many to go vote!

  2. “Tonight, I’ll be watching the TV3 election coverage because I could bare Paul Henry’s smugness one inch more than Mike Hosking’s if National win.”

    Would have picked you to watch Maori channel coverage. Also, it seems you’re confident that National will win it? If you were confident of a Left wing win, then surely watching the smirk wiped from Hoskings face would be a highlight?

  3. Well, no surprises there. What feared was what I expected, and what I expected has come about.

    Rest in Pieces, the Labour Party: there will be no coming back from this. You watch. The knives will be in David Cunliffe’s back before the year is out, and the Neo-cons taking it over are going to wonder why the polls slump further. The fact is that Labour has become the poor man’s National party, a role that used to be filled by Social Credit. Who needs it now?

    As for the Press services: they have demonstrated for all the world to ignore that they have become mouthpieces for the rich and powerful. We are now arrived at the point at which the rich and powerful are ‘immune to the truth.’ Teflon governments; teflon corporates; teflon nations. It is pitiful.

    ‘Immune to the truth.’ For anyone interested, and if you haven’t read it before, I commend you to Doris Lessing’s novel ‘Shikasta’, from which that phrase comes. Published in 1979, it now seems strikingly prophetic.

    I take a most pessimistic view of the fate of the world, not because of this election result (as I say, it went pretty much as I expected, though I did think friend Hone might have made it), but because it is clear that Western elites of wealth are riding upon the coattails of the United States’ corporate programme of ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’. What that means is that US corporates are out enslave the whole of the rest of the planet. Their aim is to own everything: the home that houses you, the fuel you burn for warmth, the clothes you wear, the food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe, the thoughts you think – everything. We are already a long, long way down that road.

    Which will come first, the full scale global financial collapse and a holocaust of dearth, or World War 3 and a holocaust of death? At the moment they are neck and neck.

    Maybe I should run a book…

  4. It’s been a rather sorry night.
    My conclusions:
    1. Suck it up – as gracefully as possible in public – in private, grieve, rant, rail whatever as you wish.
    2. Analyse where we went wrong – clinically without emotion, avoid the blame game.
    3. Keep the faith – it’s not over yet.
    4. Look forward – where do we go from here?
    5. Keep the pressure on – they may have won the election but there are many serous questions to be answered.
    6. Key’s traditional supporters may have voted for him on trust – but they aren’t quite as accepting as before. “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”
    7. Removing the possibility of using attack politics with a “vote positive” campaign gelds the resistance.
    8. The right have figured out how to own the whacky right, the left need to figure out how to own the loopy left.

  5. The rump vote has excreted . Well done the morons of New Zealand of which there are clearly many . I don’t have any pearls left to cast before the hoards of kiwi swine .

    • That is a incredibly rude to way to describe new zelanders who areentitled to their voting choices just as much as you are

      • That’s like saying that the voters have as entitled to be as ignorant, uninformed and as stupid as they like. However, I am disinclined to be too critical of the electorate at large. Good information of policy of any sort is now hard to come by. If knowledge is power – a moot point for mine – then most Kiwi voters are pretty powerless to use their votes knowledgeably and with wisdom.

        The Main Stream media, upon whose impartiality and diligent seeking after truth the electorate ought to be able to rely, has offered sod all by way of guidance.

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