Dear mainstream media – regarding Key’s promise to resign if GCSB exposed doing mass surveillance



Dear Mainstream media.

How’s it all going? I would like to acknowledge the deep depression many members of the Press Gallery are going through as their boy Key looks less and less likely to win. I appreciate how a loss will make all your proclamations over the last 3 years that your boy was going to win by a 50% landslide, we all understand how hollow your bullshit landline opinion polls now look.

Add to that the horror of how deeply contaminated and compromised many of you have been exposed by Dirty Politics and it isn’t a good day to be in the mainstream media.

We get all that, but what I wanted to just touch base with you all on, as I have from time to time this year, is about what happens when Key is proven to be a liar.

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Now, let’s just remind ourselves that Key has promised to resign if it turns out that the GCSB do conduct mass surveillance

Prime Minister John Key says he and the head of GCSB would resign if the spy agency were found to have conducted mass surveillance.

He made the comment to reporters at Parliament in the light of assurances that the changes to the GCSB Act 2003 would not mean mass surveillance of New Zealanders.

Asked if he and GCSB chief Ian Fletcher would resign if there were mass surveillance, he said yes.

“But the facts of life are it won’t happen.”

For that to happen, the GCSB would have to undertake illegal activity.

He clarified later saying “both” would resign if there was mass surveillance.

…now Vernon Small, John Armstrong, Tracy Watkin, Claire Trevett, Tova O’Brien, Brooke Sabin etc etc, we don’t want none of your weasel words. We don’t want any of your pro-National Party apologist crap, Key said he would resign if it turned out that the GCSB has been conducting mass surveillance, if Glenn Greenwald proves on Monday night that the GCSB have been conducting mass surveillance, your responsibility as the Fourth Estate is to immediately demand Key resign, right?

Surely it’s time you all actually did your job isn’t it? Certainly Key made that statement never believing the truth would ever come out. But it’s about to isn’t it?

I like how quiet all those journalists who mocked Kim’s moment of truth have become now. Silent aren’t they?


The meeting will be live streamed on The Daily Blog 7pm Monday.


    • If Immigration had refused him entry, it would look very, very suspicious, which Key can’t afford right now. As it is, he’ll just have to play his current game and hope the party faithful buy into the schtick.

  1. Mr Greenwald must explain to Kiwi’s how Crown Fibre Holdings Limited (CFH) Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) is not for the benefit of the citizens of New Zealand. (That is simply the mechanism utilised to have Kiwi’s pay for this network capability.)

    He must explain the concepts of: plausible deniability, co-location & front-running.

    He would be wise to show the linkages between CFH & UFB, GCSB, SIS, the New Zealand Police, the office of the Prime Minister, Peter Thiel & Palantir.

    For info on background of this new IT capability, and of “Big Data” please see Forbes article titled –

    How A ‘Deviant’ Philosopher Built Palantir, A CIA-Funded Data-Mining Juggernaut

    This story appears in the September 2, 2013 issue of Forbes.

  2. Just read the hints of what is to come. Spying on friendlies on behalf of the US with whom those nations aren’t friendly with the US, mass surveillance on New Zealanders. Gee whiz, well I never. Could this just possibly explain why Key is Obama’s bestest golfing buddy lately. One assumes it hard to be bugged in the middle of the 9th hole fairway when having “discussions”.

    And to think we all thought it was because the US genuinely thought John Key was a straight up good bloke to have a beer with at a barby and that they thought us Kiwi’s cute and cuddly. That and we had some used Skyhawks to sell and we sell their Budweiser at New World.

    Boy didn’t see that one coming …..

  3. Key is about to be proven a liar (again). If the MSM let this go by, and he gets to Saturday the 20th unscathed, then WE need to hold the MSM accountable. This is a HUGE lie (if proven on Monday the 15th), and he HAS to go down for it. He (allegedly) lied, and he said he’d resign (along with his buddy Ian Fletcher) if it was proven that the GCSB uses mass surveillance on its own people. Time for answers MSM.

  4. We’ll put Martyn.

    Ha ha, FJK wasn’t reckoning on the likes of Glenn Greenwald et al, coming along to smash his corrupt game of lies and deceit.

    The revelations on Monday evening, will give us the choice of who to believe. An internationally acclaimed and respected Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, or a deceitful, lying piece of scum, who has been misleading Kiwis for six years!

    Let’s hope Tuesday morning will see FJK’s resignation in the hands of the GG. However, I won’t be holding my breath in a hurry!

    MSM’s response should be quite entertaining … pin, spin, spin ….

    • Will people please stop calling Glenn Greenwald a “Pulitzer Prize winning journalist”. Go to and check.He has NEVER won a Pulitzer.

      The award forPublic service went to two organisations, as this award is NOT for individuals as it states in its citation “For a distinguished example of meritorious public service by a newspaper or news site through the use of its journalistic resources, including the use of stories, editorials, cartoons, photographs, graphics, videos, databases, multimedia or interactive presentations or other visual material, a gold

      The Pulitzers for individual journalism all went to others.

  5. Don’t worry, there will be a poll out on Tuesday morning which states unequivocally that that 51.3% of New Zealanders do not think that John Key has ever lied or that John Key should resign for lying about the GCSB.

    It will have been conducted by polling all people seen entering and/or leaving the NZ Stock exchange building between 7.00 am and 9.00 am. (voters residing outside of the country, cleaners, those not wearing a business suit with a blue tie, and those not avidly staring at the screens of their cell-phones will have been excluded from the poll as per the instructions of the poll-organizer).

    Since it is undoubtedly a totally random sample of the NZ electorate for 2014, its stated margin of error will be about 3.4% given a sample size of around 900.

    The calculation of the margin of error, of course, ASSUMES a random sample. Therefore this, like pretty much all recent polls, will be complete load of garbage.

    But the media will run with it and put it at the head of all of its news bulletins for the next 24 hours or until the next load of garbage masquerading as a scientific poll is made available to them.

    Its called “PR”.

    • Treason – 30yrs or in some countries like his china mates execution so we wont see Key go anywhere near Orivida again eh!
      Second offense for him though.

      Ist offense was in 1987 – He schemed to drive the NZ economy down in 1987 when he partnered Andy Krieger a NY banker and made a killing while amost bankrupting NZ.

  6. Hope all taking part in Moment of Truth meeting will be wearing bullet proof vests. And an alternative venue lined up in case of bomb threat.

  7. Interesting article front page of the Herald,…all about Key calling Glenn Greenwald ”one of Mr Dotcoms little henchmen ”.

    The arrogance of this buffoon Prime Minister is appalling – I suppose he’ll get labelled a trendy Lefty smear campaigner as well now….unbelievable.

    This is what the Herald said : ‘Key said he did not know if the GSCB had recieved mass surveillance metadata on NZ’s from its Five Eye partners , but he did not believe it had.

    Translated this means :”Well akshully , at the end of the day , I like to use the excuse of ‘I cant remember , wasnt told, conveniently forget on purpose , my office , I might be head of SIS and GSCB – and theres the no suprises policy but Im sure most New Zealanders are focused on what really matters,… my office , at the end of the day, their all Left wing smear campaigners , and I cant say but this much I can say – my office , I forget but under the no suprises policy , akshully, the end of the day I dont know what the fuck Im talking about because Im really quite demented or dishonest, lying and covering up …..a left wing smear campaign …and who wrote this shit?…at the end of the day…akshully…bloody hell !!! what were we talking about?

    Nice to see how if you spread it all out in a paragragh it all adds up to a pile of horse shit ,doesnt it. And he’s been doing this crap routine for 6 years. And also goes to show how anyone can string a lot of shit together to sound like…..well, …bullshit , really.

    Roar with laughter when he tried to infer people weren’t interested about corruption and treason…that they were only interested in ‘policy’….so when time came to talk ‘policy’ in the leaders debates…it was just more of the same crap from the above paragraph.

    And Cunliffe and the Left made him look like the parrot he is.

    How can the Prime Minister of our country who is supposed to be in charge of the SIS and the GSCB ‘NOT KNOW’ if the GSCB had received mass surveillance metadata on NZ?…..what the fuck is the NO SUPRISES policy all about then ??!!

    And are we supposed to take this dumb prick’s opinion that ‘ I did not believe they had’…’ He didnt believe they had’?…what sort of slaphappy ,dishwater response is that?!!? ….either he is in charge and informed -or he isnt.

    Either he does know whats going on or he doesnt- which makes him either irresponsible or incompetent- or he does and hes blatantly lying. And it certainly makes a mockery of the ‘no suprises’ policy ,doesnt it?

    C’mon , New Zealand…weve all had a 6 year giggle at this idiot- but now the jokes getting old. Time to move on and show this clown we never really believed him anyway. Were just not that stupid.

  8. How are John Key and his friends going to divert New Zealand and the world’s attention away from this scandal? What are they going to cook up?

    • I love the way Key replies by calling Greenwald a henchman of Kim Dotcom.

      I guess that means it’s Batman Key and his trusty sidekick Bill ‘Boywonder’ English against supervillain Kim Dotcom and his dastardly henchmen, Greenwald, Asange and Hager!

      This election is making it very hard for political satirists to be told apart from actual news.

      Key has started rolling out the spin –
      “No, no, there is absolutely no mass surveillance of individual New Zealanders”

      and I expect he will soon spin it out as something like this –

      “Now the left wing radicals, such as Dotcom’s hacker henchman Greenwald, would have you believe we reading everyone’s private emails. We’re absolutely do not… look at the end of the day we just collect everyone’s meta-data, which is all the information about who they talked to / emailed / texted, when, and for how long, and we just look at it a little and try to decide if you are a terrorist or not. It’s not really private information, we’re not reading your messages, so I don’t think it counts. It’s like watching people having a conversation over a cup of tea, it doesn’t mean much. If we were recording what you said in the conversation over a cup of tea, then that would be invading your privacy. This is just watching you talking, so it doesn’t mean much.

      And I think most New Zealanders would agree that this kind of surveillance is okay. I mean, we are the government, we have to keep everyone safe. I’m sure the opposition would do if they were in government, because that’s what we have to do for our good friends the USA, Australia, Canada and the UK. Everyone is doing it.

      Yeah, okay, so in the end the New Zealand people want us to know they are not terrorists and I think they are happy for us to look for the people who have something to hide. We’ve done that, and I stand by that. We do not spy on individual New Zealanders, not unless we have a warrant to do so. Sure we do look at some general information to help us keep everyone safe, and sometimes we use it to tell us who to get a warrant for – but Dotcom’s case has already shown everyone that we’re doing this, and the media didn’t report it on it much and NZ Police didn’t carry out a prosecution against the GCSB for breaking the law, so I think everyone can see that we can get away with it.”

      The real question is, do New Zealanders actually care about maintaining their privacy?

      Note: Data on this message is being surveilled by the Government Communications and Surveillance Bureau, who are collecting data on me posting it and you reading it. Big Brother is skim reading your every word.

  9. @ Seagull . Indeed . And what have they already cooked up ? Months , perhaps years in advance of this inevitability . And that is of the Truth coming out .

    While I’m no political swindler , I’d be working out an escape route from every swindle I premeditated .

    Being in prior knowledge , as can some politicians be of criminal intent , one can prepare for just about anything . They can work out the consequences of an immediate and unforeseen event , an event that might take years to unravel , if it’s unraveled at all . In the mean time , they build their empires and gorge on our spoils . They can , in fact , design an escape route that makes the enquirer look foolish and at fault for daring question the integrity of the rosy cheeked and clear of eye politician , on the take and tits deep in coke and hookers .

    Meanwhile , we get the crumbs spilled from the mouths of a braying MSM content to snuffle under the board room table for the scraps that fall from the feeding frenzy .

    Jonky’s seeming ease is unsettling me .

  10. The only course for Key is more of the same perversion and twisting the truth , there is nothing to be afraid of here.

    Ask yourself….if people hadnt been constantly hammering about children in poverty ,the apalling disparity between those at the trough and those getting stomped into the shit every day…….do you honestly think Key would have given a flying fuck?

    NO !! He would of kept on keeping on with the same deceit he always has ….if people hadnt put Slater on the spot…if Rawshark and Hager hadnt spoken up, and all the others…Key and this govt would still have carried on and on and on.

    You can mark my words….Key and this National govt will go down in history as the most corrupt govt in New Zealand’s history. And it will be because of those who stuck with it to bring out the facts depite all the lies.

    So take courage !!!

    • Just watched that clip….some pertinent points raised by both Glenn Greenwald and Robert Amsterdam ,…the best saved for the 15th Sept , as well , Laila was measured and articulate.

      Bring it on.

  11. I hope you’re not buying into a strawman by assuming that if mass surveillance is done then the GCSB must be doing it. Secuirty intelligence belongs within the domain of the commander in chief, it would be a mistake to assume that Key is aware of everything that happens wrt NZ state espionage.

    • When you have mass surveillance of a population , that aint nothing to do with scopeing out the local car theft ring ,mate.

      That’s called illegal – and has less to do with identification and designation of terrorist activity and more to do with population control.

      Anything that big DOES NOT go past the PM without his knowledge.

    • So maybe Key is technically right, that the GCSB isn’t undertaking mass surveillance – maybe technically it is the NSA, and just facilitated by the GCSB. Perhaps that’s his little “out”, when he can tell himself he’s not lying to the public. Who knows – it’s all semantics. What really rips my nightie above all else is being lied to, though I shouldn’t be surprised I guess. What is that phrase – absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  12. And when Jon Key releases docoments that prove kdc and his little henchmen all wrong it will put the Great National Party and the brilliant Jon Key back in power to govern alone. Mark my words losers.

    • ^ wrong as usual Whaleslop supporter…when ignorant’s like you will ATTEMPT to put FJK back in…but seeing as how if you lived 400 years ago…you would have been a flat earth advocate , makes whatever you say immediately invalid.

    • considering that key has changed his story day by day how likely is that?

      if you want to call people losers i would recommend turning up with a vastly better line than that

  13. Can we refrain from referring to mainstream media in this country as the 4th Estate please? They’ve relinquished that entitlement well and truly. Ask yourself; public watchdog or private guard dog? – because that’s the litmus test. I think the answer is obvious. There is no longer any such thing as the 4th Estate … it’s every man for himself now. Trust nobody question everything.

  14. Well said Murray. The msm is absolute rubbish, they have lost all credibility. Yes I am a right wing voter, but I absolutely agree with Martyn on this. They now think that pissing off both sides is sucess. Well how about just reporting the facts that they have researched and spoken to those involved without putting their own slant on it. A reporter should inform not influence. My trade requires all customers are satisfied and if they are not then they get their money back.

  15. I’m sure he’s forgotten that promise – just as he ‘forgot’ that Ian Fletcher was a boyhood friend when he appointed him to head the GCSB.

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