Where does Key get off abusing a Pulitzer prize winning Journalist like Glenn Greenwald when he calls a far right hate speech blogger regularly?



We are seeing the Dirty Politics PM today when Key decided the best way to counter the Glenn Greenwald claims of GCSB mass surveillance was to denigrate Greenwald…

Prime Minister John Key says he will prove Glenn Greenwald’s claims by the GCSB was involved in mass surveillance on New Zealanders are wrong, dismissing the prominent US journalist as “Dotcom’s little henchman…Let’s understand what’s going on here. Kim Dotcom is paying Glenn Greenwald to come to New Zealand a week before an election and he’s trying to influence New Zealanders. Problem is, he’s got his story wrong.”

…where does Key get off abusing a Pulitzer prize winning Journalist like Glenn Greenwald when he calls a far right hate speech blogger regularly? How is a viscous sleaze merchant like Slater a better source of information that a Journalist with Greenwald’s credibility?

Attacking Greenwald while supporting Slater shows you the kind of ethics this Prime Minister holds. I’m not sure that pointing to a ‘business model’ for the GCSB to mass spy helps Key’s case.

Key will desperately scramble now to claim our GCSB somehow work differently to every other member of the 5 eye community and that he has protected NZers right to freedom from the all seeing oppressive eye of mass surveillance. The truth is Key hasn’t and didn’t.

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We deserve better protection of our digital rights than Key has provided. The people of NZ need to know if our leader has lied to us.

If Key was briefed by Obama during their golf game on what the NSA thought Snowden had on NZs 5 eyes involvement, Key has had months to build his defence, hence the magically declassified documents. Key’s confidence is rehearsed, let’s see if Greenwald’s proof is better than the Prime Minister’s acting.


The meeting will be live streamed on The Daily Blog at 7pm Monday.



  1. Mate you dont even know what a business case is! Maybe if you had worked in a real job you might know a thing or two. Someone at GCSB had an idea, Key rejected it – massive back fire for Dotcom and Internet Mana.

    As the biggest censor in NZ blogging you wont publish this. coward.

    • Registrant Organization: Modern Empire Internet Ltd.
      Registrant Street: P.O. Box 65076, Tseung Kwan O Post Office
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      The server is just a domain name parking server located in Dublin.

      The IP used to access the internet is as follows:

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      ASN New Zealand AS7657 VODAFONE-NZ-NGN-AS Vodafone NZ Ltd.,NZ (registered Nov 11, 1997)
      Resolve Host
      Whois Server whois.apnic.net
      IP Address

      Glad to a) Know you and b) know you are frightened.

  2. Gamblers keep on gambling until long after their luck changes. He got away with denigrating Hager, one of (if not the most) respected journalist NZ has to offer. So he’s going to double down on a Pulitzer Prize winner. Why not, when he’s been getting away with it?

    By the way, is that ‘viscous’ a typo or not?

  3. Good call there, Martyn. Spot on. Key does come across a little scared. Phrase no doubt used to grab headline from the real story.

  4. Ha ha, FJK the biggest liar in NZ political history, accusing well respected journalist Glenn Greenwald of lying.

    What a joke. Best laugh this weekend.

  5. The scurrilous man has no shame and can be simply termed as an attack dog.

    Has he contracted rabies, or just evil?

    He has repeatedly lied throughout his career as a Politician and thought that money and power would always save him.

    Now it’s all catching up with Nixon number two.

    Power does weird things to Collins & Key both have fallen this way.

    Lets use a clean broom next Saturday and cleanse NZ of this corrupt National mobsters.

  6. Amazing. How can Key’s supporters fail to cringe when they hear this claim?

    How could he *possibly* prove Greenwald’s claim false, even if it *were* false?

    Proof demands reliable, checkable facts, or at least claims that are consistent with such facts.

    How would we obtain and evaluate the “evidence” presented by self-interested parties who operate secret programmes intended to keep the public in ignorance? How can we trust Key, who has a major mission to deny and mislead, when he is also responsible to the other four eyes and is also in charge of the records?

    Key would surely claim and perhaps even believe that he has the right and duty to lie in the interest of national (really ‘National’) security.

    Who can believe a spy, or a spymaster, especially when self-interest is involved?

    Add those factors to the difficulty of proving a negative.

    Key is not so stupid that he doesn’t see all this clearly. Is he counting on mass stupidity in the electorate? No wonder no public schools offer courses in critical thinking: no major-party politician would survive in a nation of voters who can recognise reason and its opposite.

    • I wouldn’t put it past someone to create some fake documents to refute Greenwald. After Dirty Politics, anything is possible and nothing surprises me anymore.

      • I was thinking exact same thing, just like the fake poll they put out straight after the news broke. Every time it’s an Ipsos Fairfax Poll way lower for the left and released to denigrate the left at moments they are gaining traction. How can we find out if we are being surveilled, we obviously can’t trust the NSA to tell us. The power of the USA surveillance industry will pull behind Key. Greenwald you are a hero! This is scary though, it’s open War now. New Zealand sovereignty versus global power merchants.

  7. Here we go again in Creepville, a place once known as New Zealand. John Key trying to explain something that makes you skin crawl that no PM should ever ever have to do.

    “Mark my words……..”. Fuck I near broke a rib hearing Key say that.

    I recall National took a punt on this being what Nicky Hager’s book was supposed to be about and so I guess they will have been clever and done their homework, maybe, set about shredding (figuratively) and getting their stories straight in anticipation. But have National covered their bases?

    • Well, they may have researched the issue, but one thing we learned from Hager’s book was this: Throw them a curve ball, and they collapse. This government is great on scripted response, but abysmal on thinking on the spot. There is plenty of room for more curve balls on Monday night, and if one or more are thrown, expect more of the same fumbling, defensive scrambling.

  8. Whatever Greenwald and Asange reveal on Monday night will likely be gob-smaking.
    Hope theres a camera on FJKs face at the moments or revelations!


  9. Well….kinda hard to ‘ shred ‘ electronic footprints ,…and is Key really saying hes greater than the National Security Agency of USA Inc?

    LOL!!! – Thats not how it looked when the head of the NSI was in the dock , now was it?

    And what of it?????

    If Key wants to ‘ prove ‘ anything….he risks exposing alot about his own operations through his own words…

    Are you sure you didnt know about Mr Dotcom , Mr Key?

    ie: One minute he claims his ‘office’ is privy to SIS information, but that he wasnt aware/had anything to do with it (strange?…he is head of the SIS , isnt he ? – maybe he likes to take holidays and get away from it all every now and then ),…..

    Next , he’s saying he can ‘ prove ‘ it…..SOOOOOO…..now all of a sudden when it suits,…he is ‘OH SO INFORMED’ , IS HE NOW ?

    VERY CONVENIENT ……Mr …….Key. ISNT IT !!!!

    Almost as convenient as the law change on the GSCB when it was found the spying AND the warrant AND the raid was ILLEGAL . (OOPS !! MAJOR STUFF – UP THERE , WASNT IT !!!)

    Reminds one of the actors union law change to keep the HOBBIT in New Zealand – CO-INCIDENCE?….ISNT THAT HOLLYWOOD TOO , MR KEY ???

    The same Hollywood who wants to get the USA govt to extradite on CIVIL CHARGES – not CRIMINAL !!!!

    And so YOU , …. MR Key…are prepared to do that to someone as the 30 pieces of silver price to ingratiate yourself to Hollywood…what did they promise you would get as your reward Mr Key???….just what was it?

    And to put on a show for Uncle Sam…you used 80+ paramilitary police dressed in black swat fatigues abseiling down from helicopters with firearms to rough up and terrorise 3 adults and several children.

    When a police sergeant and two constables in a squad car would have sufficed instead.

    Do you HONESTLY think….we would believe a shred of ‘PROOF’ you tried to submit to the table????!!!! ….against a guy like Greenwald who showed the NSA chief up for lying?

    Dont make us laugh.

  10. Team Sleaze are going to be the the focus of a world wide media event.

    Mind you there was comment overseas years ago as the GFC was ripping the guts out of economies world wide.

    As the corruption, greed, dishonesty & scams in the worlds financial sector were exposed some writers noted how here in New Zealand we’d elected an operator from this industry to lead our country.

    The result has been a two faced prime minister and government who have abused power and sold out our country.

    Here’s a link to Nicky Hagers book where two chapter are available to read ……


    • the majority of plebs out there will still believe their msm ‘presstitute’ talk back radio host supporting Keys continuous lying sound bites!@#…these plebs/ sheep/ morons …. will not be listening to national radio nor ‘The Nation’ nor the likes of ‘the daily blog’ calibre of imformation…..I feel sick!!!!!!

  11. Key is a psychopath who will say and do anything to protect himself. So, why is anyone surprised by the shot that flows out of his mouth?

  12. I could be wrong but won’t Key publically refuting that we have mass surveillance make us look like we are a soft touch for terrorists in contrast with the other four eyes?

    This information Key says he has should be kept classified and never released regardless of political fallout.

  13. Who would you rather believe – JKey liar liar pants on fire


    Glenn Greenwald is a journalist, constitutional lawyer, and author of four New York Times best-selling books on politics and law. His most recent book, No Place to Hide, is about the U.S. surveillance state and his experiences reporting on the Snowden documents around the world. Prior to his collaboration with Pierre Omidyar, Glenn’s column was featured at The Guardian and Salon. He was the debut winner, along with Amy Goodman, of the Park Center I.F. Stone Award for Independent Journalism in 2008, and also received the 2010 Online Journalism Award for his investigative work on the abusive detention conditions of Chelsea Manning. For his 2013 NSA reporting, he received the George Polk award for National Security Reporting; the Gannett Foundation award for investigative journalism and the Gannett Foundation watchdog journalism award; the Esso Premio for Excellence in Investigative Reporting in Brazil (he was the first non-Brazilian to win), and the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Pioneer Award. Along with Laura Poitras, Foreign Policy magazine named him one of the top 100 Global Thinkers for 2013. The NSA reporting he led for The Guardian was awarded the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for public service.

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