Glenn Greenwald on TV3s ‘The Nation’ – Everyone remember when Key promised to resign if GCSB were revealed to be conducting mass surveillance?


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Glenn Greenwald has just given his first NZ interview on TV3s ‘The Nation’ and what he had to say was incredibly damaging.

Glenn is here for Kim Dotcom’s Moment of Truth on Monday and what he has just had to say on TV3 resets the political agenda again. He says he has proof that then GCSB has lied when it claimed it doesn’t do mass surveillance. That means Key has also lied.

Let’s remember what Key promised when challenged on the GCSB mass spying last year…

Key: I’ll resign if GCSB conducts mass surveillance
Prime Minister John Key says he and the head of GCSB would resign if the spy agency were found to have conducted mass surveillance.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Personally I am enjoying watching all those precious ‘journalists’ in NZ who shat all over Kim’s launch of his moment of truth and how very, very, very, very quiet the Press Gallery has become once Glenn Greenwald’s inclusion was announced.

There is so much more to go.

The Daily Blog will stream the meeting live from 7pm. Don’t believe the media hype that Key will win by 50%.


  1. I’m hoping some of our media try to argue with Greenwald because he will just chew them up and spit them out. He’s incredibly intelligent, has all the facts at his disposal and based on his interactions with US TV hosts he’ll give them an absolute dressing down for being pathetic journalists if they try to push the establishment line.

    Any chance he’ll be talking to Mike Hosking?

    • Oops! My bad for that negative vote, I was trying to give you a thumbs up on my small phone screen. Completely agree Greenwald is on a whole different level to our NZ media

    • Y’know…..just for the mere comedy hour I’d love to see Greewald and Hoskin in a debate (oops!..I meant ‘interview’)…..

      The little spike haired pretender wouldnt know what hit him.

  2. Key: “I’ll resign…”

    When he said “I” clearly he means the PM’s Office. The PM’s Office will resign. Key will probably just move two doors down, into Ede’s office.


  3. This doesn’t look good a day after Australian PM announced terriost attack on Australia very likely or something along those lines. We need to stay away from that shit. Support countries with trade but not war.

    • Abbot is just trying to set the Aussies up – so police can randomly ransack people houses when they get too close to the truth, and then detain them for no reason.

      This right wing conspiracy is not just about NZ – it includes Aussie as well, and USA, and anyone else in the TPPA – control of the subservient masses is the name of the game.


  4. ” Journalists ” ? In New Zealand ?
    We have a rogues gallery of “accomplices” working for the media here.

    When Fran O’Sullivan ( amongst others at The Herald ) is shown to be working WITH Whaleoil and still retains her title” journalist ” – and her JOB – then you can stop calling people like her “journalists”..thanks very much.

  5. Glen was aware of the way Key uses semantics to wiggle out of blame. The word was wholesale. Just watch as Key defines this as so different than mass. Groan.

  6. FJK will say … “at the end of the day, it’s all a left wing conspiracy …. blah blah blah!”

    Glenn Greenwald is a professional, with the ability to present objective points of view, with supported facts, something which puts our motley bunch of poor excuses for ‘journalists’ to shame!

    Roll on Monday

  7. ” At the end of the day , akshully ,while I dont have all the information on that or whether the GSCB DOES conduct mass surveillance or not and as I dont beleive they do , – what I can say is that the GSCB and SIS has furnished my office with data that means that I can catorgorically call small Maui dolphins and Glenn Greenwald henchmen.

    What I can say is that its all a Left wing smear campaign about small Maui dolphins and that what most New Zealanders want and are interested in are even more small Maui dolphins.

    Akshully , I dont have any data on that , but I feel comfortable that my office was told but I dont know anything about that OR small Maui dolphins and really , you know , we have a ‘ No Suprises ‘ policy which means basically that all people with electronic commmunications devices and small Maui dolphins are being spied on ” .



  8. “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

    ― Mark Twain

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