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My brain hurts.  This election year has been a really long nine months.  The lies, the headlines, the spin, the policy, the chat, I am literally overloaded with information.  At times it’s been exhausting trying to keep up.  However I feel so passionate and so driven about this election it’s just something I have had to do, I am completely invested in the result, it matters for our kids.

I have to believe that my fellow New Zealanders will see the light and that they too will want to feed our kids rather than take a $10 tax cut in three year’s.  To think that half our population prefers their own selfish wants over hungry kids is still a massive disappointment to me, I want to see some compassion.  I have to keep on pushing and advocating for the left where the more caring policy seems to lie.  To vote anything other than left is to take food from a hungry child’s mouth.

I want more people to vote with less of themselves in mind and think about what is best for most.  It is a family friendly Government on the left versus business and the economy on the right.  Think carefully if you want more lies and cover up’s, more broken promises, more unaffordable housing and an economy that hides behind falling dairy prices and a long drawn out earthquake recovery or more housing, fed kids, free Drs visits, a higher minimum wage for thousands, and just a whole different positive attitude.  We need to look after our families too, not just the wealthy and big business.

I am looking forward to election night, I can’t wait for the result and to give my brain a break from it all.  I will accept the result whatever it may bring but I hope more than anything else this year that we get it right and put our kids, our families the elderly and our most vulnerable first, before ourselves because any other option is to kill New Zealand as we know it.  The TPPA, climate change denial, poverty denial, the acceptance of corrupt politics, too much damage to our land and rivers.  Let’s stop this National train wreck and bring some hope back to hundreds of thousands that just can’t work any harder or longer to get ahead.  A large portion of our population are either standing still or going backwards financially.  If you are doing well right now and don’t see what I see then go for a walk from outside your own four walls.  People are struggling out there, a lot.  Just because something is working for you does not mean that it works for everyone else.  Take a look at your morals, check your ego at the door and please vote with all of us in mind.

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  1. I totally agree Samantha. I also see that when and if climate change is addressed seriously one day if not too late, the human race will have to take into account their are too many people all vying for the planet’s limited resources when it is already under stress from a changing climate. When crops fail due to climate change we will be in the movie The Road. Nothing is more important right now than addressing over population and climate change. Families can often be the most self centred as I have witnessed with this selfishness just extending to their offspring. Many don’t care about the longterm impact of their decisions as long as they can scoot around in their oversized baby-carrying people mover cars, buy an obscene amount of petroleum derived toys and can conveniently dispose of their soiled nappies into landfill. The Greens as well as having a social conscience still want to factor in sustainability into all their schemes to reward people for not unfairly draining resources eg power is cheaper if you use less this is both smarter and fairer.

  2. Well said here Samantha.

    If you care for your neighbour VOTE LEFT!

    If you want rid of the current FARCE of a govt we have now VOTE LEFT!

    If you want hope for a future VOTE LEFT!

    If you are an ignorant greedy moron with no care in your heart for the 280,000 children living on and below the poverty line (plus their families), and no care for their helplessness – well think on – these are our future generations – if they survive..

    Think back to when you had a heart – before you got so greedy that you left all thought of humaneness behind, and before you put on your blinkers that stopped you from seeing all around you – before your heart turned to stone in your selfishness – this new cruel reality that NZ has become for so many.

    Think back to before you started living in the land of lies and deception. Take a serious hard look at yourself, and then take a serious hard look at a poor and needy homeless person – or indeed a whole family – take a look at them – look them in the eye, and then decide if you will choose to walk on by, or stop and help them.

    If you vote National this election it is a vote for continued corruption and increasing poverty!

    If you vote Left this election, it is a vote for a call to humanity – to conquer greed and corruption.

    So what kind of person are you?
    Take a look at yourself and decide.

    FJK and all his evil cronies!!!


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