A brief word on why Wendyl Nissen is a hero


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Wendyl Nissen is a hero. The sleazy black ops attack on her by Slater and Odgers on behalf of Grocery Council chief executive Katherine Rich is sick. All Nissen is doing in her column is point out the filth and crap the people Rich represents put into our food supply, for that she was targeted.

Just consider that, since when the hell was a balanced food journalist pointing out the nasty crap in our food the enemy of society? Why should Nissen be targeted for telling the truth? Where the hell does Slater, Odgers and Rich get off spreading this kind of hate?

Nissen took her principles and recent quit ZB because they continue to use Slater as a commentator, even after he has been outed as a the merchant.

At a time when many of us have lost faith in the mainstream media, Nissen is a reminder that ethical journalist of honour still exist.


  1. Good to hear there are some ethical journalists left…I reckon some are in the pay of foreign governments to spread propaganda

    • Mind you, if Ms Nissen has resigned, that is one fewer ethical journalist of honour in the MSM; and so the MSM becomes even less of service to the public at large.

      Meanwhile, Cameron ‘Slug’ Slater is giving gastropods and isopod crustaceans a bad name.

    • Yep, I scratch my head trying to decide who to read these days. Gone are the days when media had any sense of duty to the people that read them, more a rugby scrum to get that special soundbite, self serving drama queens

  2. Who could blame her for quitting ZB, an obnoxious party to Nationals sleeze infection that has poisoned politics. She is another innocent victim of the clever bastards in the National Party and their henchmen/women.

    Yes good on her, but what the fuck is wrong with journalism in this country when it took Hager to obviously inform her of what she probably suspected was going on.

    The extensive part of our media that have sided with National all these years and are still defending them should start worrying, there’s change in the wind!

  3. Katherine Rich looks like the recently embalmed ! Pickled on her own food preservatives . She should still have training wheels on that smile . She looks like she borrowed it for the photograph .

  4. I wondered why Slater directed vindictive, nasty attacks at Nissen. I now know it was personal. And because he was being paid, professional. Like a professional hit man.

    That such human trash wields the power he does is sickening. That he has followers makes it worse. That he is an agent of our Prime Minister who uses someone so demonstrably psychopathic should trouble anyone with the tiniest skerrick of intelligence.

    • I can only presume that the four people who gave you down votes must believe it’s OK for the friends of the National Govt to use such tactics to undermine people who are simply doing good for fellow Kiwis by advising them on healthier eating. Such advice can help diabetics and impact on the obesity problem, how can you smear someone for doing that? It seems Whale Oil would have smeared Mother Theresa if there’d been money in it.

  5. Slater’s got a story on his blog referring to the Herald article. Totally abysmal. How the court decided he’s a journalist is beyond the beyonds.

    Interestingly, a Maori Party “Clean Politics” promotion is plastered on Whaleoil’s blog. Have they grabbed some ad tiles off him?

  6. You seem to spend more time reading Whale Oil than any one else. Are you fixated, or just intent on ramping up their clicks?

    • Not when we have dorks like you coming on this blog like a voyeur as an ever pesent reminder of how sick and just plain moronic the Whaleslop site actually is, – one of their truth bender fanboys is more than enough , thank you .

    • You seem to not bother spending any time at all reading this blog. Therefore, you’re a total expert in it’s content. Magical psychic right wingers are so entertaining. In a clownish kind of way.

    • We would regularly read Ms Nissen’s Herald column. Often she would feature a product we used. Sometimes there’d be something we had our kids eating. Often we’d say “Hell, we didn’t realise that!” when some startling facts were presented. Sometimes we’d have confirmation that something we regularly used was a good choice.

      We considered the Nissen pieces a worthy public service.

      Hence our bewilderment when we saw attacks from Slater. We couldn’t understand why.

      What happened is tantamount to kneecapping. It is going round to Aaron Smith’s house and smashing his knees because he’s a threat. It is doing the same to Richie McCaw and Brodie Retallick. If the Grocery Council is involved it is industrial and commercial terrorism.

  7. Why don’t advertisers pull out of ZB? Disgusting that Wendyl should be the one to leave when the real bully gets to stay.

    • Good comment Z, the best way to solve this problem of Slaters employment with ZB is for the listeners to boycott any major items advertised on ZB, and to make sure you let the advertisers know what you intend to do.
      Money Talks. Slater should be fired NOW!!!

  8. Against better judgement I listened to Larry Williams’ “The Cauldron” yesterday and Slater acted like the juvenile class clown from start to finish, speaking over Pagani at every opportunity with rehearsed sounding one-liners, just like the father he never had, John Key.

    Noticeably, he did not speak over Soper or Williams and I suspect that is because Slater is a flat out misogynist who believes a woman’s views are only good for belittling.

    Williams we know is a National Party black-ops enabler by dint of his use of Slater, Hooton, and Farrar while not venturing further left than Pagani who can quite comfortably be described as a champagne and part time socialist.

    Soper? Well he is one of those extremely annoying fence sitters who passionately holds dear to a different cause from one day to the next.

    Soper laughed at all Slater’s pathetic interruptions confirming to me anyway that in house jokes are what the ZB management deems most important.

  9. Good to know you practice what you preach? When did you care about what people eat as your looking pretty out of shape? Or is exercise for you something that is only rammed down throats as beneficial by greedy multi nationals like Nike?

    • Wow you’re really this brainless, huh?
      Yeah, kiddo – just because one guy may seem overweight to your twisted little mind, that means sugar, food coloring, preservatives and fats are very good for children – and fruit & veges are BAD.
      Ah, right wingers. Your twisted priorities really are rather sad.

  10. This whole dirty politics saga just keeps on stinking. Hardly surprising this government abolished the guideline for schools to sell healthy food, assisting to fill the coffers of multinational pseudo-food corporations no doubt. The health and well-being of the public can take a backseat for someone’s wealth.

    A good way to resist this rotten system is to wean oneself off the consumerist teat. After hearing accounts of the deplorable conditions on a large intensive dairy farm, put me off ever consuming diary. That’s why I adopted veganism as a solution and strive towards increased self-sufficiency by producing more organic produce given the resources available at hand.

  11. And to think she writes for the Herald too, whose editorial team is…
    well, we all know.

    Kia kaha Wendyl, keep up the good work!

  12. There’s an irony here and it’s a pretty bloody sad one: This real journalist, Wendyl, was attacked by a pseudo one who walked away with a gong at the national media awards. How sick is that?

    How about pointing out to Canon that a journalist who refused to take bribes to write BS reports about bad food being good was smeared by their award winner who, according to those leaked emails, accepts money to attack people like her? She certainly believes he was paid to smear her.

    Something stinks to high heaven in NZ these days and the evil wind is definitely blowing from the right.

  13. Wallace Chapman got a hard time from some when he was doing the Cadbury ads a few years ago but I guess when there’s a mortgage to pay beggars & choosers come in to play.

    I did ‘market research’ for a short time for pharmaceutical companies which was nothing more than thinly disguised advertising. T’was interesting & a bit horrifying at times too.

  14. After hearing about Dirty Politics and Slater’s involvement, I got the shock of my life when he appeared as a political commentator with Larry Williams the other week. To think he could still be CURRENTLY commentating for New Zealand’s largest radio station is just beyond words. It really just makes me want to cry, that our system is overrun with these scum interfering with people’s minds. For years I have listened to ZB without really having a strong political view myself. I nievely thought they presented something fair and balanced, either I have become more politically aware of what their hosts are saying, or they have become more biased. These days I have to wonder if I’m living in America.

    • Be warned, the one-party state is coming and it’s bedecked with blue rosettes. Where Key leads, the sheep will follow.

  15. We must take note that when Katherine
    Rich went after Wendyl and maybe even her job..
    Wendyl’s editor(s) backed her. Give credit where
    credit is due folks. Courage.

  16. Wendyl Nissen is no hero. As a toxicologist I have been regularly appalled by her untruths and scaremongering about food ingredients that are in fact harmless. She has made a career out of scaremongering and promulgating myths. Toxicologists, food technologists and other informed professionals who have tried to correct her misleading statements have found that she refuses to correct her incorrect information. Anyone who thinks her columns are accurate is extremely misinformed.

    • Excellent Rosalind. But can you cook? You know like for a family of 5 or 6 on a budget and grow at least 40% of the food they consume? Over a say an average of the 20 years it takes to raise a family I have achieved this as have many others who used organic methods of growing and providoring and been derided for it by ‘professionals’ such as your self. That is what Nissen is promoting it a’int just nutrition it is about lifestyle. And providing for yourself from your own backyard . Skills that have largely disappeared. People like me and Nissen used to be able to teach these skills thru community education. Until the wise and clever ‘professionals’ of the present government removed the effing funding.!!!

    • So where is the substantive pushback? You support slimy smears instead of that? All we have seen is personal attacks – and you hold yourself as higher than thou.
      And I just love that you present yourself as some kind of representative for food technologists who care. You care so very much, that it’s more important to push personal attacks, than fact-based debate.
      You’re laughably see-through. Grow up.

    • Oh I just realized who you are, Rosalind! Talk about a notoriously dishonest “toxicologist”, who rents out her ‘expertise’ to whoever will pay.
      Of course you’re against her! And of course you represent loads and loads and LOADS of people who are ‘concerned’ about Nissen’s columns.
      Sadly, it’s all to clear what your concern is, kiddo.
      Rosalind, I think you’ll find your Randian heaven elsewhere – go to Texas, or Kansas – wherever ‘health’ is all about the bank account. Where sugar really is seen as a health food. Go on – clearly, you’re not a fan of NZ values.

    • Rosalind, you’re a toxicologist? You make some serious statements here. What’s you real name? It’d be good to check out who you are and who you work for, to be sure you have no axe to grind.

    • Rosalind, it is all very well to make general statements. How about being specific – tell us what Wendl is stating that is incorrect. Otherwise go away, whale oil will enjoy your patronage.

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