GUEST BLOG – Denis Tegg – The NSA slides that prove mass surveillance


The evidence presented by Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden on The Intercept of mass surveillance of New Zealanders by the GCSB is undeniable, and can stand on its own.

But when you place this fresh evidence in the context of what we already know from the Snowden archive, the evidence is overwhelming and insurmountable.

So, here is a recap of what we know:

The declared mission of the Five Eyes is to “collected it all and partner at all”

An NSA slide confirms XKeyscore is based in New Zealand

As this NSA slide shows – with an email address and a few simple keystrokes a GCSB analyst can use XKeyscore to access both content and metadata of almost anyone, (including, according to Snowden – New Zealanders)

If February 2013, at the very time John Key said the “data protection” program was being developed, a NSA technician visited New Zealand to assist the GCSB to install a Special Source Operations (SSO) site in New Zealand. Cable tapping is the focus of SSO.

There is a Five Eyes (Second Party) program called WINDSTOP which has at least four data collection systems with a primary focus on cable tapping.

A NSA budget document confirms it funds Five Eyes WINDSTOP projects

One of the spying activities, apart from cable tapping, carried out by SSO is hacking into large-scale routers used by Telcos and ISPs. Did Snowden just stop himself last night from revealing such an operation in New Zealand?

Some of Snowden’s documents released last month confirm the GCSB feeds data into a program called ICREACH – a Five Eyes Google-like search engine which would allow GCSB to also access that data.

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A NSA slide shows the Southern Cross cable on a map of “fibre optic routes planned or in place” for interception

Another NSA map shows implants on the Southern Cross cable in both Hawaii and mainland USA

Snowden stated the only protection against him accessing data on New Zealanders was a checkbox, which he could readily un-check. This memo from another NSA analyst states that the default position for any of the Five Eyes partners is to share all data

When you stack up this previously released evidence alongside the latest revelations from Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden, you have a case for the mass surveillance of New Zealanders which is incontrovertible.

So Mr Key – time to come clean.  For starters answer these simple questions.


  1. At the risk of seeming dumb frankly … But why ?
    Why go to all this trouble ? This entire scenario is starting to resemble a James Bond film script right down to the ludicrous titles of some of the ‘ events’ and strategies planned and implemented . Was it all put together by teenagers with too much pot and too little to do ? Or silly old men with small penises and a loveless life to live ?
    The whole thing seems infantile to me ? Why is that ?
    And why spy on us Kiwis ??? We’re not exactly the most dynamic human population of earth . The most exciting things we do is starve , worry , buy shit and posture and gloat if we’re lucky enough to not have to do the previously mentioned . From what I’m told , the most daring things us guys do is wear the wife’s clothes when she’s off shagging the neighbours husbands boy friend .
    From what I can gather , the NSA et al are only at grave risk of either dying of boredom or of laughing .
    So why ???

    There are only three things we Kiwis have that are at once a blessing and a curse .

    Our country’s physical location , our country’s abundant food and fresh water resources and our minute population . Resources that can only be exploited by the bigger , richer and the tougher ….. if they come here .

    The French supported an Israeli nuclear weapons program during the 1960’s as did a very much pro Zionist Lyndon B Johnson , the beast of Cambodia and American President Booo Yeah mutha fucka !

    The Iranians are drooling at the thought of a big fat Nuke or two , too . That’s common knowledge .

    Now , what would happen if ….. ?

    I don’t want to think about it .

    If we’re being spied upon , lets give them a good show [ bomb ] and [ plot ] have [ scheme ] some [ Muhammad ] fun [ sand ] at [ camel ] their [ dates , yum ] expense [ burka ] , the [ hookah ] wankers .

    • “Why go to all this trouble ?”

      NSA was once said to stand for “No Such Agency” because of the secrecy surrounding the organization. Understanding the reason for the secrecy involves taking a close look at the unprecedented events that occurred around the end of the second world war.

    • Because they can, at the moment of truth one of the speakers said ‘intelligence agencies’ are laws unto themselves, they have become separated from governments and they are addicted to what they do and how much more they can find out and do.

    • Right on there Countryboy!

      And have you heard about those new contact lenses that change your iris settings as you enter and leave countries!

      And, they have the digital capability to plant a ‘bug’ into the airport security system when they are scanned!

      And how these new contact lenses – using the ‘glass’ tech can actually carry and self-ignite a BOMB wherever you may be, and at your whim!

      Just don’t come and get me before I vote you treacherous morons out of govt on Saturday.

      FJK, and F all his cronie GCSB NSA and crony mates!

      FJK BE GONE!!!

      Opinion, and a bit of a laugh at our spy network, and our ability to see past all the lies, and liars.

      The only real terrorism threat to society, is the way the US go around protecting IRAQ (the oil supply) by bombing other countries – for their own personal gain via the instructions of the Bilderberg group (the worlds largest manufacturer of weapons).

      Who needs the US – only the US and the Bilderberg group needs the US! (Oops FJK want them too!)
      If the US came to my country and started willynilly dropping bombs I would think about paying them back too. This is not terrorism at all – just people being angry about their family being wiped out and destroyed by the US and the Bilderberg group!

      And for NZ to be tied up with this, is the only reason we could expect any real terrorist attack – one that would want to bring down the 5 eyes network! And most NZers want this gone anyway – so it wouldnt actually be an act of terrorism. It would be helpful to have the Waihope Spy Base exploded to smithereens right now! And for the cable to be disconnected at both ends – or maybe just sliced in 2 by a deepsea diver.


      Opinion and belief.

      • Absolutely right Mistery.

        It is the actions of the USA globally, their foreign policy, and the activities of the CIA overthrowing democratically elected governments and meddling in the affairs of other countries… which massively pisses off the citizens of those countries and creates the perfect environment for terrorism to seed and grow.

    • Maybe it’s because they want to keep on having 5 eyes and not just 4.

      Or maybe they just want every country they can get to be part of the TPPA. Because In the face of the rise of China and Russia, and the possibility of a giant Eurasian continental trading block, with proposed rail links between China, Europe and Russia, which would probably lead to the loss of the valueless petrodollar as the World reserve currency. The US know they are fighting for their economic survival, and continued world hegemony.

    • I think our biggest resource that they want… is our cooperation. And our geographic location. They want to spy on the likes of China (among other countries). That’s more difficult for them because they’ve pissed them off enough for those other countries to tell them to fuck off, so they use us to do it.

      I don’t think its our population as a market for them, we’re way too small. We’re smaller than most US cities!

      But our own government wants to spy on us, and the corporations who are in our market like us spied on because they can squash opposition, protest, dissent… and so entrench and strengthen their power.


    • Why? Don’t know for certain, but there’s certainly the possibility it’s to facilitate a sinister agenda.

      Under this government there seems to be great strides made to facilitate a seemingly turnkey authoritarian state. In addition to spying, major military exercises last year, soldiers carrying automatic rifles in town, helicopters flying about from early morning till late at night. By witnessing such scenes, one can’t help feeling uneasy. Read an article in the New Zealand Herald about a couple of months ago about plans to expand a CCTV network in Auckland under Police control and expand it nationwide. Just consider recent events in Ferguson, Missouri. Police equipped like front line troops on a campaign of brutal repression. Key has an apparent fondness for things American.

      Then there’s the possibility of religious fanatics cooking up some bad recipe according to the eschatological fantasies in their scriptures. Can’t understand how that can make anyone righteous.

      Just considering events past and present and where they could go, can make one appear as a nut, but it’s pretty hard painting a rosy picture of things to come considering the increasing struggles endured by oneself and others due in large part to the decision makers above.

      I have a feeling post another GFC and/or in the 2020 decade, the world will be characterised by increasing authoritarian rule.

    • Might have to stck the gumboots on and get back out there.
      I think it’s just about time to milk the cows again.

      I’m a Kiwi that’s travelled, and been around too much to get embarrassed easily, but displays of political ignorance like that almost get me there.

      The Iranian situation has got absolutely nothing to do with nuclear weaponry and never has.

      If that’s all you’ve been able to gather about the NSA, you just haven’t been trying.

      I’m not so ready to hand over what little we have got so easily.
      I don’t think many others would be either.
      If you want to know what’s in store, just check out the internal situation in the U.S. right now. It’s not what I would call the social ideal.

    • I’ve said for a few years now that we should ALL insert a few of ‘those words’ into every email we send …and next time your Aunty sends you one of her stupid cat pictures add the word “bomb” somewhere sly and send it on to all of your straight mates …mwah ha ha

  2. Key and his MSM are dragging us into a very dark place, as he signs up to wholesale surveillance and a controlling TPPA alliance that will strip us of any control of our own destiny and control to plan our way forward from here.

    It is akin to handing our country completer to overseas global control groups such as the Bilderberg Group and their Nazi Founded doctrine now with a global one world Government controlled them exclusively.

    Key is here to clear the way for them to get their way.

    That it why he has secretly attended meetings with the Bilderberg group in 2011-12 to set this up to have NZ handed over to Global elitists who call them selves the Bilderbergers.

    Why like so many other times has he not informed Kiwis firstly or after attending this and other settings with NSA and other shadowy agencies?

    He must be sent away from this land before we loose it all to foreign interests.

    This a Nazi founded organisation.
    Creator and chairman of the Bilderbergers was a card carrying member of Hitler’s SS and repeatedly lied when asked if he was a Nazi party member as a student (separate page all about Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands)

    No Bilderberg meeting agenda has ever been made public. “It is the epitome of low-profile dark ops, a shadow government hidden in a doorway.” According to critics and close observers, it’s agenda is to weaken all world leadership but their own. It is also, according to a U.S. law called the Logan Act, [15] illegal:

    • Recovered from my ‘lost for words’ post…

      Back in the 1980′ was a preacher called Barry Smith, anytime he came to town I always attended those town hall meetings. He spoke about NZ ‘s role in a One World Government.

      Precisely this sort of thing.

      And the next step on from this ,…as credit cards can be stolen , lost…

      Was the electronic digital chip implanted under the skin. With this…they would know your whereabouts even more accurately….and encourage implanting it as opposed to a credit card as it is not subject to being lost or stolen etc..

      They are now using the exact same silicon chip technology techniques on pet dogs.

  3. I reckon Saturday will fix this FJK problem.

    Meanwhile – ACC corruption, and the TPPA, and our appalling child poverty and sexual violence and homelessness problems, seem to have flown under the radar.

    Major skullduggery is afoot inside the National gov, and we need to hold them accountable for ALL of it – not just the GCSB lies – ALL of their lies and deceit!!!!!!!

    Vote left.

    FJK and gNATS BE GONE!!!!


  4. @ Cleangreen . Jesus ! That’s all a bit chilling . An erudite old friend once told me something similar when I was railing against Israel . He said ” It’s the fuckin’ Nazis mate . They made their way there ( Israel ) after the second world war . They had stolen Jewish identities and tons of money and what better place to hide but in the land of those whom they persecuted the most . ”

    ( Sigh ) . I want to go to another Earth now .

  5. You fucked up with that “Got Fiber?” slide, it proves nothing.

    And that NSA analyst memo needs some additional background and/or context to be relevant.

    All the other slides seem legit.

  6. It was reported in nz herald back in 2010 that the nsa wanted to set up an office in Wgtn…why does the former boss of gcsb and John Key deny knowledge of this which is a short google search away?

  7. One thing that has struck me: before John Key had the CORTEX documents released, he said that they would prove that there is no mass surveillance of NZers. But it does no such thing. All I can tell from it is that it shows that CORTEX, a malware protection program was approved. But no journalist interviewing John Key has put this question. Key told another falsehood, and it goes completely unchallenged. This just makes a farce of our democracy.

  8. I hear so many people saying “What do they want with little old NZ?” and “We are boring and there is nothing of interest here.” and “If you are doing nothing wrong you have nothing to fear.” Wake up people! Yes this is a beautiful sleepy little idyllic country – do we really want to owned by foreign powers? Any foreign power, not just the US. And looking into the TPPA and the implications of having a foreign power write our laws for us is just where this is heading. They want our co-operation BECAUSE we are an innocuous little country. We can spy where they cannot. See Canada/Brazil brouhaha. The argument regarding “doing nothing wrong = nothing to fear” is complete BS if a hostile government takes over. Ask the protesting students in Tienen Square. Kiwis we need to stand up and take off the blinkers. We do not want this sort of spying and surveillance crap in this country.

      • Yes, I remember when Waihope first hit the news, then the next one was established (I’ve forgotten the name now), and I’m quite sure considerable advance on the programme has been implemented since then.

        • Probably well advanced by now – but you can still drive right up to the gate.
          At the time it made me wonder if Waihopai is just a decoy..


  9. Nat Magpies (with apologies to Denis Glover, who would understand)

    When John and Joyce took their seats
    the public’s assets bled
    and Trust me TPP I’m not a U.S. lackey
    The keywee said

    John’s minders dug their dirt
    and Judith’s ethics fled
    and Trust me Smith Wong Dunn Williamson Banksie
    The keywee said

    Year in year out they schemed
    while inequality grew overhead
    and Trust me Brownlee with airport security
    The keywee said

    Let’s mine and sell the beautiful land
    Clean rivers won’t keep us fed
    and Trust me to oversee the GCSB
    The keywee said

    Judith is gone now (long overdue)
    Old Banks’ gone light in the head
    and Trust me johnkey trust me cuppa tea?
    The keywee said

    The Govt’s still there, and Hollow Men
    still hold sway
    and Trust me the truth’s just a left-wing conspiracy
    The keywees say.


    According to Sir Bruce Fergerson on RNZ morning report tue 16th Sept with Guyon Esplinar ,Once the GCSB has legally got a warrant to look at a specific person of interest , then and only then are they authorized to use” google for spies ” (Xkeyscore ) to look at the 5 eyes collective database .

    Xkeyscore does 2 jobs at this point .

    1. Looks retrospectively at metadata and content on stored records.

    2.Places an electronic surveillance alert on that person for future traffic.

    So according to Sir Bruce , it appears perfectly legal to look at a small number of suspicious people on the historical database once the warrant has been granted to the GCSB by the Prime Minister .So it is a rare occurrence and there is absolutely no mass surveillance of New Zealanders . Pretty clear .

    OK .So wheres the problem ?

    Guyons next key question was deflected by Sir Bruce but it was the most important question of the morning ,”Well …how exactly did the NZ data get there on the 5 eyes data base……. ?”

    The only logical answer : From the surveillance / indiscriminate collection / and bulk storage of NZ communications data on a daily basis .Mass surveillance .

    Whether it’s the GCSB that collects it , or the NSA that collects it its still mass surveillance .The system can’t function without it .

    The map on Page 6 of the 5 Eyes secret hand book released by Snowden clearly and unequivocally shows NZ has Xkeyscore currently operational .How much proof do we need ?

    If there was no mass surveillance /collection / storage of NZ data ,there would be no data base, so the GCSB would have nothing to look at.

    You reach the inevitable conclusion that mass surveillance , collection and storage of data is the foundation of the entire modern 5 eyes spy network , and I”m becoming increasingly convinced NZ is not exempt from this .

    1.There is no mass surveillance in NZ.
    2. OK….We looked at it but we didn’t proceed.
    3 .Ok ….We did tap the cable but we didn’t proceed with phase 2.
    4.Well … We implemented some thing narrower.

    5.Sir Bruce ” OK ..we hoover up the info but we don’t look at it without a warrant ”

    We seemed to have moved from,

    ” We don”t do mass surveillance ” to
    ” We do engage in mass surveillance , we just don’t look at it until its legally possible to do so ”

    Will smirky chimp and his band of overpaid goons please tell his own citizens the truth .

    He said he won”t appear on Cambell Live for Tue or Wed so he’s running for cover on this one . Cunliffe needs to nail him on TV One in the final leaders debate tonight 7.00 pm . NZ deserves better .

  11. Yes indeed. I think it has now been PROVEN that there is mass collection of data from NZ, and it is stored by the NSA.

    The important issue though, is NOT whether nor not anyone is looking at that data right now. That is not such a big deal as the actual EXISTENCE of that data, all saved by the NSA. Nothing ever gets deleted.

    All that lovely data, sitting there, a PRECIOUS GIFT to some future incarnation of a totalitarian regime in either the USA or NZ, when, they toss aside existing protections, with yet another law change(make my words, they WILL do this, within a few years!). All it will need is a law change in the future, and WHAM, they can start a huge data-matching program, to trawl through it, and make up lists of “persons of interest”, and many of us will definietly be on those lists, if only because we are taking part in this discussion.

    THAT is the real issue here!

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