Who does Kim Dotcom need to impress most on Monday’s moment of truth?



Kiwis sceptical about Dotcom
New Zealanders remain sceptical about whether Kim Dotcom’s pre-election bombshell will prove Prime Minister John Key hasn’t told the truth, a Herald- DigiPoll survey shows.

But just one in 10 people are willing to completely rule out the chance that Mr Dotcom has sensitive information that will damage the National-led Government – a figure that the Internet Party founder says is down to his strong track record on making claims that turn out to be true.

Next Monday, Mr Dotcom is hosting a public event at Auckland’s Town Hall, at which he is promising to release evidence which he claims could affect the election result five days later. Mr Dotcom says he will show Mr Key knew about him earlier than the Prime Minister has claimed. He has also recruited several high-profile guests, including Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, to share information about NZ spying agencies’ role in global surveillance.


Every time Labour set up a focus group of Labour voters, that focus group freak out about Kim Dotcom. The scary bogeyman routine is enough to spook dyed in the wool Labour supporters, hence Labour’s concerns about including Internet MANA in any post election situation more than supply and confidence.

Kim needs to calm Labour Party voters with his moment of truth, he needs for them to see him as a threat to Key, not a danger to NZ and this public meeting on Monday is his chance.

Sure Slater will launch the last remaining smears he has soaking in his vat of hate, but since Dirty Politics, Cam’s power and credibility have been terribly damaged.  His sleaze is so radioactive that the message is forever compromised by the messenger.

If Kim damages Key on Monday, Labour Party voters who have viewed his intrusion into politics with tribal dislike will turn they jeers to cheers and firm up Labour’s voter base. It is Labour Party voters Kim needs to impress, and by all accounts he will.


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The meeting will be live streamed here on The Daily Blog from 7pm Monday 15th. 


  1. And full support to Mr Kim Dotcom !

    I hope the information given is in light of the consistent lying not only of Key but also his National govt.

    Key and his corrupt little buddies tried to victimize Mr Dotcom , as they tried it on Hager….or anyone else they deemed a threat.

    And I suppose they will try to tell us that Mr Gregg Greenwald is also a left wing smear campaigner as well.

    Seems they got a habit of calling anyone who doesn’t go along with their deceit and right wing mindsets a left wing smear campaigner….wonder what Key thinks China is….Right wing?

    I think also…as for Labour indeed all of the Left….they will and do owe a debt of gratitude to Mr Dotcom . He has called attention to a lot of the crap that’s been going on, testified in the Banks trial , foundered a Left political movement , ….He has held a significant part in this election , he has been part of an unprecedented series of events in helping to expose corruption in recent NZ political history…and to all the Right Wing deniers out there….

    You better believe it.

    Mr Dotcom , ….Well done Sir !!!

    And despite some evil minded people you have had to contend with here , you are more than welcome in this country.

    • Yes let’s hope there isn’t an ‘unexplained network outage’ (read DDOS attack) that kills the stream. I wouldn’t be surprised given events in the past few weeks…

  2. “The american predator drone can stay in the air for 24 hours , flys at 5 miles high and cannot be seen or heard from the ground . It has the most advanced optics in the world which can spot a six inch object on the ground over a 7 mile radius. The laser guided bomb flys at twice the speed of sound and is precision accurate to within 10ft of its target .Its victims have no sense of impending danger what so ever …..”

    When it comes time to release the DOT.COM.BOMB , be afraid Mr Keys, be very afraid .

    Concur with Mistery ,NZ needs a live streaming feed , as I don’t know of any MSM at this stage which will carry it live across the nation on Mon night .

  3. Live streaming? Great for us in rural New Zealand, whose Internet use ties up the ‘phone line at a screaming 20kbps downhill with the wind behind it, just as long as farmer Giles doesn’t have his electric fence turned on and going click – click – click – click on the line four times a second.

    Oh, wait a minute. 7 p.m. on Monday? That’s when ‘Jones’ is running its ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ episodes from 1988 on Sky TV. Sorry, Kim. No contest.

  4. I agree with most of what is commented above, with just one cold little caveat- the guilt for which Herr UberDot has not fully relinquished himself of (although I concede that he has publicly said it was a mistake) – and that is his unwitting acceptance of such a corrupt little sniveller as Banksie for a friend.

    I accept his mea culpa behaviour ever since has been frank and fortright- but as our great leader famously says ad nauseum “at the end of the daaaay”-

    He still arrived here in this beautiful country where we are all struggling under a FJK/Eades/Odgers/Graham/Lusk/Whoreoil led Government of the Far and getting Farther Right Wing RacistTea Party
    – and he wrote TWO BIG FAT GERMAN CHEQUES – and posted them right into the middle of Sniveller City- without so much as a bye or leave to the worries of the rest of us who have spent years living under the depraved whims of an increasingly more despotic, insulated, and uncaring upper caste.

    He’ll need to show a bit more insight in his future political dealings before I’ll trust him.

    Notwithstanding the point that I really like the guy.

    • And he has also learnt ONE BIG FAT NEW ZEALAND FACT in that time and that is the Right Wing National party and certain in those of the Act party are in fact not only liers , but were also corrupt in the early stages of him being here.

      Proof of that is the trial and conviction of one Mr Banks.

      Evidence also of a person spurred into action by a sense of betrayal not only by the Right Wing , but also the unfolding motives of a govt that is being a quisling govt for the USA.

      As time has passed , it is not only Mr Dotcom but people like Mr Hager that has since discovered how very corrupt the National party is , ..thus vindicating much of what Mr Dotcom has spoken publically about.

      Not the mention the Rawshark emails.

      Further and final vindication will occur when the Royal Commission of inquiry is finally under way …and we will see then how shabbily treated were these individuals.

      I guess we could say any one of us could be outraged and politicised by having a Waco Texas style invasion of a family home , – 80 plus officers in military swat uniforms, abseiling down from helicopters with automatic weapons…..all for the sake of 3 adults and several very young children- of which none were a threat at all.

      A police seargeant and two constables in one squad car would have achieved the same results.

      One can only deduce that whole display was a show put on for the Americans and Hollywood moguls.

  5. God ! Wish I could be there . Watch out for the red Dots , that’s all I can say .

    @ Jeeves Ponzi . I concur .

    Chilling re drones @ Black Lemming .

    That’s been my rising fear actually .
    Now that the Fart Right have been outed , what have they got to lose ?
    Are they calling in the drones ? If so , when are they arriving ? Are they already here ? I’m normally paranoid so can you imagine what I’m going through right now ?

  6. Of course Key knew about him. You just have to do a google search for Dotcom in the year or two before the mansion bust to find substantial stories about him in various NZ newspapers and on John Campbell’s show.

    It’s impossible that Key could have missed it all despite his claims to be living in a vacuum when anything big goes down in his office.

    And if Key reckons he knows the name of everyone who leaves NZ you can bet he knows the name of every multimillionaire foreigner who arrives here.

    BUT … to stir the Nat supporters into action, this Dotcom soiree needs to be more explosive than just point to NZ’s involvement in overseas spying or prove Key did know about him.

    Nothing short of clear proof that Key is the lying, devious, no-good US/big-business puppet we all know he is will persuade the PM lovers to change their view. It had better be big.

    • National voters don’t care when Key knew. They don’t care about deals done with Hollywood. It’s a total non-issue for them.

      • Except that they will really start to care when Mr Dotcom adds further to the shifty litany of lies building around Key that will turn fellow gNat voters off and further reinforce the calls for the Royal Commission of Inquiry.

        Its not all about short term thinking , my old son.

        You’d be best to keep that fact in mind.

        • I and many others still wont care as this is all to do with 1 mans crusade to try and stop himself being extradited. I you sheeple can’t see that then just wake up and smell the coffee.

          • Nah mate…more about eroded civil liberties and illegal spying and warrants and ham fisted paramilitary police invasions on a defenseless family and putting on a big show for the American govt and film industry.

            Whats the matter , boy?…..don’t you read the newspapers?

        • They don’t care.

          They care as much as you do about how much Shearer has in his offshore bank accounts.

          You might be curious but it won’t change votes.

          • Another one who doesn’t read the newspapers 🙂

            You bothered to check out the huge volume of people voting early who never did last election these days?

            And guess what – a lot of them are EX NATIONAL VOTERS , TOO !!!

  7. It’s a huge publicity stunt to promote KDC. Nothing more or less than that. He has nothing on Key. Nothing. It will generate a huge headline on TDB, be called a ‘game changer’ (remember you called Cunliffe a ‘game changer’?), and National will be re-elected in a landslide.

    • “and National will be re-elected in a landslide.”

      Haha! Tui billboard anyone?

      Q: When has any party won a ‘landslide’ election since MMP was introduced?

      A: NEVER

    • Once again , another unthinking blind Key loyalist who believes only in the short term gain, caring not for the future only the immediate. And do you really think when the calls for a Royal Commission of Inquiry become louder and more strident – and they will – even if Key / gNats win ,….. that all the talk in the world by Key and his PR mates is going to save him?

      You obviously have a huge blind spot in your thought processes at the moment.

    • I think its more accurate to say that Mr Dotcom will be reflecting light back towards the multi sided prism of corruption that has enveloped National. The presentation will be but part of the larger scope that will shine light on the larger international scene and how that has relevance to a small country located way down in the South Pacific.

      In so doing , it will be easier to be able to see the motives WHY certain things have been done ,….the how is simply the physical eveidence that an inquiry will unearth afterwards.

      It matters not if what blind loyalist National party people think or do not think…because even if they win this election…National will limp and be tarnished constantly by suspicion of corruption during their term. And rightly so.

      It is better internationally for us to vote out Key , and the current National govt…..at least , until , ….such time as it is demostrated that they have dealt with this mortal affliction which besets them. Until..then ,…those helping to rid our country of this blot …should be encouraged and heartily commended.

      • Someone says “National are corrupt”. They say it again, on stage.

        Someone says “Labour are corrupt”. They say it again, on stage.

        Someone says “The Greens are corrupt”. They say it again, on stage.

        Someone says “Internet Mana are corrupt”. They say it again, on stage.

        No one who votes for those parties will take any notice of the speaker. Their mind is already made up, and they don’t trust the narrator.

        • Who sent the trolls? This level of tribalism in our local politics is a real concern. These guys have learnt from the approach of PR experts and aren’t the slightest bit interested in having a constructive debate. They’re just here hoping to connect with undecided voters and muddy the waters a bit. I’m sure like the PR experts they’re just as aware of how close this election is going to be. It distresses me though when it’s impossible to have a sensible conversation because they’re so intent on blindly supporting their team. Turns out there are two type of drones we need to worry about.

  8. got to the early voting booth, could not make up my mind who to vote for – ticked internet/Mana Party for party vote – voting done.

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