National’s final bash of beneficiaries before the election



On cue, whenever National feel threatened, they roll out a little bennie bash just to keep their redneck voter base happy. Nothing like a bit of raw meat policy to keep National voters focused on the evil threat solo parents present to modern society and Paula provided it with a promise to throw even more beneficiaries off welfare, this time by as much as 25%

National has announced further steps to try to reduce benefit numbers by 25 per cent, including paying more people to move to other regions for jobs and bonus payments for those who stay in a job for a certain period of time.

At a time when welfare offices around the country are under attack by furious beneficiaries driven to violence and threats of violence because of the hard line National have taken with the poorest and most vulnerable, no one even blinks when Paula announces even tougher targets. No one asks, ‘why are beneficiaries taking such extreme actions’ because bennie bashing is a cultural heritage in NZ alongside domestic violence, rugby and alcoholism.

As our inequality levels rise, as poverty intensifies and as the Governments total lack of an economic direction beyond rebuilding from earthquakes and crony capitalism start to show, the last thing we need is a political hypocrite like Paula Bennett being able to throw another 25% of beneficiaries onto the scrap heap.

Our lack of compassion for those who do not have is a sad indictment on the NZ of today.

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  1. She’s a human rights abuser. What’s wrong with this country? What’s wrong with the Lefties in this country? Surely those of you have the literary inclination could do those of us who have been violated by this government of doing us the service of writing letters, or even starting the legal process yourselves, if that’s how it works(?), to the Hague to have Paula Bennett, John Key, and Anne Tolley prosecuted for this? What the fuck is wrong with this world that this can go on in a developed nation? Have none of you people ever read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Have none of you ever read the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990? Do none of you realize that the Human Rights Commission is a joke that does literally nothing to protect the rights of New Zealanders? We shouldn’t even have something like that. These laws should just be able to be brought before regular courts where the perpetrators should be treated like the criminals they are. Why am I the only one here saying these things? Why are our supposedly left leaning politicians not saying these things? Do they secretly harbour desires to abuse people’s human rights also?

    • @DV:

      You aren’t the only one saying this. It’s just that the MSM aren’t printing it – and don’t seem to want to.

      If you want help then the Greens will bring it to you. In their first 100 days, they are going to feed the starving, and lift the impoverished out of their hole.

      Visit the Greens website and you will see – they are quite clear on these matters of lifting up the impoverished.

      National – via FJKs mouth wants you to go to the supermarket and buy a piece of steak – but he won’t help you to buy that piece of steak.

      The humanitarian vote is Green.
      The evil corruption and hypocrisy vote is National.
      The cooperation with the public, and helping to nail FJK for his corruption vote is Labour.
      The accountability vote is IMP.

      We must change our govt this election.

      This election is when the accumulated masses of our poorest people will vote to change the govt.
      Take someone with you, and get all your friends to go and vote – it’s the only way to CHANGE NZ from corruption to humanity! Your vote will mean that by Monday, we have a new and long overdue humanitarian core in our govt.


  2. Are we in a time-warp here? Others must remember Margaret Thatcher and her minions urged the ‘moaning minnies’ of the North to ‘get on your bike’ to the more prosperous South.

    • And now look those northern ‘minnies’ that can are trying to secede from the UK. There’s a message in there somewhere.

  3. She is un Christian and turned into a vicious vindictive mole of the ultra right wing.

    Kick the people down when they are crippled is her motto.

    Strange that the NatZ make nasty Nazi like clones when they take over, and this woman was a beneficiary herself when someone helped her up but she wont payback anyone for it.

    Says a lot about National’s plans going forward, as we may see the poor relegated to work gangs as cheap slave labour in future to prop up the rich.

  4. Dovetails nicely with the National Party policy of creating unaffordable housing.
    A nation of renters and squatters can be more easily forced to relocate for subsistence labour at the whim of capitalist markets.

  5. Inside the head of many a transNational voter a logic circuit is wired thusly – for the low cost of accepting a few lies and ignoring a few inconveniences I get some bennie bashing, now that’s what I call a deal.

  6. I heard the grand benny number reduction and thought, peace of piss under this government. Just refuse them any assistance, job done.

    Too bad our hollowed out economy largely gives school leavers the career smorgasbord of jobs in cafes, supermarkets and other menial minimum wage quality jobs, or leave the country.

    And then throw in rising rents into the cost of living mix to cope with the chronically fucked up housing market. More money going straight into the black hole of the housing market and most importantly to the banks and nowhere near anything useful in the economy!

    Apart from the less than amusing pantomime of appearing to know what they are doing National have been missing in action over the last 6 years and it will be more of the same from Team Key for the next 3 years should they get in.

  7. Should a National government be re-elected this is probably a sign of how the welfare system will be further eviscerated:

    Social Development Minister Paula Bennett says an overhaul of social security legislation will not introduce any major reforms to the welfare system.

    Ms Bennett announced on Wednesday that the Social Security Act, which came into force in 1964, will be rewritten. The Act underpins New Zealand’s welfare system,

    Ms Bennett said the Act has been tweaked so many times it is disjointed and difficult to understand.

    She said the plan is to simplify the legislation, not introduce major reforms.

    Ms Bennett said she did not expect the draft to be completed until late next year.


    Victoria University senior law lecturer Mamari Stephens said an overhaul of social security is long overdue.

    Ms Stephens said the current legislation was messy, but that should not be used as a chance to reform social welfare by stealth.

    “I know how difficult it is to understand and I can see how difficult it is to navigate…so part of me thinks it’s a fantastic opportunity to come up with a piece of legislation that works a lot better than the current one does,” she said.

    But Ms Stephens was worried – despite Ms Bennett’s reassurances – the new act would bring in policy changes under the radar.

    Regardless of the propaganda pushed by this government and their henchmen in the media, work is scarce, thoroughly insecure and ultimately undignified.

    If someone is living in a region where work is scarce, consider the cost and risk of moving elsewhere; the money needed for a rental bond, the high cost of accommodation and cost of living along with insufficient minimum wages. Add to that the extreme insecurity of the 90 trial period. Will WINZ really foot the bill for all of this to lead to sustainable employment and living when even applying for a benefit is difficult enough?

    The real solution lies with ambitious reforms not National’s cutback, hand’s off, do nothing approach.

  8. Cheer up , guys!!…. Soon , P.Benefit will herself be standing in the long lines at a WINZ office.

    And NOT eating steak.


    • Mate- seriously – go back to the 200,000 jobs JohnXKEYSCORE promised 6 years ago, ….and the bicycle path we got instead that only employed 200…

      Your loser gNatsi party has achieved sweet F.A in 6 years except perve on peoples electronic communications.

      And lie.

    • Not if it’s a decent job. Otherwise it’s pushing people further into poverty if the job pays less than Unemployment Benefit plus Accomodation Allowance.

      It’s called the “working poor”.

      Not that you’d care.

  9. Ahh grashoppas .

    You don’t have to” solve unemployment ” you simply have to have enough meaningful jobs and unemployment solves its self .

  10. ” The face of evil is always the face of total need. ”
    William S. Burroughs

    @ Intrinsicvalue . Your Dominatrix must be working overtime these days . Give the girl a break and go fuck yourself .

    Oh ! Heeeey ! Wait a minute ! ?
    Do you know Paula Bennett personally ? As in REALLY personally . As in leather , buckles , high heel boots , a gigantic , black strap-on ? You’d like her to whip you into shape wouldn’t you , you naughty , naughty boy .

  11. This is a last ditch desperate effort by FJK, Bennett and the Natsies, to appeal to the disgusting Rednecks out there!

    I’m surprised they weren’t promising workhouses and labour camps for vulnerable Kiwis … Oh hang on ….

  12. Nah, hate to say it but you’re wrong. The final bene bashing was done by Bill English this morning when he likened being on the benefit – to being addicted to crack cocaine!!! WTF do you say to that? Apparently life is so good on a benefit that once on, you never want to get off. The rednecks must be salivating.

  13. My dog my cat and even my chickens have more compassion than Paula Bennett, Bill English, JK, and the rest of the National party all combined.

    What infant sized tiny minds they must all have that they can only focus on hurting the vulnerable.
    Never moved past 3 year old ego / self centered stage of human development.

  14. Bill English!… He who claimed a $900pw housing subsidy for his Wellington residence by putting it in a family trust & declared that his ‘principle residence’ was a farmhouse in Southland, which he hadn’t lived in for 10 years! … thats $900pw x 52weeks x 10 years!
    This was information leaked by a public servant, when challenged about this he first said he was ‘entitled’ to claim it, then backed down when it became clear he had was manipulating the system for financial gain. He paid back 1 years subsidy ($46,800) as he admited it “wasn’t a good look”.
    So if anyone knows what its like to be hooked on welfare, he bloody should! …. Bloody disgusting hypocrite.

    • And lets not forget also Paula Benefit who not only was on a benefit herself and got her diploma /degree ….who KNEW what being on a benefit was like…..but then went on once she became a gNatsi MP to not only make it harder for beneficiaries but used her position to dig up the private details on two women and broadcast it publicly to the nation.

      So between her and Blinglish ,…the man who exposes his REAL motives and agendas by saying………”We should be glad we live in a low wage economy because it will encourage foreign investment ”….

      I cant think of a better term of reference for these two than total INSIDIOUS HYPOCRITICAL BASTARDS.

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