The incredible changing John Key story on mass spying – why the Moment of Truth did more damage than Matthew Hooton dreads


While the mainstream media continue to try and make the Moment of Truth about Kim’s last minute decision to prolong his battle against John Key past the election into the Privileges Committee, the reality is that the Moment of Truth has done more damage to the National Party than Matthew Hooton could ever dread.  When even the NZ Herald editorial has to admit that the evidence presented by Glenwald, Assange and Snowden is credible against Key’s juvenile sledging efforts, it means the Moment of Truth went beyond just being an ego victory for Kim Dotcom, it has moved genuine and considered NZers who viewed the event with an open mind and whom have come away convinced that the Prime Minister is lying.

Not lying about when he knew what about Kim Dotcom, but lying about the level of mass surveillance he has actually allowed to occur while pretending to the rest of us that we had nothing to fear. Remember this…




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…well it turns out that was all bullshit. The GCSB has access to NSA mass surveillance programs like xKeystroke and Operation SpearGun was operational the moment the new legislation passed. What is most extraordinary is the continued damage to Key’s credibility his moving feast of a defence has taken. Beyond the pathetic name calling and attacking of the messenger, it’s Key’s continually changing story.




Remember at the time, the GCSB legislation was just an attempt to patch over silly legislation to protect NZers from terrorists and that really the GCSB was just some big misunderstood Norton Virus protection. There was NO mass surveillance. That was his position.

Legislation is rammed through with just 2 votes and most of the legal and civil rights voices in NZ  arguing it allowed loop holes for the very mass surveillance Key swore it didn’t.

Then Glenn Greenwald turns up. Key calls him a henchman and a loser, and says there is no middle ground. Key is right, Greenwald is wrong.

Then Greenwald starts releasing NSA evidence proving there was a mass surveillance program. Suddenly Key went from I am right, he is wrong to, there was a program, but I shut it down. Nothing to see here, move along.

Then Greenwald releases information showing that as far as the NSA and GCSB were concerned that new legislation was the next phase of implementation. The GCSB even went to the NSA and briefed them on the legislation. Suddenly Key is releasing classified documents to prove he is right.

Consider that for a moment, the ego of Key is so out of control, he will declassify secret documents against the advice of the intelligence community to prove he is right. Despite the fact that none of the documents he released proved anything at all, he is more than happy to throw rules aside to protect his precious butt.

This is not the actions of a Prime Minister, it’s the actions of a cornered rat.

Key has lied. He has lied about mass surveillance and he has treasonably acquiesced NZ’s sovereignty to Washington.

The triviality of  a Key vs Dotcom ‘bombshell’ is secondary to Key vs our entire political, economic & cultural sovereignty – that’s the real moment of truth, and that truth resonates well beyond this election.

287,735 early votes so far compared to 118,702 last election, vote now and don’t let the mainstream media convince you Key will win by a 50% landslide.

Vote these traitors out of office.



  1. “This is not the actions of a Prime Minister, it’s the actions of a cornered rat”

    Rattus Corporattus – the new super-breed, currently found in plague proportions around the world.

    • I’d suggest a spelling change from Nat- to Rat- but “Rational” is about the farthest thing there is from his recent behaviour. Plan B then – John Key, leader of the “Bunch of Arse” party.

  2. Well said Martyn.

    FJK and all his cronies and lies.

    Do him for his Treasonish activities and skullduggeries!

    Have a heart for humainty.

    FJK BE GONE!!!!


  3. Don’t forget that Winston Peters has claimed he knows the location of 2 of the purported ‘NSA Sites’ though in his own words said he “could show people where they are, not would”. At the very least this adds extra weight to Greenwalds latest revelations.

    It may be that Greenwald was in fact referring to NSA server rack locations rather that a facility separate from NZSIS or GCSB premises.

    Another thing seemingly forgotten by the MSM in coverage is the fact that ALL new zealand ISP’s were required by law (in the last TICS bill) to install packet monitoring equipment in their server rooms that was supplied and configured by the GCSB. This equipment mirrors all the packets coming off their backbone nationally and internationally and feeds it over dark fibre to GCSB facilities. Many ISPs said that they could not afford it as it was required that they pay for the gear initially. After this complaint Judith Collins, said extra funding would be made available to help them with purchase and install costs which they could apply for. For more info search the NZNOG (New Zealand Network Operators Group) mailing list. Relevant operator conversations from it can be found online, and also in the waybackmachine, as well as the cache of multiple search engines.

    Another thing the MSM fail to mention is the requirement that all NZ Telco’s and ISP’s have to nominate a staff member to have background checks for clearances who is required to notify the GCSB as soon as even the tiniest network equipment configuration change is made to their internal infrastructure. This is unprecedented in telecommunications history in this country and makes a mockery of internal network security measures within private companies. Rather than being a “Norton Antivirus” to protect corporations this is more like a “Back Orifice” backdoor malware virus in scope and effect.

    It is clearly a measure to make sure that ALL raw metadata is available to be captured 24/7 regardless of socalled ‘selectors’ used to limit search parameters of the data capture after the fact.

    This is an information war, and one that Key (and some in the MSM) are trying to win by obfuscation and leaving out the kind of technical details I have outlined above, all of which are public domain information.

    • @Blevins:

      You only have to have worked within the Telecom Data (or Netway Comms) even way back into the 90’s to know everything you are saying is spot on!


      • John Rawson – I’m not in a position to be able to do so as I don’t use social media accounts such as twitter or facebook, apart from passively reading publically available content.

        The only way the rest of NZ can be reminded of the facts I outlined is for other concerned citizens like yourself and readers of this blog to link to it via twitter,facebook,google plus, or simply to email the blog URL to others.

        I’m not an insider nor an employee of a Telco or ISP so I’m not risking my job or any security clearances to simply summarize information as I did. All of it is from a combination of sources such as , , , , and local news that I have studied over a few years. Along with reading the comments sections (for precious clues easily missed) of less known websites such as ,various Kiwi political blogs, not to mention Nicky Hagers book “Secret Power” which I might add used to be a hard to find book at local libraries, but is now a free PDF download on in its entirety. You could also take a look around

        I am also an Internet Mana party voter, but would encourage others concerned with the same issues to vote for the Green Party or lastly Labour as an alternative.

  4. Thankfully, some of ‘our’ journalists are thinking of their long term credibility. John Campbell has promised to get to the bottom of this – when dawn finally arrives he is going to look like integrity itself, whilst other journalists will smell awful and be severely tarnished. Young Andrea Vance is also doing solid independent journalism at stuff. Great work Martyn.

  5. Nelson Mandela went to jail for 27 years for
    conspiracy to overthrow the state,
    4 years after his release Nelson Mandela became
    President of South Africa for 5 years.
    Would it be poetic justice?
    If john key was Prime Minster for 6 years
    Then flounced around Hawaii for 4 years playing golf
    with his EX world leader mates
    Then went to jail for 27 years for ‘being part of a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful’
    Resign today jkey you are a disgrace with your hourly obfuscation (making communication confusing, willfully ambiguous, and harder to interpret).
    Look johnny boy AT the end of the day we do care, so we will vote,
    Tick for Hone, tick for InternetMana Party,
    Roll on Positive Times.

    • I heard most of the same interview, though did not hear him say that bit. At any rate, such an analogy of his would only serve to illustrate how mass surveillance can also potentially slow down internet speeds.

      I wonder how much non-ISP rate limiting started once the GCSB Blackboxes went in around the country… Afterall, even they have bandwidth and storage limitations despite the endless vast budgets which increase by several million every few years here.

      JK comes up with some very bad analogies which usually boil down to treating New Zealanders as complete idiots. For example Norton Antivirus has been considered a low quality product for several years now, known for slowing a computer down and failing to catch several new virus strains,along with being difficult to un-install. There are a slew of others that consistently perform better in independent antivirus software roundup reviews.

  6. Was impressed by Andrea Vances article recently ..I thought ‘ how gutsy ‘…along with Wendell .

    Very heartening for these folk to speak up.

    And this latest article by the Heralds editor….they just couldn’t help but smear Mr Dotcom and by association …Internet Mana party…about the email,…yet admitted- yes admitted !!…that the revelations that Snowden , Greenwald brought on Monday night were gathering force against Keys ‘explanations’.

    Obviously damage control …smear Mr Dotcom and the InternetMana party as much as possible to try to discourage voters- especially the young – in order to weaken the Left bloc.

    Very insidious.

  7. Sadly many sleepy hobbits are not worried about mass surveillance they should be.Even if the slimy rat wins on Saturday the noose around his neck is getting tighter it will only be a matter of time
    before his lies catch up with him even though he will still have some support in the MSM it is dissipating as they realise that Key has duped them and played them for fools.I was disgusted at his put down on Greenwald he a very credible intelligent journalist calling him a henchman when he takes advice from a piece of shit like Cameron Slater is hyprocrisy of the highest order.

  8. By the way, Fran O’Sullivan’s outrageous polemic in today’s Herald has to be seen to be believed. “O’Sullivan and Armstrong for Team Key,”… and tattered journalistic reputations.

    • I don’t like that Fran O’Sullivan woman.

      Watched her looking at Russell Norman and Metiria Turei with constant disdain, and interrupting their good answers all through the interview.

      She is a gNat cow alright!

      She ought to take a look in the mirror, and then relate what she sees, as being the result of being an evil gNat supporter for far too long!!!!!


  9. “Consider that for a moment, the ego of Key is so out of control” The problem that has finally dawned on him is he has played so fast and loose with the truth over the past decade that his word means less than nothing. So now he is desperately releasing documents that he probably shouldn’t be and which are meaningless anyway because it doesn’t answer the information Snowden and Greenwald put out.

    Sadly witnessing comments on, there are still plenty of schmucks around though where this issue is so far beyond them it may as well be written and spoken in Latin. Then there are those, who I’ll assume are National supporters, who stick with the tried and failed “I’ve got nothing to hide so who cares” . If you are so genuinely relaxed then let the police search you, your home and car anytime, cos they can, just in case!

    And the Herald today have almost blown their budget with an all out offensive to save Key and his party, even down to the Heralds Whaleoil desk clerk Rachel Glucina and her little expose on the Key family. For fuck sake, spare us please!

    To try to sum this up our government via the GCSB is gathering evidence from all its citizens who have become prime suspects for a crime that has yet to be committed. There is something seriously fucked up with that proposition.

  10. Martyn & Blevins, this is amazing information for caring NZ ‘ers, we want to know what is happening in this great country of ours, we do not want evil politicians pulling the wool over our eyes.

    I am all for security for NZ’ers, but I do not want Peeping Toms watching and storing my every movements, in particular in my home, this my safe haven.

    For our PM to say that this is not happening is very important to all of us, but if he is lying then he must go now.

    This is treason, and deserves a prison sentence.

  11. Thanks for the informative blog. I’m glad that I’m not the only one calling him a traitor, I’m starting to wonder when they’ll be coming for me, after reading all this.

    • Me too!

      I’ve been highly critical of this government for a long time, publicly and online. I went to Occupy Auckland a couple of times.

      I’m starting to wonder at the scale of their spying abilities, and if I’ve come up in any of their algorithms.

      I know they collect our metadata. I know they collect content of our communications. I know they can install backdoor apps in your phone to use the camera and mic if the phone is turned on, they can capture keystrokes from your computer. I know metadata includes all text messages, who to from where and when, emails who to from where and when, banking details, spending details, all the contents of your phone including pics….

      Oh yeah, and another thing that’s occurred to me, best to not have any nude selfies taken with a phone. The 20 something guys working for the spy agencies love that stuff apparently, they like to find them and share. No sexting or skype virtual sex. They love that stuff the most.

      None of this is illegal, and plenty of people do it. But its private.

    • If they come after everyone who knows Key is a lying traitor, they’ll need to build 5000 massive prisons pretty damn quickly.

  12. Indeed, some MSM journalists are doing their job. But some are heaping more indignity on their profession, and I fear it is them who will lead the issue over the next few days, effectively obfuscating it into a time-waster that allows the Nats to stumble over the line.

    Fran O’Sullivan’s column in the Herald today is a masterclass in this.

    Kia kaha Bomber, keep up the pressure on the MSM and make it stick to Key at last. Three days to go.

  13. Well you’ve nicely summarised what thousands of decent Kiwi’s are already thinking. Awaiting the election outcome has in itself become an interesting side-show because regardless of the outcome, a war against fascism and the fight for sovereign independence has well and truly broken out. This means it is now well beyond just the political implications and reaches into the homes and lives of every New Zealander. Fascism is a mortal enemy, not simply a rival political ideology … and I and many others will continue to treat it as such with gloves well and truly off. Make of that what you will … it is what it is.

    • You’re right, even if the Nats do get back in, this is not over. I know I’m far from alone in saying I’ll never let this go. I won’t rest until the shameful Nats come crashing down in utter disgrace. They may win the battle that’s this election but they won’t win the war.

  14. Someone on MSM needs to interview Greenwald before the election – to counter the further crap they (MSM and gNats) have placed on peoples tables.

  15. H’mmm… I was a little bit disappointed in the ‘big reveal’, to be honest. I was looking for a smoking gun. There was a gun, sure, but rather an absence of smoke. Plausible deniability, you see, however slender the level of plausibility.

    It is just possible John Key isn’t lying. It is just possible he actually doesn’t know, one way or the other. Recall that David Lange, also in his day the Minister responsible for the SIS and whatever other security services exist to harass and stalk New Zealanders, had no idea of the depths such organisations could sink in pursuing their agendas. Protecting New Zealand and its people? Forget about it.

    Of course, the sort of not lying might well be in the Rt Hon John Key’s case be of this kind; “Look, whatever you get up to, I don’t want to know about it, OK?”

    I don’t believe what Mr Key is saying. But I’m prepared to accept that maybe he does… sort of…

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